Image Name Buy Sell Defense Style Who Found Description Cursed
No Artwork Yet Chain Mail 300 gold 150 gold 10 Hero Garinham, Mercado Strong and lightweight chain-mail shirt
No Artwork Yet Cloth Armor 20 gold 10 gold 2 Hero Tantegel Not terribly effective, but better than nothing, and is all you can affort to start with
No Artwork Yet Iron Armor 1,000 gold 500 gold 16 Hero Kol, Rimuldar The metal plates provide good protection
No Artwork Yet Leather Armor 70 gold 35 gold 4 Hero Tantegel, Garinham, Mercado Stronger than the Cloth Armor, but still not very strong
No Artwork Yet Loto's Armor 0 gold 0 gold 28 Hero Domdora The armor of the legendary Loto, this armor can only be found
No Artwork Yet Magic Armor 7,700 gold 3,850 gold 24 Hero Rimuldar, Mercado Protects as well as the Steel Armor, but also restores HP when walking
No Artwork Yet Steel Armor 3,000 gold 1,500 gold 24 Hero Kol, Rimuldar, Mercado Stronger than the Iron Armor, but heavier