Hoimi Table Usage

How to use the Hoimi Table to get Rare Drops from grotto bosses.

Info from this page from GameFAQ's as posted by Muka.

1. Get one (or more) of your characters to low health (enough that casting heal 5 or 6 times won't fully heal anyone) before entering the Boss floor of a Grotto via Treasure Map.

2. After you have entered the Boss floor, do a quick save and turn your DS off. You MUST shut it off.

3. Turn the DS back on and load the quicksave.

4. Now that you are back in the Grotto on the Boss floor, check the Magical Mending value of your main healer. Enter that value in the top box of the calculator and click the button, this will change the 30 to the average value that corresponds with your Magical Mending. (IE if your Magical Mending is 85, the 30 will be replaced with 34)

Yab's Hoimi Table Link

5. Now use normal HEAL on your character (only one character) that is low. Write down how much HP is restored each time. Do this 6 times and type them in the next 6 boxes of the calculator. Make sure you DO NOT fully heal your character, they need to be low enough before you start. It's ok to perform the 6 heals on different people.

6. Click the button at the bottom of the page and it will bring you to a page with one or more links (and the text JavaScript / CGI). If you have more than one link, go back to the previous page and heal again and enter that value and calculate again, repeat until you only get one link. (If you don't get any links, something went wrong earlier, start the process over).

7. When you get it down to one link, click the JavaScript link and you will get a table that will come up.

8. Looking at this table you are now located at square #6 since you used HEAL 6 times. Where you want to end up is one space BEFORE a red square. So in our example the next red square is #10 so we need to cast heal 3 more times to end up on square #9

Note: When you HEAL now, you don't actually have to be healed (so if you get full and get the message "Hero does not need healing" you are OK). You can also use Multiheal now which counts as 4 squares, and Omniheal which counts for 8 squares.

9. When you do get to the square before the Red Square, exit the menus and fight the BOSS. You can use any normal attacks (including Heal spells) but DO NOT use Coupe de Grace. If you use Coupe de Grace it will foul up the calculation.

10. When you beat the boss you will get the rare 2% drop.

11. For Alchemiracle, follow the same exact steps and you can stop in front of either a RED or a BLUE square on the Hoimi table. Once you are there, go to the alchemy pot directly and you will make an ultimate 5 star gear 100% of the time.

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