Dragon Quest of the Stars Weapons Bow

Image Name Max Atk Secondary Stat Rarity Sub-Type Effective Against Main Skill 1 Main Skill 2 Sub Skill Book Number
Item Art: Archangel's Bow Archangel's Bow 156 Deftness +9 5 Bow Demons/Birds Arch Archer Angel's Breath 489
Item Art: Blowy Bow Blowy Bow 69 3 Bow Birds Woosh Flutter Disaster 478
Item Art: Fuddle Bow Fuddle Bow 69 3 Bow Birds Conjury Conductor Fuddle 479
Item Art: Gnarled Bow Gnarled Bow 30 2 Bow Birds Chain Attack Tingle 474
Item Art: Liquid Metal Bow Liquid Metal Bow 172 5 Bow Birds/Metal Uber Power Shower 488
Item Art: Longbow Longbow 31 2 Bow Birds Chain Attack 475
Item Art: Metal Slime Bow Metal Slime Bow 168 5 Bow Birds/Metal Power Shower Metallic Rain 487
Item Art: Moonlight Bow Moonlight Bow 99 4 Bow Birds Rain of Pain Tingle 481
Item Art: Night Sniper Night Sniper 101 4 Bow Birds Conjury Conductor Zammle 483
Item Art: Potshot Bow Potshot Bow 67 3 Bow Birds Flutter Disaster Needle Shot 477
Item Art: Purblind Bow Purblind Bow 100 4 Bow Birds Rain of Pain 482
Item Art: Sandalwood Bow Sandalwood Bow 31 2 Bow Birds Chain Attack Cock-a-doodle-doo 476
Item Art: Sapling Bow Sapling Bow 20 1 Bow Birds Chain Attack 473
Item Art: Suzaku Bow Suzaku Bow 156 5 Bow Birds Rain of Pain Needle Rain 484
Item Art: Swan Bow Swan Bow 98 4 Bow Birds Thunderbolt Oomph 480