Dragon Warrior I GBC Spells

Name Sort Ascending
Sort Descending
JP Name
MP Sort Ascending
Sort Descending
Who/Lvl Sort Ascending
Sort Descending
Target Sort Ascending
Sort Descending
Firebal ギラ 2 Hero: 4 One Enemy Hurls fire at an enemy in battle
Firebane べギラマ 5 Hero: 19 One Enemy Causes more damage than Firebal
Heal ホイミ 3 Hero: 3 Self Replenishes lost Hit Points (HP)
HealMore ベホイミ 8 Hero: 17 Self Recovers more HP than Heal
Outside リレミト 6 Hero: 12 Self Transports you to outside of a cave
Radiant 2 Hero: 9 - Same effect as torch, only brighter
Repel トヘロス 2 Hero: 15 - Keeps some monsters from attacking
Return ルーラ 8 Hero: 13 Self Transports you back to Tantegel Castle
Sleep ラリホー 2 Hero: 7 One Enemy Puts some enemies to sleep in battle
StopSpell マホトーン 2 Hero: 10 One Enemy Prevents some enemies from using spells