Renown Bonuses

Thanks Thanks to imxwhite and kingmetal for most of levels and bonuses.

Title Renown Bonus Achieved
Worthy Apprentice 3
Skilful Squire 60 The power of master strokes increases!
Knight Errant 130 Resistance to poison increases!
Knight of the Realm 250 Magnashield will now last even longer!
Knight Banneret 380 Returned fire will now inflict even more damage!
Knight of Renown 680 Oomph will now last even longer!
Knight of the Garter 1000 Power of strikes on enemy weak spots increases.
Queen's Champion 1500 Magnishield will now last a lot longer!
Knight of the Sacred Order 2000 Master stroke gauge will now always start from half full!
Sword of Justice 3000 Greater master stroke power
Sword of Legend 5000 Power of Master Stroke increases more
Sword of Goddess 9999 Master Stroke now starts at 80% full