Dragon Quest of the Stars - Coin Pusher Tips

Thanks to Miel for this information.

Miscellaneous Facts First:


I decided to not put rewards as they are quite random and it will take me time to have a 100% drop rate on every one of them to know the max amount of coins they can give. Just keep in mind that Superbosses have a Jackpot Spot reward of 450,000 coins and weaker bosses 21,000 or 15,000 if they give one; and again, this was done on premium, the rewards might be cut in 3 to get the result for the regular pusher, would like to know if the regular ones give the same Jackpot Spot rewards.

Preface for the Boss and Befriended Monsters stats:
Green is HP of the subject, red is their attack value, and purple the attack value of their skill. Orange indicates a board effect from a skill OR a debuff effect on the target.

BOSS STATISTICS [sorted by HP, then total attack including skills] :

Superboss Class Bosses:

Basic Bosses:

Please note that CT is very inconsistent, even when recording them. I'm only giving an indicative timing on them.

BEFRIENDED MONSTERS STATISTICS [sorted by attack value, then skill attack]

Gold tier monsters:

Silver tier monsters:

Bronze tier monsters:

looks like slime is at the bottom, well that's kind of expected.

Note : for the tiers I'm not entierly sure about Walking Corpse being in bronze, but if there are any errors let me know I'll correct it in the future!

Miel's personal guidance and tricks

You aren't 100% required to follow them, but I have assembled a couple of tricks and guidance in order to maximise your gameplay of the minigame. Call me the coin pusher expert or crackhead, as you wish. I've managed to earn a total of 330k in less than a day worth of playing after all, and not even touching the high Jackpot shots rewards of 150k or 350k.

Rambling aside, here are some of my guidances, and tricks regarding the coin pusher gameplay:

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