Scout Q

1Weedie that knows PrincessSlime + KingfuchsiaSeed of Magic
2ScarfishCobra King + Whipped Ghost♂ Staff
3Fully party of Slime Family monstersFully party of Slime Family monstersSteel Broadsword ★
4OwlbearWhackanape + PawsFashionable Sailor Pattern 2
5Snooty Slime KnightHeartKnights appear only in the Snow Realm after defeating enough Slime Knights. Heart Knights will mainly show up near Westania and/or in front of WestonYggdrasil Leaf
6Monster +25 or higherThis one should come naturally if you've been synthesizing monsters frequently. To avoid confusion, the +(xx) refers to the number next to a monster's rank, not the monster's actual Lv.Lucky Stick ★
7Monster that knows the 守備力アップ2 (Defense Boost 2)Be on the lookout for monsters with the inital 守備力アップ (Defense Boost) skill. Once you've found two of the opposite gender with it, simply add at least 50SP to the skill for both, then fuse them together and you'll get the option for the offspring to learn the Defense Boost 2 skill♀ Staff
8Grim GrinnerThe easiest way to get one is to scout a wild Grim Grinner in Mistletoe Tower, this however, requires being in the postgame. To fuse one, it requires a Boss Troll (Eastern Cave in the Desert Realm) and a Skeleton Soldier (Death Castle in the Sky Realm)Mini Medal x10
9ThaumatosaurusThis one can also be scouted in the wild, but may require some patience. Head to the Water Realm when its at night and its raining and go near Great Levia. Observe it until you notice a part of its body is visibly distended. Engage it in battle and it shouldn't fight back, wait for several turns and Levia will end the battle by spitting out a monster. This will either be a MerTiger or a Thaumatosaurus which can then be fought (and scouted) immediately after. If you'd rather avoid all that hassle, you can get one by fusing an Ethereal Serpent with a Gigantes, both of which are found near Pei in the Sky RealmMarbled Meat
10Monster +50 or higherThis one is like Challenge no. 6 only this time he wants a +50 monster. To avoid confusion, the +(xx) refers to the number next to a monster's rank, not the monster's actual Lv.Zombiesblight ★
11Reborn MonsterYou can only do this one in the postgame. Simply create a monster via Rebirth Synthesis, you can learn more about it in the Postgame sectionShowstopper Sealer Scroll
12EarthwyrmStart off by fusing a Great Dragon (found in Darck's Castle) with a Bone Baron (fused from two Grim Riders found in Mistletoe Tower) to create a ブラックドラゴン (Black Dragon). From there, fuse the Black Dragon with a Lizard King (found outside of Mistletoe Tower) to get BougiaGold Card
13G-Sized MonsterSimply scout any of the four heroes monsters (Orligon, Great Levia, Mammodeus), be prepared to reset quite often as the best you can do with a marbled meat is ~8%レア給仕服の型紙5 (Rare Servant Pattern Paper 5)
14CanzarWild Canzars are one of the G sized monsters that can be scouted in the Final Key once you've defeated Estark under 10 turns. If you'd rather not do that, Canzars are fused from DarkCrab x DarkCrab (found near the Ghost Ship in the Water Realm) x Gem Slime x Gem Slime (easiest would be getting one as a reward for turning in 100 mini medals or scouting from another scout in the Sky Realm)Warrior's Scroll
15QuavarnaPrepare to sink quite a bit of time fusing this one. Leonine Greatsword★