Chest Timer

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I cobbled some things together from the GameFAQ's board and cleaned up the method. If I made a mistake, please correct me in this thread so I can update it. I tried the grotto timer for my map and it works. Credit goes to FranckKnight and yak_breeder from GameFAQ's for getting this stuff into English and of course the Japanese DQIX players who figured out the method and created the timer. Yab also created an English version of the timer. - Deathtamoor

The English version of the Chest Timer is here

You need the following information to use it: Seed, starting monster rank, the number of chests for each floor. Yab has graciously labelled where you can find the info once you input your grotto title and location number here. If you don't know your location number, browse here. There is no grace period for this timer. You need to press Start on the timer at the same time you press A on the "Load quick save data" option.

With that said, onto the guide! (Japanese version)

1. Figure out the Seed of your map. To do that, go here 2. Now we need to set up our timer. To do that, go here 3. It is time to farm the item. 4. Other Notes: