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Aunty Stiletto's Games

Game NamePoint/Time TotalReward
Hit The Spot
Rank A220Medicinal Herb
Rank S280Special Medicine
Rank X300Mini Medal
Aim High
Rank A550Strong Medicine
Rank S750Life Ring (various)
Rank X1000Yggdrasil Leaf
Shooting Gallery
Easy Rank A3000Medicinal Herb
Easy Rank S3900Replenishield Powder
Easy Rank X5000Yggdrasil Dew
Normal Rank A3000Strong Medicine
Normal Rank S3500Yggdrasil Dew
Normal Rank X4500Mini Medal
Hard Rank A4000Special Medicine
Hard Rank S5300Dartboard
Hard Rank X6500Yggdrasil Leaf
Ultra-Hard Rank A4400Magic Water
Ultra-Hard Rank S5000Magic Armour
Ultra-Hard Rank X6000Yggdrasil Leaf
Slime Crisis
Rank A>1:00:00Magic Water
Rank S>0:50:00Gold Bracer
Rank X
1st PrizeGold Bar
2nd PrizeRuby of Protection (various)
3rd PrizeMagic Water
4th PrizeReplenishield Powder
5th PrizeStrong Medicine