You start out with your character in a jail cell. You will learn that you have been put in there for 10 days for trying to escape and goto the Monster Scout Tournament, and you were put in the cell by the Warden who is your father. (Screenshot)

He will bring you to his office and tell you he wants you to infiltrate the Monster Scout Tournament and he gives you a Scout Ring which gives you the ability to scout monsters and tells you the opening ceremonies are today and you need to get going. (Screenshot)

On your way out you see another scout brining in a Hacksaurus, (Screenshot) talk to the others in the compound and take the door on the south side that goes down to the jetty. When you talk to the guy by the jetty he gives you a choice of 3 monsters to take with you, a Dracky, Platypunk, or Mischievous Mole. Take your pick and head out.

When you arrive on the Domus Isle talk to the folks there and try to go up the big set of stairs to the south, the guy there will tell you that preparations are still ongoing and that you can't go up there yet.

So go talk to the lady by the other Jetty (Jetty's are marked by blue squares on the map) and she will tell you it will take you to Infant Isle and that you can go there and take the Scout's Pledge.

When you arrive on Infant Isle walk straight ahead and that is the Scoutpost, you can save and learn the Pledge can be taken at the top of the mountain on the island.

Now might be a good time to fight and scout monsters.

As you make your way up the mountain you will come across a tent, this is Scoutmaster Shuffles and he will give you a Proficiency Test and ask you to bring him monsters that answer the questions he poses. In return for a correct answer he will give you prizes. You can only do two questions before the Opening Ceremonies.

Continue up the mountain and you will have to go thru the cave that is there to make it to the top. When you reach the top you will see another scout, Solitaire trying to scout a monster. (Screenshot) She looks to see who is behind her and the monster escapes, and she blames you for it.

When she leaves, walk up to the stone in the temple and you will take the pledge, after that occurs an MSO rep will show up and tell you that the opening ceremonies are ready to begin and that you should head to Domus Isle. (Screenshot) (Screenshot)

Now you can go up the big stairs into the courtyard above, and when you do Dr. Snap the commissioner of the MSO welcomes everyone and states that the big prize this year is to receive the Scout's Mark. (Screenshot)

When the ceremonies are all over walk up the ramp to the left and take the lift to Scout HQ, and walk straight in and talk to the lady there to register for the tournament. You learn that you need to collect 10 Darkonium crystals to qualify for the finals. (Screenshot)

When you are done registering you can explore the town, and there are two new Jettys open, one to Xeroph Isle and one to Infern Isle.

Head to Xeroph Isle it is the easier of the two islands for now (or go back to Infant Isle for a while). You can now start synthesizing monsters to create new monsters, but your monsters need to be at least level 10.

When you are ready head down into the bowl of the island, there is a path down near the Scoutpost.

When you get to the bottom if you go left you will see a blue chest that will contain your first piece of Darkonium. The tent there will be the future home of the Monster Arena, but it isn't open yet.(Screenshot)

If you walk north from the tent you will see some quicksand, if you walk into it you will be sucked down into a hidden cavern.(Screenshot)

On your first trip thru you will find the Incarnus hurt, you will then have to battle an Orc. (Screenshot) (Screenshot)

You take the Incarnus back to the Scoutpost and Dr. Snap comes to help. (Screenshot) Then the Incarnus ask you to help and go back into the passage to get to the other side. (Screenshot)

Make your way thru the cavern and you will come out on the north side of the island, make your way to the top of the bowl and then back down to the beach. When you get to the beach head west until you get to a plank you can kick down. Kick the plank down so future trips to this side of the island are much shorter. (Screenshot)

Walk back the other way and go past the entrance to the shrine, you will find another plank to kick down. Now you are close to the Scoutpost again so stopping back and heal and save might be a good idea. (Screenshot)

When ready head into the shrine and walk straight back and enter the first door, you will have to battle a Dessert Demon or one or two Imps, but when you beat them read the tablet on the wall by the door, then exit thru that door. (Screenshot) You will end up back at the beginning of the shrine. Now take the stairs up and you will see a shining symbols on the floor, those are the doors you need to take to advance (otherwise you are sent back to the room with the Dessert Demon and Imps. (Screenshot)

When you get to the top of the shrine you will find a red and blue chest, the blue contains your second Darkonium crystal and the red contains the Yggdrasil Leaf. (Screenshot)

Go thru the door and into the next room, when you enter you will have to battle the guardian, which is a Golem. (Screenshot) When you win the battle you will get a copy of "How to Zoom", go into your inventory and use it. Now you will be able to return to the last Scoutpost you had visited (only outside though). Also the Incarnus will change into a new form. (Screenshot)

The Xeroph Battle Arena is now open and the Jetty on the north side of the island. So you can do some battling/leveling here before moving on.

When you are ready to move on head to the north side of the island and take the Jetty that is there to Palaish Isle. (Screenshot)

Stop off at the Scoutpost and then head up the big stairs in front of the Scoutpost and go thru the doors. Once inside go upstairs and talk to Madame Rummy. She will tell you that you can have access to her gardens if you pass a little test for each area. (Screenshot)

Go back down the stairs and talk to the man in the black suit guarding the doors. He will tell you about the challenge and you have to beat 9 slimes in 2 minutes and 10 seconds. Once you clear that you can get to the garden immediately surrounding the castle, but to get to most of the rest of the gardens you have to do the challenge again and defeat 15 slimes in 3 minutes and 40 seconds. (Screenshot)

Go up the stairs and turn right and go out to access the gardens. Now that you can get into the rest of the castle (except for one area) make your way down towards the water. You will see a bunch of planks behind a gate, head down to the planks and make your way thru them by kicking down the planks. In the maze of planks you will find another blue chest with a piece of Darkonium in it to bring you to 3 crystals. (Screenshot)

If you continue around the planks and pond to the north and you can go around the castle and come to a jetty, but you haven't explored the shrine yet. Go to the southern edge of the pond (near the big stairs) and you can go down closer to the ocean. Turn right and kick down the plank so you can get back to the Scoutpost, then go back to the left and head thru the "tunnel" and as you are about to go down to the beach, turn back around and there is an alcove there with another blue chest and Darkonium crystal. This will give you four crystals. (Screenshot)

Head down to the beach and across and around the north side of the island and you will get to the shrine. Make your way thru the shrine touching the crystals to move up the floors and capturing new monsters (you get a once chance scout at a Green Dragon in here). (Screenshot) (Screenshot)

When you get to the end of the fourth floor, you will find another blue chest containing a Darkonium Crystal which will bring you up to five. (Screenshot) When you go into the shrine the guardian will be a Moosifer. (Screenshot)

When you beat Moosifer he will drop a copy of "The Joy of Evac" which when you read it from your inventory you will be able to cast it to get out of dungeons. The Incarnus will change forms again. (Screenshot)

Now you can take that jetty on the west side of the Palaish to head back to Domus and open that route between the two islands.

Head to the Jettys on the west side of Domus and take the jetty to Infern Isle now. There is no Scoutpost here to save, but there is a terminal to heal your monsters so be careful. You cannot enter the shrine type door in the middle of the housing area yet, so just explore the island.

On the north side of the isle (east path) you will find your sixth Darkonium crystal, and on the east side of the southern part of the island is a jetty to Celeste Island (south). (Screenshot)

Take the jetty to Celeste Isle and you will find another Scoutpost so you can save your game. Explore the island and when you think you are ready you can head to the yellow exclamation point to enter the shrine. (Screenshot)

Walk north around the right side and press the button on the wall, got back sound and take the door that leads to the inner ring and take the stairs up to Level 2.

Talk to the mirror there and the mirror will warp you to the Temple of Moon. (Screenshot) When you arrive, take the stairs down to Level 1 and take the stairs on the south end of the floor back up to Level 2 and continue up to Level 3. Take the blue door, talk to the Great Looking Glass (big mirror in the middle) and it will tell you that you need the blessing of the Sun and Moon.

Cross the courtyard and take the Red door cross into the far room and pull the red lever and lights will show up on the floor that show you where to go. Follow the lights and you will find the Tablet of the Sun, take it back up to the Great Looking Glass. (Screenshot) When you set the tablet in the pedestal the mirror will talk to you and ask for the tablet of the Moon. (Screenshot)

Then the henchman from Cell HQ will come and give you new orders, you are to challenge Dr. Snap to a battle. (Screenshot) Head back to the Tower of Sun and make your way out of the tower, when you do Solitaire will stop you and give you some more grief. (Screenshot)

Head back to Domus Isle and up to Commissioner's Snap's office, the lady get you your battle with Dr. Snap. (Screenshot) You will head to Xeroph Isle with him for the battle. He will battle with you four rounds.(Screenshot) After you beat him, you will chat with him for a bit and then head back to Domus Isle. When you arrive one of the MSO employees says that the Dr. Snap's office had been broken into. (Screenshot)

Walk up to his office and talk to him, he will tell you to continue with the challenge, then one of the MSO employees will throw you out.

When you leave Scout HQ the Incarnus will speak to you and talk about the robbery, and then you will notice a letter in your pocket stating your mission is complete and that the gate to the bride on Infant isle is open now. (Screenshot)

So head to Infant Isle and check out the new area. Head to the west side of the isle and head for the bridge, when you cross the bridge there will be another blue chest to net you another Darkonium Crystal.

Take the Jetty to the north side of Celeste Isle, there is no Scoutpost, but there is a healing terminal. Make your way up the embankment and enter the moon side of the shrine. (Screenshot)

Make your way up the tower and find the Moon Mirror and talk to him, he will send you to the Temple of the Sun go to the top of the tower and go out side and then back into the tower of the moon. Go in and pull the blue lever and you will get the lighted path to show you the way to the tablet. (Screenshot)

Get the tablet and follow the lights back to the top of the shrine where you can go outside and place the tablet. Place the tablet and the Great Looking Glass will activate and transport you to the small island offshore. (Screenshot)

There is another blue chest for another piece of Darkonium. (Screenshot) Enter the final room and you will have to face the Great Dragon, when that is finished the Incarnus will transform again. (Screenshot) (Screenshot) Head back thru the Great Looking Glass and back down the north side of the isle and take the Jetty to Fert Isle.

Walk east on the island and follow the water around and go up the hill and into the cave. Take the right fork and you will have a one time scout chance on a boss troll and in the chest behind the boss troll is an obsidian sword. (Screenshot)

Now take the other fork and cross the bridge, on the next mountain top take the plank bridge down and cross the other plank bridge, around to the ladder and up to get another Darkonium Crystal. Take the ladder down, and then the ladder down again (instead of going back over the plank bridge).

Head across the next area and as you approach the scout post you will see a cutscene where some guys will move the crates so you can get down to the Scoutpost. (Screenshot) Head back and a save if you wish, then head up the mountain there by the Scoutpost. When you get to the top you will find another Darkonium Crystal to get you your last one.

Enter the shrine, there is no dungeon this time just the sentinel, and it is a Demon-at-Arms. (Screenshot) When you defeat the monster you will get a copy of the "Art of Vanishing" and transform in to the final Incarnus form. (Screenshot)

Now when you believe you are ready to take on the challenge, head to the Baden's Belfry at the MSO headquarters to enter the challenge. (Screenshot) You will come in at fifth place with Solitaire in the first spot. (Screenshot) (Screenshot)

You don't have to battle yet if you aren't ready, if you need to level up or Synth more you have as much time as you need.

Walk down to where the Jettys for Xeroph and Infern are and you will get another message from your father stating you mission is over. (Screenshot)

Now you can go back into MSO HQ and talk to the lady at the main desk to start the finals. Defeat the 3 challengers and you will get to Solitaire. (Screenshot) (Screenshot) (Screenshot) The Incarnus will infuriate Solitaire and she will attack him and get herself disqualified and you will be named champion. (Screenshot) (Screenshot) (Screenshot)

But Dr. Snap forgot the Mark in his office and there is no award ceremony even though you are named champion.

You will be taken to Dr. Snap's office and talk to him there. He will use the Darkonium to turn the Incarnus dark and give him the mark, but it isn't the real mark.(Screenshot) (Screenshot) Whoever broke into Dr. Snap's office did take the mark and replace it with a fake.

You try to stop them from leaving but the Incarnus throws you to the wall an knocks you out, you come to when Solitaire enters the office.

Head back to Fert Isle now and go around the island to the east and follow the path back around west, the gate that was closed is now open, there is a Jetty there and it will take you to CELL HQ. (Screenshot)

Make your way thru CELL HQ to your father's office; you will have to battle the escaped monsters along the way. When you reach the office you will have to battle Belial. (Screenshot)

When you defeat Belial, talk to Warden Trump and he will tell you the backstory of what happened and give you the baryon sphere and tell you it is the only thing that will neutralize the Darkonium sphere. (Screenshot)

Take the sphere now and head to the ruins on Infern Isle. Now you can go thru the doors and enter the northern part of Infern Isle. (Screenshot) When you reach the top of the mountain on the inside you will have to battle the Dark Incarnus or Ace of Spades. (Screenshot)

After you win the battle, try to talk to the Ace of Spades and you will able to use the baryon sphere on him, and it will take the dark matter away. (Screenshot) After that is complete the Incarnus will join your team again.

Enter where the Incarnus was guarding and make your way thru this new area known as Tartarus. (Screenshot) Continue going up, you will have to battle Atlas along the way (and a Black Dragon if you are thorough).(Screenshot) When you reach the top you will find Dr. Snap. You will have to battle Buffalogre and Mohawker to continue talking to Dr. Snap. (Screenshot) Later during your confrontation with Dr. Snap he will change into a monster himself and you will have to fight him. (Screenshot) (Screenshot)

When you win the Incarnus takes the Mark and leaves to close the gate. (Screenshot) You arrive back at Domus Isle and are told to check with the new Commissioner who is Solitaire. (Screenshot)

She is now in charge and coming up with a new challenge to take the place of the old challenges, and in the meantime she tells you to go to Infant isle and pay your respects. (Screenshot) (Screenshot)

When you arrive at the top of the mountain at the Scout's Pledge you will find the Incarnus has come back to join you again.

Return to see Solitaire and she will tell you about the updated challenge she has come up with. To be able to compete you have to complete the Battle Area X rank and complete the Advanced Monster Proficiency Test. (Screenshot) (Screenshot) After completing those two requirements then you get to battle Solitaire and her monsters and try to complete the monster book and skills book if you wish.