Click on a landmark icon (or more) to start a search, click again to change the filter type.
Water Dont filter map   Water Filter map with this landmark   Water Filter map without this landmark

Hover a Treasure map to show a magnifed Treasure map,
Click a Treasure map to show the area map.

Landmarks :
Water Water   Reefs Reefs   Trees 1 Trees 2 Trees 3 Trees 4 Trees 5 Trees
Montain Montain   Flower Flower   Poison Poison Lake
Grass High grass, Cereal   Road Road   Bridge Bridge  
Building & Cave Town, Building, Caves, Fence, Signpost, Well

If you find an error or have a suggestion, you can email me or leave a comment.


All maps are © by Square-Enix, Level-5, Bird Studio, Armor Project
Thanks to them for this great game.

All the area map are credited by Zaraf (Original work :
Thank you man!

Design and code by Kalos.
The code is under the WTFPL license.

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