Domus Isle Danger Level: Zero
Boasts the only major town in the islands, as well as Monster Scout HQ.

Infant Isle Danger Level: F
An island inhabited by weak monsters. It is perfect for beginners.

Xeroph Isle Danger Level: E
A bowl-shaped desert island inhabited by a variety of monsters.

Palaish Isle Danger Level: D
Madame Rummyís private island. Come and play in the Old Maidís garden.

Infern Isle Danger Level: C
They say a terrible catastrophe once befell this island. Beware of zombies.

Celeste Isle (South) Danger Level: B
The mighty ruins that tower over this island imbue it with an air of ancient mystery.

Celeste Isle (North) Danger Level: A
The northern half of the island, divided from the south by towering ruins.

Fert Isle Danger Level : S
A jungle island thick with trees and vines. Powerful monsters lurk here.