Dragon Quest Monsters Terry's Wonderland RETRO - Nintendo Switch

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"Dragon Quest Monsters Terry's Wonderland" released as Game Boy software in 1998 will be revived on Nintendo Switch after more than 20 years.

The main character, boy Terry, decides to enter an unknown world called "Taiju no Kuni" in search of his sister Mireille, who was taken away by someone. Knowing the existence of the "Starry Tournament", a festival of strong people who want to make the winner's dream come true, Terry decides to participate in the tournament as a monster master.

Can younger sisters and younger brothers meet again?

This work reproduces the Game Boy version, and you can enjoy "retro" play with a simple system, a nostalgic dot screen, and an 8-bit sound source at that time.

Not only can you play in color, but you can also switch the screen to monochrome by changing the settings. In addition, we have added elements unique to Nintendo Switch, such as selecting the background that surrounds the screen and changing the size of the game screen.

* Some of the in-game design and parameters have been changed from the Game Boy version.

* The communication battle function and communication matchmaking function that were in the Game Boy version are not installed in this work.

Info from Google Translate of Japanese Switch page