Dragon Quest of the Stars Weapons Whip

Image Name Max Atk Secondary Stat Rarity Sub-Type Effective Against Main Skill 1 Main Skill 2 Sub Skill Book Number
Item Art: Archangel's Whip Archangel's Whip 132 Magic Healing +18 5 Whip Demons/Humanoids Arch Whip Angel's Breath 352
Item Art: Beastly Bullwhip Beastly Bullwhip 73 4 Whip Beasts/Humanoids Hit the Hay 342
Item Art: Flail of Destruction Flail of Destruction 180 5 Whip Humanoids Destruction Derby 353
Item Art: Green Dragon's Whip
Green Dragon's Whip 112 5 Whip Humanoids Roar to Arms Twin Dragon Lash 346
Item Art: Iron Whip Iron Whip 26 2 Whip Humanoids Pent-up Vent Leg Sweep 336
Item Art: Leather Whip Leather Whip 18 1 Whip Humanoids Pent-up Vent 334
Item Art: Metal Slime Whip Metal Slime Whip 137 5 Whip Metal/Humanoids Asteroid Frenzy Metal Mincer 350
Item Art: Morning Star Morning Star 50 3 Whip Humanoids Lashings of Love Hypnowhip 339
Item Art: Rosewhip Rosewhip 49 3 Whip Plants/Humanoids Lady's Lash Dazzle 338
Item Art: Scorpion Tail Scorpion Tail 74 4 Whip Humanoids Trammel Lash 344
Item Art: Scourge Whip Scourge Whip 112 5 Whip Humanoids Twin Dragon Lash 345
Item Art: Sidewinder Sidewinder 73 4 Whip Humanoids Envenomating Attack Hit the Hay 343
Item Art: Snakeskin Whip Snakeskin Whip 27 2 Whip Humanoids Poison Attack Paralysis Attack 337
Item Art: Spiked Steel Whip Spiked Steel Whip 51 3 Whip Humanoids Lashings of Love Starstrike 340
Item Art: Stardust Whip Stardust Whip 112 5 Whip Humanoids Stardust's Blessing Twin Dragon Lash 347
Item Art: Thorn Whip Thorn Whip 26 2 Whip Humanoids Pent-up Vent 335
Item Art: Wargod's Whip Wargod's Whip 152 5 Whip Humanoids Wargod's Rush Seething Spirit 358