Dragon Warrior I GBC Walkthru

In any RPG, remember to always talk to everyone everywhere to gain information, and search things for hidden items.

After your talk with the king and talking to everyone in town you will find that Lady Lora has been kidnapped. You will also find out that there is a town near by that you can purchase armor, weapons and items.

Whenever you need to save, be sure to return to Tantegel Castle and talk to the King, he will also tell you how much more experience you need to gain the next level. There is a Sage on the south side of the castle, when you talk to him he will restore all of your MP. The northeast corner of the castle is locked, and you need a key to reach this area.

Now travel east to the town of Tantegel, here you can purchase weapons an armor, most likely you will only be able to afford the Club and the Cloth Armor. Also in this town is a merchant that will store your extra items for no cost.

Leave town and battle some slimes to raise your levels, after doing so travel to the north and a little west to find Loto's Cave, you should be at level 2 to enter this area. Inside Loto's Cave there are no monsters, but you will need a torch to light the way. On floor 2 you will find Loto's Tablet, this tablet tells of Loto's battles against evil and of your heritage.

Raise your levels by battling monsters around Tantegel Castle. Once you reach level 4 or 5 you can safely travel to Garinham, you will have MP for the Heal spell to keep you going. Travel north and west past Loto's Cave to reach the town of Garinham.

In Garinham you will find the stronger weapons and armor are much more costly than the items back in Tantegel. Travel outside of town to gather EXP and GP to be able to upgrade your current weapons and armors like the Chain Mail and the Iron Axe. You will learn in this town that the Princess has been taken to the east.

Traveling south to gain experience can be worth your while, after crossing the first bridge to the south, you will run into MagDrackys and if you venture past the second bridge you will encounter the powerful monster the Wyvern.

After gaining some levels, venture far to the east and to the north, here you will find the town of Kol, if you can afford it, purchase the Steel Armor. Here you will find out that Rimuldar is the place to buy keys and that Fairies can put Golems to sleep.

Now you need to visit the Rain Shrine, the shrine is west and north of Kol, here you will find an old man who will challenge your bravery and ask you to bring him the ShinyHarp.

After talking to the old man you can travel back toward Garinham, and then to the south you will find the Rocky Cave. Suggested level for this area would be about 7 or 8. Here you will find some treasures like the WarRing, which will raise your attack effectiveness and keep weaker enemies away.

If you are at about level 7 or 8 you can travel south of Kol to the Marshy Cave, around the Marshy Cave there is poisonous swamp, which will drain your HP with every step. When you enter the cave use a torch and stay along the west wall and travel to the south, you will find the stairs out.

When you travel south of the Marshy Cave south entrance you will see a mountainous area, the town of Rimuldar is southwest of these mountains.

There is lots of things to find and learn in Rimuldar, here you will find that the Sun Stone is located somewhere in Tantegel Castle, and you can buy Magic Armor and Keys here. To find the key shop, when you enter town travel north along the east side of the river and then follow the river west and you will find the key shop.

After stocking up on keys, travel back to Tantegel Castle and use a key to gain access to the northeast area of the castle (once you get into this area you can buy more keys in a shop here). In this area you will learn about the Garin's Tomb and that there is a hidden item in Kol.

Once you arrive back in Kol (suggested level of 9) goto the fountain on the north part of town and walk 3 steps south of the fountain and search to find the PxyFlut.

Head back south to Rimuldar around level 9 or 10, if you have not done so yet save up and buy the Steel Sword and the Magic Armor (which restores HP as you walk), since the steel sword is almost as twice as powerful as the Iron Axe.

Travel south and try to talk to the old man in the Sacred Shrine, he won't tell you much though since you have no way to prove who you are, and throws you out of the shrine.

Now head back to Garinham to enter Garin's Tomb. To enter the tomb and use a key on the door in the northeast to enter the large room to the north. Goto the northwest corner and 3 blocks east of the corner walk thru the wall to the north. Go down the stairs on the east side of town to enter the tomb.

Traverse Garin's Tomb at about level 13 to find the ShinyHarp, which is on the 3rd floor. After obtaining the ShinyHarp head back to the Rain Shrine, which is northwest of Kol. When you talk to the old man in the Rain Shrine, he notices you have the ShinyHarp and gives you the RainStaff in exchange.

Now head back to Tantegel Castle, use a key to access the northeast corner of the castle and walk along the east walk of the Castle to reach a set of stairs. The old man here will give you the Sun Stone.

Now you will need to gain some levels to continue on, you should be at about level 17 to continue on with your quests, and at level 17 you will learn the HealMore spell (up to 100HP restored for 8 MP). South of either Garinham or Rimuldar are good locations to build up experience, or for cash look for the Goldman south of Rimuldar.

Now we need to head to Mercado, so head south of Garinham past the destroyed town of Domdora and over the bridge. Once you cross the bridge, turn back to the north and you will cross another bridge.

Mercado is the very distinguishable because of the wall around the town. When you try to enter the town you will encounter the Golem (be sure to be fully healed), remember to use the PxyFlut during the battle, this will put the Golem to sleep (for 2 rounds at most usually).

Make sure while you are here to purchase the Flame Sword and the Silver Shield, which will bolster your stats tremendously. One of the villagers will tell you that the Loto Armor is located in Domdora. You also find out from talking to the villagers that the proof you need to prove your heritage is located from Tantegel 70 to the south and 40 to the east.

After you have purchased the Flame Sword and Silver Shield and head back to the destroyed town of Domdora around level 19, at which you will learn the Firebane spell. When you enter the deserted town head to the row of trees on the east side of town. As you traverse the trees the MadKnight attacks you. Try casting StopSpell otherwise the MadKnight will try to put you to sleep.

When you defeat the MadKnight search the ground where he was to find the Loto Armor, now with the Loto Armor equipped you will get 1 HP for every step you take, plus the Loto Armor protects you from poisonous swamp.

Now that you are beefed up on weapons and armor it is time to find and save the princess. So head to the Marshy Cave (make sure you have a key), when you enter the cave head to the east side of the cave and travel south. When you near the princess a Dragon will attack you, but with the armors and weapon you have you should have no problems.

When you talk to the Princess, she will tell you who she is and ask you take her back to Tantegel Castle. The quickest way is to cast Outside and Return.

Talk to both the King and the Princess, when you talk to Lady Lora she will give you her love (LoraLuv). When you select it from the inventory it will give you your coordinates from Tantegel Castle. 

Now that you can tell where you are from Tantegel Castle, head south of Mercado and find what is located at 70 south and 40 east. When you arrive and search the ground you will find the Loto Seal.

Now that you have the Loto Seal, the Rain Staff, and the Sun Stone head back to the Sacred Shrine south of Rimuldar. Since you have the Loto Seal as proof, the old man will now talk to you and he will transform the Rain Staff and Sun Stone into the RainbwDrp.

Head back north to Rimuldar, and then head west to the small peninsula and use the RainbwDrp from your inventory and the Rainbow Bridge will appear allowing you to reach DracoLord Castle.

Using DracoLord's castle as a battleground to gain experience now is a good idea. DracoLord can be defeated at level 20, although it is better to wait until level 22 or 23 to encounter DracoLord. Making the trek thru DracoLord castle to find the Loto Sword is a good experience building quest. To start thru the castle's lower levels you need to find the secret staircase located behind the throne on the main level.

When you encounter DracoLord on the lowest level of the castle he will ask you to join him, if you say yes you will be returned to the Inn at Rimuldar and awaken from a bad dream.

When you say no, the long battle begins. DracoLord likes to cast Firebane so be ready to heal yourself. Magic attacks don't work against him, so stick to your sword and after a while DracoLord will reveal his true dragon form and the second stage of the battle commences.

After defeating DracoLord, you will receive the Light Orb and when held up light is restored to the ravaged world. You will be transported from DracoLord Castle, use return to return to Tantegel Castle and talk to the King to see the ending.