Dragon Quest Monsters 3 Caravan Heart GBA - Walkthru

You start out by getting yelled at by the King, listen to him rant. When you can head to the stairs and you will end up in your room. Talk to the maid and she will tell you to hide. The only place to do so is the cabinet, so hide in there.

When in the cabinet you will Magarugi the Master of Illusions, she will ask if you want to go on a grand adventure. When you exit the cabinet there will be a traveler's gate, step on it to continue.


Chapter 1: A boy's Journey Begins

Chapter 1

You start out in a forest, head west to encounter a wagon and some people blocked by some monsters. Talk to the slime (Slalon) and he will ask if you would be the Caravan Leader, say yes. Talk to everyone to get them in the wagon and then the battle will start. After the battle Luin will wake up and say he isn't cut out to be the leader and asks if you will continue. You can walk around the forest and battle the other Drackys for experience or leave the forest in the Southeast corner of the map.

When you leave the forest Luin explain how food works will take you to the camp. Head east to get to the camp (looks like a tent on the map). While traveling the overworld look for Tiny Medals to collect.

When back at camp Luin will talk about his quest and take you to meet the camp elder (and his grandpa) Gyavan. When you are finished with him talk Luin again and then talk to everyone in camp.

The old lady will supply you with rations later on (1GP = 1 ration). The pot with the star on it collects Tiny Medals and gives out rewards.

After talking to everyone go back and talk to Luin and Gyavan again in the main tent, they will ask if you will go with Luin to look for medicine for his parents. Rest at the inn where you will have another meeting with Magarugi who will grant a wish to anyone who brings her the Orbs of Loto.

When you awake talk to Luin and then everyone else in the party to get them on the wagon so you can depart. When back on the overworld stop at the tent just north of the caravan, there is a guy there who will replenish your rations (100) for free.

That is a good place to level up if you want for a bit since the food is free.

Head around the mountains to the town of Del Quondal, where Luin is from. Choose Luin's home and meet his parents, he apologizes for leaving, but they aren't mad and allow him to travel with you to try to help them. Luin's father says to talk to the town's elder to inquire about traveling to the next continent.

Leave and choose Mansion from the menu, the elder states you need more people to help you before you leave.

Leave the Mansion and head to the Bar and talk to Ripple the dancer and she will dance for you. After a bit more talking Luin will ask if she wants to join your group.

Return to the edler's house and he will allow you to move on, but you need to talk to Luin's parents again first. After talking to them leave town.

When you are ready to move on head to the shrine in the Northeast part of the map and talk to the guard there, he will allow you to pass.

There is a girl there Alissa who will be trying to get past the guard and will slip past when he moves aside for you to pass.

Chapter 2: In Search of a Legend

Chapter 2

When you arrive on the next continent Luin will setup camp and you will end up in Gyavan's tent, he says to talk to Luin on what to do next.

Talk to Luin and he will suggest that you head north to a nearby town, but before you can leave Alissa will ask to join, say yes, but this is too many people to carry in the wagon and Luin wants you to talk to Gyavan to see what to do. He will allow you to rearrange your wagon's members. After you are done rearranging (I kept the same members for now) talk to Luin to head out.

Head north to the town of Lofa. The guy in the church will make mention of heading west, and in the home the kid will mention a castle in the northwest.

Talking to the mom in the home she will cook you dinner and a monster (Venasu the Eggplaton) will come in looking for delicious food for his master Kakalon. She will cook food for everyone, but the monster says the food isn't good enough for his master and leaves and heads to the shop.

Head to the shop and see a man arguing with the shop owner and he states he will create an excellent store. If you stopped at the store already you will see Venasu will be there looking for food again. Talk to Venasu and learn of the castle to the northeast, Lorasia Castle. When you are done leave town and head to the castle.

Walk up and see Venasu and Kakalon talking, Kakalon is mad about not having any food to eat. Talk to Venasu and say you will help. Talk to Kakalon and you will learn about the Orbs of Loto. Talk to Kakalon again when he stops talking and he says he will give you the orb if you complete the task of finding food.

Luin suggests heading back to camp, and you will do that. Talk to Gyavan and he will suggest that you move the camp, Luin will go prepare everyone for the move.

Talk to the others in camp and learn that Randall has a sibling he is looking for, then talk to Luin. He will explain how to move the camp.

When ready move the camp closer to Lofa. After moving the camp Gyavan will tell you about a town name Liliza and he has an acquaintance there who is doing monster research and he thinks you should check it out.

When roaming the overworld now you will have other encounters that can occur, you could encounter a large tree that allows you to pick apples. An encounter that says God is watching and restores you HP and MP. Mad Gophers can appear and steal food (or they may not). Or find a magician who will transport you back to camp. In the desert you can find an oasis, if it is real you will fill you full. You can find a dancing girl who will restore your MP for a cost. Another is a woman in a spring who if you throw something in the spring will get something better back (Apple to Lovewater for example).

Head back to Lofa and talk to the cooking mom, when she asks if you need help say yes and she will talk about the Last Steak and the only person who can make it is Lastan the Chef.

Talk to her again and she will give you the ingredient list: Bull Bird Meat, Crimson Cactus, Black Pepper and Pure Water.

If you go to the fortune teller in the Inn she will give you some clues, a crumbling ship in a desert, cries of a mysterious old man in an underground spring.

Move the caravan closer to the desert and castle. When you are ready head west to find the town of Liliza. If you encounter a red cactus along the way, grab a chunk of it as that is the Crimson Cactus for the Last Steak recipe, if not you can come back for it later.

In the Tool Shop you will learn they are out of Bull Bird Meat and that it comes in by ship from the northeast.

The Inn will have a merchant, Kachua, that will join your caravan. Also there will be a kid there that will give you a reward if you can show him a Crimson Cactus.

In the Church you will learn that Lastan the Chef lives on the North Cape of the eastern shore. Talk to the guy at the altar and he will be looking for Randal. Randal will come in and the other guy is named Vandal, who is also a mapper. He will ask to join the caravan. You will also learn there is a Holy Spring to the northeast.

At the Home you will find Gyavan's acquaintance, you can recruit him for the caravan. He will give you the Heart Getter to extract hearts from monsters, and if two hearts come in contact they will take on a new form. He then wants you to go to the port and show the merchant there the Heart Getter.

Now if you go east from the eastern edge of the desert to the shoreline and then north, you will find a shrine. Here is where Lastan the Chef lives. He has given up cooking but Luin convinces him to make you a Last Steak. He will need the ingredients mentioned before to complete the recipe.

Head back south a bit from Lastan's house and cross the bridge west and then go back north along the poison swamp, you will find another shrine marker that is a cave. Make your way thru the cave, stairs to B2 are in the northwest corner of the map. On B2 you will find the Pure Water.

When you leave the cave head south and then west across another bridge and a bit south along the swamp and then west at the break in the mountains and then continue south and you will find a tent where they are selling Black Pepper for 200 Gold.

Now head to the Holy Water cave but this time continue north and east to find the port. Talk to the woman fishing (Nana) and she will join your caravan. Talk to the person in green near the end of the dock and he will say that only one piece of Bull Bird Meat made it thru and you will have to show him something he hasn't seen. Since you have the Heart Getter he will give it to you.

One Piece of Bull Bird Meat

If you haven't already gotten the Crimson Cactus you will have to wander the desert until you encounter it and take a chunk of it.

Crimson Cactus

Now with all of the ingredients head back to Lastan's house and talk to him, he will create the Last Steak for you.

Last Steak

Now you can head back to Lorasia Castle and give it to Kakalon. When you give her the steak you will receive the Orb of Defense (derived from the Shield of Loto).

Luin is happy he can help his parents now, but Kakalon states there are other Orbs held by other Illusions that you need to find first. She will open the portal to the next continent (Samaltoria Region).

If you head back to the Tool Shop in Liliza you can recruit the Hunter there (Davis) to join your caravan. If you have him on your wagon he will spot the traps left by the Mad Gophers and you won't lose any rations.

When you are ready, head northeast to find the traveler's gate. When you approach the gate, Venasu will arrive with a wagon and says he can go with you and the wagon is from Kakalon. You can now load up two caravans of people and have two guard monsters. FYI, if you have Nana the fisherman or Davis the hunter in a wagon you can stop at any point and choose Skills and hunt or fish to try to gather food while traveling.

Chapter 3: Body and Heart

Chapter 3

When you arrive in Samaltoria the group will setup camp and the Professor will show up and join the caravan and hang back at camp and give you info on hearts.

Head west across the desert and hills and you will come to the castle town of Samaltoria.

Enter the Tool Shop and pickup anything you need, a girl there will talk about a dream of a man swinging a sword and a man will talk about getting fish for the King's cat.

Now at the Inn the guy there says the King's pet is no kitty cat. In the back you can recruit Leela the Seer to join the caravan (she can show the remaining HP of monsters in battle).

The Church doesn't have anything extra besides the priest so head to the Castle if you don't need Church services.

The guards state they are looking for powerful people to take care of some monsters at the Gate of Laura.

In the northeast room of the castle talk to the Prince and he will ask you to come to the Inn to discuss something. From the woman there you will learn the castle pet is named Carol.

Go west to the throne room and see the king talking to some adventurers about the monsters, when they leave talk to the king, he says he won't send a child to deal with the monsters and the previous adventures will handle it.


Head to the Inn to find the prince, Ixas, who is also a medic. He will make you drink a sleeping potion (that doesn't work) and then say that you are taking him with you in your caravan after he talks to his dad.

So head back to the Castle and Ixas will explain he is going so he can see the world before it becomes his time to rule. When you are about to leave Carol comes forward and wants to go with you, Ixas says that is how it is going to be and we are off with a new monster.

Move the camp closer to the Castle and then head west from the Castle and then south to find a shrine marker. Enter and the guard will tell you that you cannot pass. Ixas will come in and say as the prince he demands passage and the guard will move but the guard will say there is a large door that is locked and you still cannot get thru.

Go down the stairs and interact with the door, you cannot open it but there is a message on the door that states the key is in the Lake Cave and is signed by Barbaru the Illusion.


Cross the bridge to the south and enter the "fancier" shrine marker. When you do the Traveler's Gate will light up and a woman will appear and doesn't know the area, you tell her you are looking for the Orbs of Loto. She says she heard that in her dreams and asks to join you, her name is Foz.

You will be taken back to camp automatically. Foz will then tell you that she is a Cleric of the Dharma Shrine, she cannot do magic but she can change classes. Talk to her again and she will whisper to you and ask if you are from a different world, when you say yes she says she is too. Professor will be interested in her class changing abilities.

Leave and go rest at the Inn, when you awake head outside and to the new purple tent setup by Foz. Foz and the Professor will have developed "reforming". You can use a guard monsters and two monster hearts to reshape the guard monster into a new form with new abilities, skills and level caps.

Now pack up camp and head west down and around the mountains to a cave on a small island. (I leveled up my monsters and reformed them before I entered the cave.) When you enter and talk to the guard he asks if you are part of the party that went in and says to be careful.

If you go east and north you will encounter the adventurers from the castle and they are losing to a Gargoyle and will attack you. This can be a tough fight so you may have to level up and possibly reform your monsters.

When you win the battle you will end up with the Gargoyle's heart which is a 3 star heart.

The adventurers will thank you for saving them and then talk about the key and then ask to join your caravan. You will get Gordon a knight, Jula a fencer and Clast a warrior. Head back out and save and restock if needed.

Head back into the cave and make your way down to B3 and find Barbaru's key, grab that and head back out of the cave.

When you are ready head west of the Cave of the Lake and make your way to the port.

In the barrel near the merchant you will find a Rush Fish heart. The people will talk about how business it down, how rough the seas have become and hope the ship is OK that normally arrives.

Now head back to Laura's Gate and use the key to open the door (you can move camp closer to the gate if you like). Barbaru is there and compliments you on defeating his monster in the Cave of the Lake. If you want his Orb of Loto you will have to defeat him.

When you defeat him he will turn Loto's Sword into the Orb of Power and say he needs a rest and leaves. Continue on to move onto Chapter 4.

Chapter 4: Beautiful Things

Chapter 4

When you arrive on the new continent everyone will setup camp and Gyavan will say that you are in the Moonbrook region.

Head out with the base camp in tow and go south along the ocean until you reach a town, this will be Moonpeta.

In the tool shop you will encounter Randall and Vandall's sister, Ronmil and they will ask her to join your caravan.

At the Inn there will be a bard that will talk about the Tower of Wind to the south along the eastern shoreline.

When you visit the church the old woman there will tell you about the history of Moonbrook Castle and that there still may be a spirit there. The old man will offer to remodel one of your wagons so you can carry more weight. At the altar will be Renda the fisherman, after a bit of talking he will ask to join your caravan.

Leave town and head a bit north and then east across the bridge. Go south along the river and then west when you can. Continue west until you see some sand tiles and then go south and you should come across Moonbrook Castle, setup camp nearby and head inside.

When you approach the throne a figure appears, you find out this is one of the Illusions, Kushalami. She will give you an Orb of Loto if you bring her 3 beautiful things. If you talk to her again she will say one is a gem, one is a handsome man and she leaves the third item up to you.

Head east and you will find a shrine with the Tower of Wind on the other side, but the door inside is shut and can only be opened from the other side. Head northeast thru mountains and you should find bridges to get you to the eastern shores, out on the very eastern tip there is a port and you can get a Merman Heart in one of the barrels. The sailors there will talk about a warrior and a nun that went to the Tower of Wind, and then a bard went that way as well.

Head south from port and across the bridge, you should be able to find the Tower of Wind, but first open the gate in the shrine so you don't have to walk all the way around again.

When you are ready enter the tower, talk to the guard and he will say the other two haven't come back yet, and then the bard will come in and ask to pass, the guard wont' let him so the bard puts the guard to sleep with a tune.

Make your way up the tower, using the outside path on F2 in the Northeast corner.

When you reach the top you will find the adventurers and the bard, they will say there the Wind Cape should be there and it is not.

Talk to the bard and he will talk about music and writing songs.

When you talk to the warrior they will ask to go with you the warrior is Seska and the Nun (Cleric) is Tasha. They are upset because they need the Wind Cape to cross the Dragon's Horns to get back to Lupghana.

Talk to the bard again and he will ask if you want to listen to him and then you tell him an Illusion is looking for beautiful things. He asks to goes with you and tells you his name is Boldo.

Leave the tower and head back to camp rest and stock up if needed. Head south and west around the mountains south of Moonbrook castle and enter the shrine. Talk to the guard he will say since you are on a quest for Kushalami you can pass and tells you to head to Tepah.

Talk to the fighter that is there again and then you can add him to the caravan, his name is Ryuga, if you have picked up most people along the way you will have to pick someone to drop.

Head out of the shrine and cross the desert going west, you will have to continue west until the river and then south and back east to get around the mountains that are north of Tepah.

In town at the Tool Shop a kid will talk about three towers that are in the area for adventuring and ask to go with you, his name is Homey and is training to be a merchant. The girl at the counter will be looking for something and the leave an say she is heading to the Lighthouse. Talking to the woman that is left she says the person who just left is Machua and is a tamer and obsessed with monsters since her boyfriend passed.

At the Inn the old man will tell you that Full Moon Tower is south of town The old man here talks about the Full Moon Tower to the south of town and says when the light of a full moon hits the top of the tower the Moonshard will be revealed, and it is almost time for a full moon. The cook there will ask to come along with you if you want him.

In the Church a woman there will talk about the lighthouse and how the keeper had passed but the light still shines every now and then, and to reach it you have to go a ways west to head north to it.

If you haven't already moved your camp closer, now might be a good time. I parked mine near the Full Moon Tower south of town.

Take bridge going east from the Full Moon Tower and follow the path around until you can head north to the large desert, when you reach the large desert look for the traveling merchant caravan tent. There you can buy the Moonshard for 500 Gold.

Buy Moonshard

Now head back and make your way to the top of Full Moon Tower. When you reach the top and approach the chest there will be lightning bolts and monsters will show up and they are there to test your power. When you win the battle you can open the chest, and since you already picked up the Moonshard you will get a High Merchant's Heart instead.


When you leave a wizard will show up and ask for the Moonshard, Luin will say the chest was empty and the wizard will be disappointed and say he cannot finish his research and pay the bills on his house in Tepah. His name is Zenon and you can take him with you.

Now you can pack up camp and move up near the lighthouse and shrine, head North and East from there to find the Lighthouse and a Shrine, enter the shrine first. The shrine has a traveler's gate back to Kushalami, she says the bard and Moonshard are 2 of the three items and to go somewhere you haven't been before for the last item. I guess it is off to the Lighthouse.

Make your way to the top of the lighthouse, when you arrive talk to the zombie (Smith) that is there, he is trying to light the beacon for the lighthouse. Machua shows up and tries to talk Smith into stop guarding the lighthouse.

Whey they stop talking talk to Machua who is a Tamer that came back for Smith (her boyfriend) to try to talk to him but she still cannot communicate with him, take her with you in your team.

Leave the Lighthouse and take the shrine to get back to Kushalami. She will take the Moonshard first and then you will introduce the bard Boldo.

He will sing a song and she will say it is not a true song, but he will insist that it is and Machua will show up and explain that the song is about Machua and Smith. Kushalami will say that the beauty of Boldo and Machua's love count as the last two beautiful items.

She will then give you the Orb of Loto created from Loto's Armour as the Orb of Courage and open passage thru the Dragon's Horns.

Go back and pack up camp and head northeast across the desert to find the Dragon Horns. Climb the tower and enter the portal, when you arrive on the other side you will startle a Knight, here name is Irene. Take her with you if you want.

When you leave the tower that will be the end of Chapter 4.

Chapter 5: A World Reaching to the Sea

Chapter 5

You will arrive and setup camp a bit north of the tower. Gyavan says there is a harbor town (Lupghana) a bit north and east of camp.

Head to the town, there is a nurse in the Item Shop and a thief in the Inn if you want to pick either of them up. You will hear about the land of Alefgard to the east, but it must have sunk into the ocean.

Head to the harbor there is a guy there that sells the Call Wing that will bring the camp to you. Then talk to the guy by the ship, he will tell you that the ship goes to Bellanoul and Samaltoria.

First check out Bellanoul, the fee is 100 G either way. Leave the harbor and head south to the town of Bellanoul. In the Tool Shop is an old man selling a statue for 10,000 Gold, if you don't have the cash you can come back and purchase it later.

In the Inn is a fisherman (Garth) if you want to pick one up. In the church is the old man who will upgrade your wagon for free, and a woman will talk about the Londarkian region to the east which used to be warm but is now covered in ice and no on knows what is hidden there.

In the bar is a bunny girl (Lunlun) who will give you a puff puff, if you tell her no she will demand to join your group.


Head back to the harbor and take the ship to Londarkia. The guys there tell you of a strangely shaped island to the north, if you have looked at the map I am guessing they are talking about the slime shaped one.

Head north to the town of Pellpoi. In the Tool Shop is a girl that will ask about a caravan, if you say yes she will leave, if you say no she will ask to join.

At the Inn there is a bard (Daniel) that will ask to join you if you say you like his singing. The other person will say there is a cave to the north but it is sealed by a spell.

At the church Oast will give you your fortune, you ask to find the orb and he cannot do so but then ask to join you.

In the Jail the guy in the right cell is a Metal Hunter (Gilme), which would be quite helpful with Metal Monsters. Talk to him and say Yes you agree that he did nothing wrong and then say you will take responsibility for him. Talk to the guard and say Yes you will take care of him and make sure you put him in your wagon.


Walk west to the cave and go inside, there are a set of huge doors blocking the way and when you inspect them it says they are sealed by Domedy the Illusion.

Take the boats to head back to Moonbrook Castle via the ship from Londarkia. Talk to Kushalami and she will try to contact Domedy and will be unable to as well, which she finds strange. She will give you Kushalami's Wing which she says should open the gate (and you can use as an item to travel back to Moonbrook Castle).


Head back to Londarkia and to the cave and open the gate, just beyond the gate are two guards who you will have to defeat to continue on.

Make your way thru the cave and when you reach the end you will be in a snowy area. Head north and a bit east to a shrine where you can buy some supplies. The Traveler's Gate there will take you back to the entrance of the cave in Londarkia, so don't take it unless you need to head back.

When ready head west across the bridge and then north to the trees, follow the trees west and south until you can reach the Domedy's castle (you can go in the shrine on the way, but won't be able to do anything there yet).

The castle is very straightforward, when you make it to the fourth floor you will have to battle a Giga Atlas to continue.

On floor five you will have to battle a Silver Pazuzu to take the stairs, then on floor six you have to battle a Arc Belial, after that battle you will be in the Throne Room.

Speak to Domedy, he will ask why you want the orbs and Luin will state to help cure his parents. That seems to be enough to satisfy Domedy and he is about to give you the orb and Magarugi interrupts and says to give up the orb and we are to raise the lost continent.

domedy magarugi-interuupts-domedy

Domedy will convert the Helmet of Loto into the Orb of Wisdom and give it to you and tells you to go to the Altar of Revival north of the castle, but as you leave Domedy is about to say something about Magarugi and then fades away.

Head to the shrine north of the castle and interact with each statue, you will place the orbs and then the ground will begin to shake.


Magarugi states Alefgard has risen from the see and to come meet her there to have all of your wishes granted.


Leave the shrine, go back to the boat and sail to Samaltoria, when you leave from Samaltoria you will now have the option to go to Alefgard as well.

Sail to Alefgard

When you arrive you will be in the town of Garai (where Garingham would have been). In the Inn there is a Chef (Bake) if you want one. In the Church is another old man who will upgrade one of your wagons.

When you leave town Chapter 6 will begin.

Chapter 6: Master of the Illusions

Chapter 6

When you exit town (Garai) you will setup camp, Gyavan will say there won't be many people to help you out so you will have to gather information on your own.

Head east and cross the bridge and you will find a merchant caravan, there is a Fighter (Fanne) if you want to pick one up. Then from Garai go south across two bridges and when you get to a large desert area head east and follow the narrow sand path to the town (where Cantlain would have been). The town is in ruins but you can get a Golem heart in a pot in the southeast corner of the town.

Leave the town and head west across the bridge and then south and back east until you come across a shrine. When you enter two people are talking. The person called Izlag tells his master that he plans to travel with you.

Leave the shrine and head north to the Swap Cave. You can stop at Dragonlord's castle if you want, but writing on the door says it is sealed by Rubiss.

As you make your way thru the cave you will see a thief (Dogey) and he will ask if you are searching for treasure, if you say no he will ask to come with you.

A little farther on you will come across a dragon, it will be talking about protecting the princess and say you took the princess and then attack.

Head out of the cave and then go west and a bit south to find Castle. You cannot get in the main gate, but there is an entrance open on the east side.

Make your way thru the castle, when you reach B5 you will have to battle four guard monsters to open the door to continue on.

After defeating them take the stairs down to meet Magarugi. You find out that there is a power controlling Magarugi and they used you to gather the orbs for their own wish and they plan to take you out.

Magarugi has two helpers, a Dark Flame and a Death Blizzard, when you win he will go to use the power of the orbs to change forms and attack again.

But just before that happens the other four Illusions show up and Magarugi uses the orbs on them, but then stays they need to eat you to be able to control the power of the orbs.

Now you have to battle again.

When you beat the second form the real Magarugi is left behind after the bad sprit leaves her body. She explains that only children can handle the orbs that is why the bad spirit tricked you to get the orbs.


Watch the credits and when they are done you can talk to Luin, Gyavan and Foz. Foz will head home and Luin and Gyavan will miss you but understand that you need to go back home.

When the game asks to save your game do so, the main story is now over.

Postgame: Quest for the Color Orbs

Load up your saved game and you will be back at Estard Castle and the maid will tell you that the King has cooled off and to go apologize to him.

When you talk to him, you will get a bit of a scolding, but he will say he wasn't very mature about it either and ask if you understand, say yes and he will say you are growing up, and then say it is getting late and you should head to bed. Head back to your room.

Lie down in the bed and you will have another dream from Magarugi, but it will be the good one this time, she will tell you their world is being swallowed by darkness. The traveler's gate will appear and when you approach it a letter will fly out to you from Luin asking for your help.


Enter the portal and you will end back up in the Lost Forest, Luin will take you to the camp, talk to everyone and they will point you to talk to the Master of Illusions, Magarugi, again.

You have to talk to everyone before you can leave, Foz will come back when talking to the professor.

When you leave Luin will want to go check on his father first, so head back to Del Quondal, when you talk to him he says he is going to search for rare slimes.

Take the shrine to the mainland and head to Kakalon's (Lorasia/Midenhall) Castle, he isn't here but a monster will give you Kakalon's Wing. Make sure at some point to stop by Laura's gate to get Barbaru's Wing, Kushalami Castle for her wing.

Head north to the port and take it to Samaltoria, and then from there back to Alefgard. Make your way around to Magaruki's (Tantegel) Castle.

Near the destroyed town (Cantlin) I found a red tent and one of the people there gave me the Yellow orb, they may be in random spots to check them out of you see them.

red-tent yellow-orb

Continue on to Magarugi's castle, she is in the throne room on the second floor now so you don't have to trek thru the basement this time.

She tells you the one that was controlling her is hidden in the world and slowly turning the world to darkness and you need to find the other Illusions to help. She tells you to go east of Pellpoi to Slimeland.

Use Kakalon's Wing and head back to his castle, head east to the port and take it to Slimeland.

Northeast of the port is a shrine that the guy there tells you will open a door to the dungeon of Spirits if you offer up the orbs.

Southeast of the port is a shrine where and old man lives who created Slimeland and Luin's father, he says your old friends may drop by from time to time.

I had two mappers and a seer in my caravans and on the overworld map it would show where to find the orbs (but only 2 at a time).

Some orbs are in Red Tents some are in the random caves and you have to beat the monster at the bottom to receive the orb.

blue-orb purple-orb

When you place orbs in the temple on Slimeland you will get a random dungeon, if you want to get the elemental orbs make sure you place more of the color orb for the elemental orb you wish to obtain and you have to use 4 orbs to get a dungeon that is deep enough to have the boss at the bottom.


2+ Red orbs to battle the Fire Spirit to get the Fire Orb

2+ Blue orbs to battle the Water Spirit to get the Water Orb

2+ Green orbs to battle the Wind Spirit to get the Wind Orb

2+ Yellow orbs to battle the Earth Spirit to get the Earth Orb

If no more available tents or dungeons appear to try to gather more color orbs use one of a color you have a lot of (I had tons of purple) to generate a short dungeon and complete it and it will reset the tents and dungeons.

Here is a list of the number of orbs and the depth of the dungeon created.

1 orb 3 Level Dungeon Treasure chest at bottom
2 orbs 5 Level Dungeon Treasure chest at bottom
3 orbs 7 Level Dungeon Treasure chest at bottom
4 orbs 15 Level Dungeon Elemental Spirit at the bottom

Keep gathering color orbs and generate all the Elemental Dungeons to get all of the Elemental Orbs.

When you have all 4 of the Elemental Orbs use them in the temple on Slimeland. Travel to the bottom of the dungeon created to free the Illusions.


They will return to their own castles, travel to each castle to gather the Orbs of Loto once again and offer them up to the shrine near Domedy's castle.


That will open the random dungeon to get to Gisvarg.


When you defeat him you get the thanks of the Illusions and say all the sickness of the world will be cured. Your camp mates will dance for you and the credits will roll again and you can save your game.

Post-Postgame: Dragon Lord

You can load up your game and enter Dragonlord's castle now and defeat him to get his heart if you wish.


You can also talk to the dragon Druba a couple times after beating Dragonlord you can have him join your caravan.


At this point I quit, there could be more to complete (like the other color orb dungeons), but I didnt' go back to it.