Japanese Version Walkthru

From Saigan: As I stumble my way through the game I'm going to try keeping this updated so that others who decide to import will be able to play through it more easily. There's also my LP videos for anyone who needs help. I will update these as I am able to translate what I have played. Also- thanks to Mel D on Youtube for summarizing the story.

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Part 1:

1) You wake up in a cave, X makes you jump. Run around a bit and test out the camera with the right stick to trigger the next set of chit chat (Rubiss is talking to you).

2) Go and pick up the WHITE PETALS (????? shiroi hanabira). There's a STUMP (???? kirukabu) there, interact with it and craft a SALVE (????? kizugusuri). Select the SALVE using left and right on the dpad and press the triangle button to use it.

3) A THICK BRANCH (???? futoi eda) appears!! Command? Pick that up and use the crafting table to turn it into a CYPRESS STICK (?????? hinoki no bo) . Hitting circle will open up your menu and go to EQUIP (??? soubi) and equip your stick.

4) Hitting square swings your equipped weapon. Go beat up some SOIL (? tsuchi) until you have 10 in your item bar. You can use the triangle button to place the soil, use the soil in the highlighted area and climb to freedom!

5) Welcome to MERUKIDO/MERCADO/CANTLIN Plateau (???? ??). Rubiss tasks you with reviving the world by rebuilding it as you see fit. She also wants you to know you ARE NOT a hero, but a builder. She gives you the FLAG OF HOPE (????? kibou no hata), go place it in the center of the ruined town of Mercado.

6) A little girl runs up to you, her name is PIRIN (??? Pirin [maybe Prim]). After her initial introduction she gets a red exclamation marker above her head. This means she has a quest for you. Talk to her again, the camera will focus on a building. Repair the holes in the walls using SOIL (? tsuchi), L1 and R1 let you place blocks a level higher or lower, respectively. House walls must be at least two blocks high. When this is complete Pirin will run over to you and reward you with some WHITE PETALS (????? shiroi hanabira).

7) Pirin's next quest is to add some light to the house. Use the STONE WORKBENCH (????? ishi no sagyou-dai) in town to make a TORCH (???? taimatsu). Torches require THICK BRANCH (???? futoi eda) and BLUE OIL (???? aoi abura). Pirin will give you some BLUE OIL but you can also get it as a drop from Slimes. Pirin will reward you with another branch after crafting the torches and ask you to place one inside the house. This will make the house "official" and reward you with some Camp Exp, Pirin will reward you with a LIFE SEED (??????? inochi no kinomi) which can be used to add another 5 HP to your life total.

8) Now Pirin will ask you to make two STRAW BEDS (???? wara bedo). Each bed requires 3 STURDY GRASS (?????? joubuna kusa). You can get the sturdy grass from the larger leafed plants in and around town. Place both beds in the house and talk to Pirin (she'll run over to you) to complete the quest. This will give you a sort of watch on your compass and start tracking time of day. You can sleep in a bed in a completed house to skip to morning.

Part 2:

1) Once the two beds are placed Pirin will have another request for you, you'll also now be affected by time of day. The chore this time is to go find 5 MOMOGAKI FRUIT (??????? momogaki no mi o). It's a common pink fruit that you'll often find under trees, give it a hit to dislodge it from the ground and return to Pirin with 5 to complete the quest. You now have a hunger meter to deal with but Pirin gives you 3 of the Momogaki Fruits back for snacking on.

2) Pirin now needs you to make a STORAGE BOX (??? shuunoubako). This only requires 3 THICK BRANCH (???? futoi eda). Upon completion of the box Pirin will approach you to finish the quest and gives you a BLUEPRINT (??? sekkeizu). Blueprints can be placed on level ground using the triangle button, standing on them and pressing the touchpad will open the details of the finalized product and what resources are needed. You must complete the blueprints exactly as shown for it to count. You will learn the STRAW DOOR (?????? wara no tobira) recipe as well. To complete the house you will need to break the stone work bench in town and place it inside. Completing this quest will reward you with some RAGS (???? borokire) which you can use to craft some new clothes if yours are wearing thin.

Part 3:

1) Pirin tells you that she saw someone outside of town and sends you to track him down. You now have a "Q" on your compass which directs you to areas of interest for questing. You can hit the OPTIONS button ("Start" to us old folk) to get an aerial view of the area to help navigate. Head east by northeast out of town and follow the coast till you reach an abandoned camp. Talk to the campfire using the circle button, this will update your quest marker.

2) From the abandoned camp follow the new "Q" and head southeast. If it is getting dark there's a small hut that you can fix up and spend the night in, or you can tough it out and press on anyway. Note that the walls all need to be two blocks high for the hut to be complete.

3) Keep following the coast to the southeast, you'll come across a suspicious pile of dirt and a torch. This is your objective. Talk to the pile of dirt and it talks back, leting you know you can use R1 and L1 to change the height of your attacks. Destroy the dirt and free the man inside. This frees ROLAND (???? Rorondo), talk to him and then guide him back to Mercado.

4) With Roland back in town you can complete Pirin's quest, she gives you another seed of life. Talk to Roland now that he is safe in town. Then talk to him AGAIN to get a quest. He'll ask you to go gather FEATHER OF CHIMERA (??????? kimera no hane) and put a Q on your compass for where to find them. Once you have 5 feathers you can make WING OF CHIMERA (??????? kimera no tsubasa). The tower that Roland's Q directs you to also has a chest on top with a free Seed of Life!

Part 4:

5) Bring Roland the Wing of Chimera you crafted and he will give you some tough branches in return. Pirin has a new request for you at this point.

6) Pirin wants some COOKING UTENCILS (???? chouri kigu) for her and to place them next to a STORAGE BOX (??? shuunoubako). Specifically she wants you to make a COOKING BONFIRE (?????? ryouri-you takibi) and have it next to a storage box in a house. I suggest placing the cooking bonfire next to a new storage box in the first house. When this is done Pirin will come over to you and gift some momogaki fruit.

7) Talk to Roland, he wants you to find 3 MUSHROOMS (??? kinoko) for cooking. I found mushrooms southeast of town near some pools of water. Bring these back to your cooking bonfire and make 3 GRILLED MUSHROOMS (????? kinikoyaki) for Roland. Talk to him to complete the quest and he'll share one with you.

8) Speaking to Roland again he'll ask you to raise your BASE LEVEL (????? kyoten reberu), or your camp level to level 2. You can do this by adding furnishings to the completed houses and building new houses. You'll also learn the recipe to make decorative POTS (?? tsubo) which when placed in finished houses also give you some more camp xp. Pretty up Mercado's homes until you hit level 2 and then speak with Roland again to earn a SEED OF LIFE.