Offline Map Tool

Thanks to The_Jay_Mann for letting me post his Offline Map Tool here at the Den.

So I have created a tool used completely offline that allows a person to view a detailed map as well as the potential contents of the treasure chests found in a grotto. I have been posting my progress on GameFAQ's, and now that I've declared the project beta quality, I figured people here might find this too useful as well. The testing I've done show no real issues, but I haven't tried testing every last bit, so there may be some bugs here and there. The source code is currently unavailable, but I'm in the process now of setting up a git repository so anyone can check out the source code, and even contribute back in they so feel.

As a quick tutorial, the main screen will show three blank columns, and three toolbar buttons.

The new button (looks like a white paper ) will bring a search box where you put in the name and level of the grotto. After that, a list of possible maps will be displayed. You choose the correct map either by double clicking, or clicking the map and clicking okay. A map of the first floor will be generated, as well as a list of floors on the left. If you choose a floor lower than 2, a list of chest and their potential items are displayed on the right.

The right also has a play, pause, and stop button. The play activates the chest timer scrolling, the stop button stops scrolling. The pause button, if scrolling, will pause the current line while the timer continues, if paused, will update to the line based on the timer, and if stopped, resets the timer to 0.

Once you have searched for and displayed a map, you can save this to your favorite list by clicking the save button (floppy disk ). You can view the maps you've saved by clicking the open button (yellow folder ).

There may be an issue where, when you search for a map, you will see the same map twice (or more). This is usually caused by a different rank of the same map seed yielding the same map name and level (once case of this is Bronze World of Dread level 70). In this case, choose the first one, if the lower levels do not match, perform the same search again while selecting the second one, etc.

Version 2011.4.24.0
Initial Version

Offline Map Tool 1

Offline Map Tool 2