Dragon Quest Monsters 2 3DS - Codes

Thanks to Cameron C on Facebook, Codes from kaoru1127sp.seesaa.net translated by Google Translate

Money of possession 99,999 G
2000012C 000F 423F

Bank deposit 99999999G
20000130 05F5E0FF

Small medal possession number 150
0000035C 0000 096
The game progress may be affected.

Medal reset given to medal grandfather
10000 AC 7 00000000
If you pass the medal, you will be able to get a prize again.

Player feat full open
20000560 0F0E0D0C
00000564 0000010
The game progress may be affected.

Change the experience value of the egg
20000CD0 000xxxxx

xxxxx is experience value
003E8 = 1000
02710 = 10000
186A0 = 100000
F4240 = 1000000

The number of tools possessed 999
10000xxx 000003E7
Please see the tool list for xxx types of tools.

Fellow monster Exp9999999
400045F0 0xxx00DC
0098967F 00000000
In xxx, enter the number you want to change collectively from the first object in hexadecimal, 001 = 1, 1F4 = 500 Monsters will be treated incorrectly.

Skill points 999
400045F8 1xxx00DC
000003E7 00000000
In xxx, enter the number you want to change collectively from the first object in hexadecimal, 001 = 1, 1F4 = 500 Monsters will be treated incorrectly.

Egg (Hoshira of the star)
00000CCC 000000xx
xx = FF = already hatched, 00 = white egg, 01 = green egg, 02 = green egg, 03 = rainbow egg

Monster change
10000CD4 00000xxx
xxx is a monster, please look at the monster list.

Monster rank + 99
00000CD7 00000063

Change monster skill 2nd
10000CD8 00000xxx
Please see the skill list for xxx skills.

Friend monster type change
1st item 100045C0 00000xxx
The second body 1000469C 00000xxx
The third body 1004778 00000xxx
Fourth body 10004854 00000xxx
The fifth body 10004930 00000xxx

After the 6th unit, add + DCh to the code address.
xxx is a monster and refer to the monster list.
Monsters will be treated incorrectly.

Fellow monster skill change
First body
10004662 00000xxx
10004666 00000yyy

1000473E 00000xxx
10004742 00000yyy

Third body
10000481A 00000xxx
10000481E 00000yyy

Fourth body
100048F6 00000xxx
100048FA 00000yyy

5th body
100049D2 00000xxx
100049D6 00000yyy
After the 6th unit, + DCh each code address.
Please see the skill list with xxx for the first skill and yyy for the second skill.
Monsters will be treated incorrectly.

Library fully open

40000584 20710001
000000FF 00000000

40000604 20710001
000000FF 00000000

40000704 20310001
000000FF 00000000

Special skill / characteristic
40000684 20250001
000000FF 00000000

400006C5 20260001
000000FF 00000000

40000844 20400001
000000FF 00000000

40000C8C 20180001
000000FF 00000000
Using this code may affect the game progress.

Tool list
xxx = Tool
156 Yeah
158 Let's go above
15A In particular
15C Specially
15E The drop of sekaiju
160 Maru No Seisui
162 Kenja no Seisui
164 Elves drinking medicine
166 In the case of Sekaiju
168 Looks like
16A It seems so
16C Brangu
16E Mafuuji Noko
170 Bykilmin
172 Coins of coins
174 Coins and Coins
176 Barha Drink
178 Huberha bottle
17A Seed of skill
17C Only life
17E Mysterious only
180 Seed of Chikara
182 Seed of Mamoru
184 Seed of quickness
186 Seeds of skill
188 Monster's dung
18C Gold card
18E Kinkai
190 Horny book
192 Handsome magazine
194 Big bible
196 Amor water
1AE Shimon
1B0 Wake of the alarm
1B4 King's testimony
1B6 Queen's testimony
1B8 Ace's testimony
1BA Jack's testimony
1BC Warrior's testimony
1BE Proof of wizard
1C0 Testimony of monks
1C2 Proof of martial arts
1C4 Proof of the wise
1C6 Proof of thief
1C8 Metal stone
1CA Stupid
1CE Healing
1D8 Mysterious tambourine
1DA Downin
1DC Lucanion
1DE Bomierto
1E0 Footroom
1E2 Scarang
1E4 Violacta
1E6 Interella
1E8 Proof of HP recovery
1EA Proof of MP recovery
1EC Proof of attack power
1EE Proof of defensive skills
1F0 Proof of quickness
1F2 Proof of strength
1F8 Master's testimony
1FC Proof of overall recovery
20E Ishikoro
210 How much
212 Gin's lump
32A Biciolon
32C Sculdio
32E Piolimate
332 Down Orl
334 Lucanadium
336 Bomioche
338 Mahou room
33A Heavenly Bird Soma
33C VS Proof of Slashing
33E Proof of VS spell
340 Proof of VS Bless
342 Proof of abnormal recovery
344 Molly's testimony
346 Proof of battle road
34C Proof of metal crushing
34E Proof of zero seal
350 Proof of huge crushing
354 Evil food
356 I'm sorry
358 Honetsuki
35A Crush
35C Small medal
362 Happy seed
364 White egg
366 Gin's Egg
368 Kin's Egg
36A Niji's Egg
36E Tramana grass
370 Proof of Mela & Io
372 Proof of Mela & Bagi
374 Proof of Mela & Dain
376 Proof of Mela & Dolma
378 Proof of Io & Bagi
37A Proof of Io & Kyad
37C Proof of Io & Dain
37E Proof of Io & Dolma
380 Proof of Bagi & Hayad
382 Proof of Bagi & Dain
384 Proof of Bagi & Dolma
386 Hyd & Dain's Proof
388 Hyad & Dolma's Proof
38A Proof of Mela & Gira
38C Proof of Io & Gira
38E Proof of bagi & gira
390 Hyad & Gira's proof
392 Proof of Gira & Dain
394 Proof of Gira & Dolma
396 Testimony of red
398 Proof of yellow
39A Green certificate
39C Blue proof
39E White proof
3A0 Black proof
3A2 Testimony of Melagad
3A4 Proof of Iogard
3A6 Proof of bugi guard
3A8 The guard of the guard
3AA Proof of Dain guard
3AC Proof of Dolma Guard
3AE Proof of down guard
3B0 Proof of Lucanigard
3B2 Proof of Bomie Guard
3B4 Proof of fool guard
3B6 Proof of flame breath guard
3B8 Proof of snowstorm breath guard
3BA The proof of Zagigard
3BC Manousa Guard's testimony
3BE Test of the guard
3C0 Maho Tragad's testimony
3C2 The mahotone guard's testimony
3C4 A seal of a breath-sealed guard
3C6 Proof of dance guard
3C8 The proof of the hurried guard
3CA Proof of mind guard
3CC Mahigad's testimony
3CE Proof of sleeping guard
3D0 Proof of Giraguard
3D2 Proof of hack guard
3D4 Proof of body skill seal guard
3D6 Proof of slashing seal guard
3D8 Proof of Betangado
3DA How's the key
3DC Gin's key
3DE Kinki's oyster
3E0 Testimony of the curse guard
3E2 Testimony of Jivaria Guard
3EA Yumemiru egg
3EC Tough heat
3EE Platinum
3F0 Oriharukon
3F2 Hikari's Stone
3F4 Seisei Shiki
3F6 Genji
3F8 Gold stone
3FA I wish you a good time
3FC Crate stone
3FE Heavy metal
400 You have cancer
402 Awful buckwheat
404 Dragon's horn
406 Hot nails
408 40 skin
40A Dragon skin
40C Bushy skin
40E Small color
410 Big brown
412 Small shellfish
414 Big shellfish
416 The bow of the bow
418 The bat's spring
41A The cold of the cold
41C Looks bright
41E Looks like
420 Let's eat
422 Shiokeze grass
424 Genkotsu dake
426 Persimmon mushroom
428 Big cactus
42A Flower flower
42C The song
42E A good branch
430 Tree of fire
432 Dark tree
434 Sap of oyster
436 Sand fruit
438 Red berry
43A Kachi Kochi Walnut
43C Gama's oil
43E Snipe out of snake
440 Slime jelly
442 Bloody mud
444 Marino's soil
446 According to
448 Sweet potato
44A Soft wool
44C Cloth of Nijiiro
44E I want to get dirty
450 Let's have some ice
452 Uneven snow
454 Yosei's Hidae
456 Yes you are
458 A bird's eye
45A Grape extract
45C Pink bur
45E Black pearl
460 White pearl
462 Red gem
464 Blue gem
466 Yellow gem
468 Green gem
46A Red eye
46C Blue eye
46E Yellow eye
470 Green eye
472 Purple eye
474 Red orb
476 Blue orb
478 Yellow orb
47A Green orb
47C Purple orb
47E Shinsei's Jewel
480 Platinum key
482 Argon heart
484 Fragment of mysterious treasure
486 Demon's Hone
48C Rare desert clothing pattern 1
48E Pattern of rare desert clothing 2
490 Pattern of rare desert clothing 3
492 Rare desert clothing pattern 4
494 Rare desert clothing pattern 5
496 Pattern of rare crew clothing 1
498 Pattern of rare crew clothing 2
49A Pattern of rare crew clothing 3
49C Pattern of rare crewman clothes 4
49E Pattern of rare crewman's clothes 5
4A0 Rare Snow Country Pattern 1
4A2 Rare Snow Country Pattern 2
4A4 Rare Snow Country Pattern 3
4A6 Rare Snow Country Pattern 4
4A8 Rare Snow Country Pattern 5
4AA Rare monster clothing pattern 1
4AC Rare Demon Costume Pattern 2
4AE Pattern of rare demon clothing 3
4B0 Rare monster clothing pattern 4
4B2 Rare Demon Costume Pattern 5
4B4 Reagos clothing pattern 1
4B6 Reagos clothing pattern 2
4B8 Reagos clothing pattern 3
4BA Reagos clothing pattern 4
4BC Reagos clothing pattern 5
4BE Match Dress Pattern 1
4C0 Match-clothes pattern 2
4C2 Pattern 3 of the match clothes
4C4 Match Dress Pattern 4
4C6 Match Dress Pattern 5
4C8 Rare match clothes pattern 1
4CA Pattern of rare match clothes 2
4CC Pattern of rare match clothes 3
4CE Rare match clothes pattern 4
4D0 Rare match clothes pattern 5
4D2 Serving pattern 1
4D4 Serving pattern 2
4D6 Serving pattern 3
4D8 Serving pattern 4
4DA Serving pattern 5
4DC Pattern of rare service uniform 1
4DE Pattern of rare service uniform 2
4E0 Pattern of rare service uniform 3
4E2 Pattern of rare service uniform 4
4E4 Pattern of rare service uniform 5
4E6 Pattern of beautiful clothes 1
4E8 Pattern 2 of light clothes
4EA Beautiful clothes pattern 3
4EC Beautiful clothes pattern 4
4EE Pattern 5 of the light clothes
4F0 Wrap of nut pie
4F2 Seaminal
4F6 Moon stone
4F8 Symbol of spirits
4FA Princess's soul
4FC Twitter grass
4FE Haga no Kagami
500 Freshly cooked
502 Heavenly book
504 Heavenly clothing
506 Heavenly cup
508 Gold statue of Warubo
50A Orb of light
50C Montner's Jewel
50E Amon's key
510 The key to Melna
512 Darjan's key
514 Golden gem ball
516 Scarlet gem ball
518 White silver jade
51A Rainbow colored ball
51C Key of a key

Monster list
xxx = Monster
001 Slime
002 Bubble slime
003 Slime bite
004 Hoimis lime
005 Dragos lime
006 Metal slime
007 Slime night
008 Slime fang
009 Loose metal
00A Angel slime
00B King lime
00C Bubble king
00D Metal king
00E Gran slime
00F Golden slime
010 Trodé
011 Slime Beth
012 Slime Cargo
013 Bejomas lime
014 Morimori Slime
015 Morimori Slime Beth
016 Slime breath
017 Metal rider
018 Metal Kaiser
019 dark Knight
01A Dark lime
01B Slime Behomizen
01C Slime Madura
01D Butch king
01F Slime family
020 Slider girl
021 Sla Blaster
022 Slider cub
023 Diamond slime
024 Loose metal king
025 Jami
026 I'm sorry
028 General Gumei
029 Egdrasil
02A Tobo
02B Gamadeus
02C Balzac
02E Giga Daemon
02F Kanda Tawaifu
030 Dragon kids
031 Codra
032 Fusen dragon
033 Algorithm
035 Dragon
036 Dragon mud
037 Denden dragon
038 Metal dragon
039 Dash run
03A Battle rex
03B A dozen dragon
03C Dragon bagage
03D Argon Great
03E Sky dragon
03F Mechaburn
040 Great dragon
041 Gigant Dragon
042 Ryuo
043 Ryujin King
044 Springer
045 Skullon
046 Thorns dragon
047 A dragon
048 Lizard Kids
049 Sea dragon
04A Gaos
04B Dragon bush
04C Gigant Hills
04D Dragon Soldier
04F Black dragon
050 Lizard Fats
051 Helldiver
052 Shark Bear
053 Take care
055 Lizard fly
056 Fairy dragon
057 Iron turtle
058 Dragon rider
059 Andreal
05A Denta Zaurus
05B Shizu Omaru
05C Sergeynas
05D Try Wonder
05E Computer
05F Demon King James
060 Mommon
061 Baby panther
062 Scissors
063 Open
064 Priznan
065 Petit Arnon
066 Twins twins
067 Hell Hornet
068 Chimera
069 Helcondor
06A Junken frog
06B Guntai crab
06C Abare Udori
06D Paome
06E Desfarena
06F Jinmenju
070 Evila
071 Kong head
072 Great Scorpion
073 Crocodile
074 Killer panther
075 Garuda
076 Ooniwatori
077 Hiki Iridori
078 Elder Pipit
079 Great king squid
07A Oseernon
07B Leopard
07C Letis
07D Aluminum large
07E Yeti
07F Pogfish
080 Otsutsubo
081 Ocean claw
082 Hercules
083 Zuckina
084 Guntai ant
085 Hanakawa Semi
086 Cactus ball
087 Yellow Centipede
088 Iwatobi Akuma
089 Killer ape
08A Mr. Nushi
08B Tico
08C Medapani Sickle
08D Warrior of flame
08E Blizzard man
08F Upa Soldier
090 Naughty Mole
091 Lilliput
092 A big deal
093 Pook Pook
094 Toku Panther
095 Mapolena
096 Wonder Fool
097 Puppets
098 Kabuto Kouzou
099 Oak
09A Small family
09B A mystery
09C Saber fox
09D Cossack sheep
09F Gargoyle
0A0 Tora Oko
0A2 Gigantes
0A3 Bird fighter
0A4 Use of Hyudde
0A5 Danvira Mucho
0A6 King mormon
0A7 Bostroll
0A8 Atlas
0A9 Don Mogra
0AA Kandata
0AB Dormagues
0AC Rapthorn
0AD The Dark God Rapthorne
0AE Demon spadio
0AF Brownie
0B0 Boy Leo Sword
0B2 Ponpoko Tanuki
0B3 Good morning
0B4 Cat fly
0B5 Sea dog
0B6 Dark horn
0B7 Licant
0B8 Gamacannon
0B9 Tiger lance
0BA Inobu Taman
0BB Rengoku Tenma
0BC Ponpoko Ainiki
0BD Chimera Road
0BE General Goleon
0BF Gonz
0C0 Soft blur
0C1 Ghost candle
0C2 Mela Ghost
0C3 Metappy
0C4 Doron Gyo
0C5 Phosphorus phosphorus
0C6 Revenge
0C7 shadow
0C8 Box
0C9 Shining
0CA Metal hunter
0CB Stupid
0CC Bar
0CD Golem
0CE bell
0CF Flame
0D0 Bol
0D1 Blizzard
0D2 Bull
0D3 Seaweed
0D4 mimic
0D5 Psychon
0D6 Kiramajinga
0D7 Goldman
0D8 Going up
0D9 Trap box
0DA Killer machine
0DB Babel bobble
0DC Dark Genie
0DD Despisaro
0DE Etag
0DF Small fish
0E0 Absurd baby
0E1 Evil Chariot
0E2 Mystery Doll
0E3 Butchoman
0E4 Toshishinkozo
0E5 Crown head
0E6 Devil Armor
0E7 Abare Komii
0E8 Spider Giant
0E9 Iron Bulldo
0EA Gilimekara
0EB Proto Killer
0EC Mega bork
0ED Dou Warrior
0EE Shield auger
0EF Time master
0F0 Drakey
0F1 Lips
0F2 Omedama
0F3 Baby Satan
0F4 Druid
0F5 Let's say
0F6 Surprise Satan
0F7 Bear knight
0F8 Merman
0F9 Lesser daemon
0FA Siles
0FB Wing Devil
0FC Okto centry
0FD Silver Devil
0FE Evil Leo Sword
0FF Arc daemon
100 Ankle horn
101 Buffaron
102 Jamilas
103 Mohecanto
104 Buzz
105 Gracos
106 Berial
107 Good evening
108 God of destruction Sidoh
109 Great Demon King Soma
10A Demon Lord Mildraz
10B Great Demon Lord Desta Moore
10C Devil King Orgo Demyra
10D Seameda
10E Dessert daemon
10F Killer armor
110 Oh Drakey
111 Acceptance
112 The angel of the devil
113 Hell boxle
114 Nuborn
115 Krisaki clown
116 Really good evening
117 General Dante
118 Demon king of the lamp
119 Demon wrestler
11A General Gernick
11B Great King
11C Ibur
11D Lionneck
11E Akbar
11F Evil Priest
120 Cerberus
121 ghost
122 Kiri-kabu ghost
123 Small ghoul
124 Mad hand
125 Jambalayan
126 Ghost mushroom
127 Pompombom
128 Crushed corpse
129 Evil Drive
12A The secret
12B Wandering
12C Bone knight
12D Mummy man
12E Evil Spirits
12F Flower zombie
130 Boley Bit
131 Pissarite
132 Grim reaper
133 Durahan
134 Boogie of the Nageki
135 Captain Crow
136 Garmazzo
137 skipper
138 Fly man
139 Darthulfen
13A Shionouki
13B Sword Phantom
13C Wight king
13D Dark club
13E Mendoza
13F Black Knight Leocorn
140 Illness Panderm
141 Giga mutant
142 Dragon Corps
143 Gema
144 Dark emperor Ganasadai
150 Spedio
151 Gullhart
152 Grabzon
153 Dianogue
154 King spadio
155 Quingual heart
156 Club zon jack
157 Dianogue Ace
15A Dork
15B Magalgi
15C Beast Hiyurde
15D Hyudrad
15E Somers Devil
15F Gardis
160 Hellcloud
163 Ryuo
165 Grain
166 Barboros
167 Ergios
168 Buon
169 Petit
16A Mad plant
16B Shaman
16C Gaon
16D Kabashilla
16E Tyrant worm
16F Caterpillar
170 Wing tiger
171 I will
172 Parasakis
173 Tamago Ron
174 A bear's bed
175 Leafer
176 Baramos
177 Cancer
178 Night rich
179 Hagon
17A Titanis
17B Buchi slime
17C Stone slime
17D Madly slime
17E Slime borg
17F Wonder egg
180 Snomm
181 Balumba
182 Tatsuko Night
183 Snow dragon
184 Fortress of Yamata
185 Master dragon
186 Dead pecker
187 Tousageo
188 Semi Mole
189 Rose Butler
18A Big eye
18B Grand Shark
18C Hawk blizzard
18D King Leo
18E Hot Saber
18F Killer machine 2
190 Evil pot
191 Huga Gamajin
192 Golden golem
193 Petit Girls
194 Evil Angler
195 Duran
196 Dark Doreum
197 Gemon
198 Mudot
199 Skull serpent
19A Yurei Captain
19B Dorol
19C Night king
19D Skull spider
19E Deathist
19F Taurus
1A0 Assassin broth
1A1 Marin duel
1A2 Rose dance
1A3 Caprigon
1A4 Great Madonna
1A5 Omodo Lorez
1A6 Slacancer
1A7 Kaioh God
1A8 Surge Tause
1AA Fighting God Leo Sword
1AB Ellis Gur
1AC Slider hero
1AD Super killer machine
1AE Forobos
1AF Mormon
1B0 Pink Mormon
1B1 Slime General
1B2 Slime tower
1B3 Watabou
1B4 God
1B5 Grim Reaper
1B6 Kandata oh ya
1B7 Kandata Kobu
1B8 God Bird Retis
1B9 God dragon
1BA Killer pickel
1BB Rufa
1BC Droll mage
1BD Sula Lingal
1C3 Peach Slime
1C4 Lemon slime
1C5 Lime slime
1C6 Berry slime
1C7 Cherry slime
1C8 Whip slime
1C9 Prince lime
1CA Nidigoron
200 Splash slime
201 Slime tree
202 Box slime
203 Slappie
204 Sword Dragon
205 Coatl
206 Gamegon
207 Pteranodon
208 Poison Lizard
209 King cobra
20A Toka snake
20B Oh Iguana
20C Liveburn
20D Wing Snake
20E Thunderbird
20F Rock bird
210 Funky Bird
211 Crisis
212 Bean fighter
213 I think so
214 Horn beetle
215 Dungeon shrimp
216 Minoon
217 Good people
218 Fairy rat
219 Supertensk
21A Picky
21B Duck kite
21C Gankodori
21D Killer goose
21E Onion
21F Maneater
220 It looks like
221 Crispy grasshopper
222 Chinese noodles
223 Tail eater
224 Scorpio Armor
225 Belogon
226 Far rat
227 Skargaroo
228 Ant Bear
229 Grizzly
22A Strong animal
22B Goatdon
22C unicorn
22D Moza
22E Grendel
22F Sou
230 Spinach
231 Kagami's Kagami
232 Evil wand
233 Gizmo
234 A bear's pot
235 Maeda
236 Gremlin
237 Medosa Ball
238 First clown
239 Auger
23A Mandragola
23B Evilseed
23C To speak
23D Mist wing
23E Fuyuju
23F Gaplin
240 Hanamado
241 Dance carrot
242 Oyame lottery
243 Animal zombie
244 Madron
245 Nightwibbs
246 Wind merge
247 Cling
248 Bone prissner
249 Manemane
24A New Year's Eve
24B Mildlers
24C Desta Moore
24D Demon Lord Desmoor
24E Orgo Demyra
24F Slalin ship
250 Sliver ship
251 Killer scoop
252 Metal star
253 Dark king
254 Slider kids
255 Sura Shinobu Yellow
256 Sura Shinobu Red
257 Sura Shinobu Brown
258 Sura Shinobu Green
259 Sura Shinobu Purple
25A Sura Shino I Blue
25B Sura Shinobu Black
25C Sura Shinobu Orange
25D Sura Shinobu Pink
25E Sura Shinobu Gold
25F Sura Shinobu Silver
260 Magic Warrior Hogeira
261 Papyrus
262 Ide Aragon
263 Kuroryumaru
264 Magician Elshion
265 Dragon heavy
266 Smile lizard
267 Aguilogos
268 King hydra
269 Dragon Emperor Bargudis
26A Magic Warrior Argius
26B Nasvinara
26C Momijikozo
26D Acorn baby
26E Death flutter
26F Kukuri
270 Devil tank David
271 Todman
272 Nekomano
273 Rhino Soldier
274 Great horn
275 Poon
276 Demon sword God Repaldo
277 Superpower Sergeant Iboinos
278 Magic Warrior Vera
279 Kamachi
27A Gas dango
27B Wooden knight
27C Gigahand
27D Dronuba
27E Dark crystal
27F Imadin
280 Tatsumajin
281 Book of the bear
282 Daima's book
283 Book of the Devil
284 Death machine
285 Dragon machine
286 Killer machine 3
287 Magician Ingeler
288 Magical level of despair and hate
289 The worm
28A Hellbatler
28B Metal Scorpion
28C Evil Master
28D Satanpa
28E Messara
28F Auger head
290 Cosmo phantom
291 Pissar's Teppaki
292 Puff
293 Hellbiest
294 Kotobuchino
295 Troll Bomber
296 Balikunaja
297 Double eater
298 Evil Emperor Emperor
29A Yoshin Ishdar
29B Forobo Theta
29C Magic Warrior Argo
29D Death Gorgon
29E Pumpkin Swordsman
29F Sebastian
2A0 Killer stalker
2A1 Skull blade
2A2 Des alantula
2A3 Dead masker
2A4 Emperor Ganasadai
2A5 Baramos zombie
2A6 Name passed away King
2A7 Yurei ship
2A8 Magic Warrior Siphon
2A9 Giswag
2AA Grim Reaper Knight
2AB Demon Monster Mizer
2AC Demon God Zemel Geass
2AD Kakaron
2AE Kusharami
2AF Barbaroo
2B0 Domedy
2B1 Genoderk
2B2 Eggra & Chiquila
2B3 Kandata ladies
2B4 Magic Warrior Mather
2B5 Great Demon King's Right Hand
2B6 Great Demon King's left hand
2B7 Cat Liberio
2B8 Petit Tak
2B9 Lamia
2BA Eteponge
2BB Father Tiger
2BC Spectet
2BD Gold Mazinga
2C1 Montner
2C2 Montner
2C3 Montner
2C4 Montner
2C5 Montner
2C6 Montner
2C7 Lion head
2C8 Sand shark
2C9 Brush brush
2CA Squid hood
2CB Griffins
2CC Fish
2CD Acupuncture Mole
2CE Sand wave
2CF My sister
2D0 Hemby
2D1 Gamanian
2D2 Dessert runner
2D3 Drawer
2D4 Mummy
2D5 Razamanus
2D6 Beeburn
2D7 Curly lamp
2D8 Arrow dog
2D9 Emu
2DA Killer Sickle
2DB Mantis tick
2DC Magic
2DD Baby Goyle
2DE Entasisman
2DF Masakari family
2E0 Baby cloud
2E1 Vampire
2E2 Mayou
2E3 The Hunter of the Sky
2E4 Balzac Beast
2E5 Go out
2E6 Ultra Key Mailer
2E7 Dark hobbit
2E8 Pearl slime
2E9 Tropical slime
2EA Clown slime
2EB Lizardman
2EC Drygon
2ED Follow
2EE Kimono Kishi
2EF Helgolago
2F0 Aqua Marine Hawk
2F1 Go back
2F2 Wing Assassin
2F3 Chantak
2F4 King azleil
2F5 Matango
2F6 Evil Post
2F7 Devil Pine
2F8 Giga Hero
2F9 Haunted
2FA Puro
2FB Belsable
2FC Multi-eye
2FD Pixy
2FE Dark eye
2FF Skull rider
300 Bubble daemon
301 Sakasa Zombie
302 Fox
303 Totem killer
304 Thorn
305 Fear puppet
306 Death saucer
307 Dark matter
308 Pichiel
309 Reigigers
30A Evil Social
30B Aqua umbrella
30C Takotsubokozo
30D Thank you
30E Starfish Starfish
30F Octoreach
310 Dolphin butterfly
311 Killer wave
312 Fish rider
313 Madlobster
314 Clubman
315 Seahorse
316 Martiger
317 Ax Shark
318 Dagon
319 Digging
31A Whale Merge
31B Hell pirates
31C Shinkaikyu
31D Shin, Ryuo
31E Genosido
31F Asulazoma
320 Psycho Pizarro
321 King of darkness between the gaps
322 Poseidon
323 Hide away
324 Puchibo
325 Aibo
326 Oriharugon
327 Reviasama
328 Manmodeus
329 Gran Estac
32A Neo Dok
32B Holy Dragon Miracle
32C Yellow sickle
32D ? ? ?
32E Genjikabuto
32F Des maestro
330 Dreaming
331 Luvanka
332 Oh my chappy
333 Diapers
334 King lizard
335 Queen slime
336 Snowmon
337 Icicle slime
338 Tombrero
339 Whip ghost
33A Kiseiju
33B Take it easy
33C Bone bud
33D Timetable
33E Balfegor
33F Wakaba spirits
340 Great Priest Maamon
341 Devil Zagas
342 Yokenshi Oren
343 Urbea Genie
344 Monster Psong
345 Water dragon gilgish
346 Suspicious Aragune
347 Youma Juliante
348 Magician Marine
349 Sorcerer Id
34A Tenma Cuavarna
34B Tyrant Basa Grande
34C Guardian Lassburn
34D King Nergel
34E The beast king Nergel
34F Demon Demon Pedlar
350 Tegenkobo
351 Golden corn
352 Alchemiston
353 Pink bonbon
354 Choroju
355 Wireman
356 Shadow Noble
357 Bear's apocalypse
358 Daima's apocalypse
359 Devil's Apocalypse
35A Magma slime
35B Empusa
35C Aqua slime
35D Uzushi king
35E Spin slime
35F Snowstorm witch
360 Black santa
361 Flying devil
362 Konpeito
363 Iron Hawk
364 Master slime
365 Genie of Anger
366 Curly mask
367 Cactus Gold
368 Yoroi Ryu
369 Moon chimera
36A Shinsho Benich
36B Shinsho Taisha
36C God General Geppak
36D Shinsho Shion
36E Shinsho Tetsugro
36F God General Kogane
370 Shinsho Seiran
371 Shinsho Tokiwa
372 Shinsho Su
373 War God Togami Hime
374 Wujin Kunikuzushi
375 Shock tail group
376 Slider king
377 Kanda Talocks
378 Metal godess
379 Earth's dragon bow gear
37A Queen Mormon
37B Heart night
37C Wild frog
37D Mad Smith
37E Type G
37F Temple Reidametes
380 King of darkness without a name
381 V Ron
382 Monster parade
383 Choco Golem
384 Silbalinus

Skill List
xxx = Skill
001 Mela & Io
002 Prince
003 Strongest Mela & Io
004 Mela & Iobagi
005 Princess
006 Strongest Mela & Bagi
007 Mela & Dain
008 Metal crushing
009 Strongest Mela & Dain
00A Mela & Dolma
00B Shupuu ? zero seal
00C Strongest Mela & Dolma
00D Io & Bagi
00E Huge Monsta-Brush
00F Strongest Io & Bagi
010 Io & Chad
011 Strongest VS breath
012 Strongest Io & Hayado
013 Io & Dain
014 VS Slashing
015 Strongest Io & Dain
016 Io & Dolma
017 Strongest VS Slashing
018 Strongest Io & Dolma
019 Bagi & Chad
01A King mormon
01B Strongest Bagi & Hyad
01C Bagi & Dain
01D I will
01E Strongest Bagi & Dain
01F Bagi & Dolma
020 Kanda Tawaifu
021 Strongest Bagi & Dolma
022 Hyad & Dain
023 I'm sorry
024 Strongest Hyad & Dain
025 Hyad & Dolma
026 Slider cub
027 Strongest Hyad & Dolma
028 flame
029 Sla Blaster
02A Strongest flame
02B Snowstorm
02C Diamond slime
02D Strongest snowstorm
02E Bless
02F Slider girl
030 Strongest breath
031 Fuen's sword technique
032 Furai's sword technique
033 Bakuhono sword technique
034 Byakuya's sword technique
035 Red fighter
036 Yellow Fighter
037 Green fighter
038 Blue fighter
039 White fighter
03A Black fighter
03B HP recovery
03C Overall recovery
03D Abnormal recovery
03E Samurai
03F Bogyo
040 Shinsoku
041 MP recovery
042 upper
043 Downer
044 jamming
045 VS spell
046 Strongest VS spell
047 VS breath
048 Metal hunter
049 guard
04A Toppeki
04B Fuuin
04C Saimin
04D How many
04E Horror
04F Sigh
050 Japanese skill
051 Ranger
052 Assassin
053 Hunter
054 Bounty Hunter
055 sacred
056 Dripping
057 Hell
058 Dark
059 dancer
05A dynamite
05B Oh
05C Berserker
05D Jikogisei
05E The Grim Reaper
05F nightmare
060 Cold sleep
061 Yuuki
062 Mizui
063 variety
064 inspire
065 Enka
066 Slaforth
067 Road
068 Undead
069 New York
06A Dragon spirits
06B Feather wind
06C Ecology
06D Untitled
06E Ishiyama
06F Spedio
070 Strongest spedio
071 Gullhart
072 Strongest gal heart
073 Dianogue
074 Strongest Dyanog
075 Grabzon
076 Strongest Grabson
077 Ryuo
078 Ryujin King
079 Leobaldo
07A Dormagues
07B Rapthorn
07C The Dark God Rapthorne
07D Etag
07E Mildlers
07F Desta Moore
080 Captain Crow
081 Darkness SP of darkness
082 Holy snowstorm SP
083 Gran Spell SP
084 Grand breath SP
085 Kengo SP
086 Recovery SP
087 Supporter SP
088 General information SP
089 King
08A Ace
08B Queen
08C Jack
08D Garmazzo
08E Attack power up
08F Attack power up 2
090 Attack up 3
091 Defense up
092 Defense up 2
093 Defense up 3
094 Quick up
095 Speed ??up 2
096 Fast up 3
097 The strength up
098 Strength up 2
099 Strength up 3
09A Melagad
09B Iogard
09C Bugi guard
09D Hird guard
09E Dain guard
09F Dolmaguard
0A0 Down guard
0A1 Lucaniguard
0A2 Bomiegard
0A3 Fool guard
0A4 Flame breath guard
0A5 Snowstorm breath guard
0A6 Zakigaard
0A7 Mano's Guard
0A8 The guard is a guard
0A9 Mahotra Guard
0AA Maho tone guard
0AB Breathing guard
0AC Dance guard
0AD Hurried guard
0AE Mind guard
0AF Mahi guard
0B0 Sleepy guard
0B1 HP up SP
0B2 MP up SP
0B3 Attack power up SP
0B4 Defense strength up SP
0B5 Quickness up SP
0B6 Smartness up SP
0B7 Flame guard SP
0B8 Snowstorm guard SP
0B9 Baku Guard SP
0BA Shiro Kuma guard SP
0BB Warrior
0BC Wizard
0BD Monk
0BE Martial artist
0BF Wise man
0C0 Thief
0C1 Mela & Gira
0C2 Loose metal king
0C3 Strongest Mela & Gira
0C4 Io & Gira
0C5 Egdrasil
0C6 Strongest Io & Gira
0C7 Bagi & Gira
0C8 Pipit
0C9 Strongest Bagi & Gira
0CA Hyad & Gira
0CB Kiramajinga
0CC Strongest Hyad & Gira
0CD Gilla & Dain
0CE Dark emperor Ganasadai
0CF Strongest Gilla & Dain
0D0 Gira & Dolma
0D1 Topo
0D2 Strongest Gira & Dolma
0D3 Giragad
0D4 Deathist
0D5 Computer
0D6 Assassin broth
0D7 Marin duel
0D8 Rose dance
0D9 Evil Leo Sword
0DA Great Madonna
0DB Omodo Lorez
0DC Slacancer
0DD Kaioh God
0DE Surge Tause
0DF Fighting God Leo Sword
0E0 Tyrant worm
0E1 Buon
0E2 Wing tiger
0E3 Oseernon
0E4 Dark Genie
0E5 Fortress of Yamata
0E6 Master dragon
0E7 Letis
0E8 Great Demon King Soma
0E9 Hack guard
0EA Body Skill Seal Guard
0EB Slashing Seal Guard
0EC Betangado
0ED Jade SP
0EE Yusu no hee
0F0 under construction
0F1 Molly selection
0F2 Battle Road Master
0F3 Jivariard guard
0F4 Dragon's knee
0F5 Black and white
0F6 Ergios
0F7 God Bird Retis
0F8 Hellcloud
0F9 Ellis Gur
0FA Demon King James
0FB Gardis
0FC Dork
0FD Magalgi
0FE Beast Hiyurde
0FF Hyudrad
100 VS technique
101 Strongest VS body skill
102 VS dance
103 Strongest VS dance
104 Inuma guard SP
105 Cancer cough guard SP
106 Slalin ship
107 Sura Shinobu Yellow
108 Sura Shinobu Red
109 Sura Shinobu Brown
10A Sura Shinobu Green
10B Sura Shinobu Purple
10C Sura Shino I Blue
10D Sura Shinobu Black
10E Sura Shinobu Orange
10F Sura Shinobu Pink
110 Sura Shinobu Gold
111 Sura Shinobu Silver
112 Magic Warrior Hogeira
113 Magic Warrior Argius
114 Devil tank David
115 Magic Warrior Vera
116 Yurei ship
117 Magic Warrior Argo
118 Magic Warrior Siphon
119 Cat Liberio
11A Aguilogos
11B Dragon Emperor Bargudis
11C Killer machine 3
11D Magician Ingeler
11E Demon Palace of Despair and Hatred
11F Giswag
120 Grim Reaper Knight
121 Demon Monster Mizer
122 Demon God Zemel Geass
123 Genoderk
124 Lamia
125 Manemane
126 Magic Warrior Mason
127 Watabou
128 Curse guard
129 Dosanko Seoul
12A Nebuta Soul
12B Ihatobe
12C Date man
12D Namahage
12E The song of the groom
12F White Tiger Advance
130 Old pine of light
131 Sleepy cat's dream
132 Teasing
133 Wisdom of wisdom ball
134 Peanut revolution
135 Mist General
136 Pride of Hama
137 Grace of Kaneyama
138 Prayer for sale
139 Million Stone Dust
13A How about crab
13B Fulin volcano
13C The roar of the pillar
13D Gazudao team
13E Fuji's male figure
13F Orbit of the killer whale Hoko
140 Shimori dance
141 Mizuumi the Great
142 Miyabi
143 Kuidaore
144 Knowledge Genus
145 Judgment of the Great Buddha
146 Umeboshi Queen
147 White Rabbit Michibiki
148 Mischief of the gods
149 Alarm Momotaro
14A Jinyi
14B Counterattack of pufferfish
14c Supreme dance
14D Udon spirits
14E Sweet summer shirabe
14F stubborn kochi man
150 Power of pork
151 Bad
152 Castella Daimyo
153 Mokkos
154 Warm or peachy origin
155 Phoenix
156 Bokemon
157 Uminchu Heart
158 Shin, Ryuo
158 Genosido
15A Asulazoma
15B Psycho Pizarro
15C King of darkness between the gaps
15D Oriharugon
15E Mr. Revere
15F Manmodeus
160 Gran Estac
161 Neo Dok
162 Kujin General
163 War God Togami Hime
164 Wujin Kunikuzushi
165 Suspicious Aragune
166 Magician Merlin
167 Sorcerer Id
168 Tenma Cuavarna
169 Tyrant Basa Grande
16A Guardian Lassburn
16B King Nergel
16C The beast king Nergel
16D Forbidden Magus
16E Montner
16F Strongest montner
170 Ultimate montner
171 Warrior SP
172 Battlefield Ruler SP
173 Wizard SP
174 Parameter SP
175 Super Guard SP
176 Ultra Guard SP
177 Miracle guard SP
178 Great adventure SP
179 Super Star SP
17A Champion SP
17B Dark ruler SP
17C Monk SP
17D Martial artist SP
17E Bandit SP
17F Sage SP
180 Sweets carnival