Chest Ranks

Rank 1/I Chests
10% each: 125 gold, Gleeban Groat, Medicinal Herb, Evac-u-bell, Holy Water, Chimaeara Wing
8% each: Strong Medicine, Antidotal Herb, Moonwort Bulb
5% each: Magic Water, Oaken Club
2% each: Pop Socks, Silver Bracelets, Bunny Tail

Rank 2/H Chests
10% each: 268 gold, Superior Medicine, Strong Antidote, Angel Bell, Fisticup, Iron Nails
8% each: Gleeban Groat, Lava Lump, Royal Soil, Rockbomb Shard
2% each: Iron Mask, Silver Platter, Gold Bracer, Gold Ring

Rank 3/G Chests
10% chance of Cannibox ambush
10% each: 450 gold, Toad Oil, Mini Medal, Gleeban Groat, Fisticup, Iron Ore, Corundum, Resurrock
5% each: Gleeban Guinea
2% each: Strength Ring, Agility Ring
1% each: Slime Shield

Rank 4/F Chests
5% chance of Mimic ambush
15% each: Manky Mud, Nectar, Magic Water
12% each: 670 gold, Mini Medal
10% each: Gleeban Guinea
5% each: Flintstone, Mirrorstone
2% each: Sorcerer's Stone
1% each: Fuddle Bow, Glombolero, Saint's Ashes, Malicite

Rank 5/E Chests
5% chance of Mimic ambush
15% each: Panacea, Magic Water, Narspicious
12% each: Mini Medal
10% each: Hephaestus' Flame, Finessence, Aggressence
1% each: Brouhaha Boomstick, Thug's Mug, Maid's Mop, Muscle Belt, Maid Outfit, Dangerous Bustier, Toughie Trousers, Thug Boots

Rank 6/D Chests
10% chance of Mimic ambush
15% each: Gleeban Guinea, Hephaestus' Flame, Mystifying Mixture
10% each: Mini Medal, Astral Plume, Mythril Ore
6% each: Densinium
1% each: Hela's Hammer, Demon Whip, Oh-no Bow, Hades' Helm, Riotous Wristbands, Fingerless Gloves, Veteran's Gloves, Blessed Boots, Skull Ring

Rank 7/C Chests
10% chance of Mimic ambush
15% each: 880 gold, Mini Medal
10% each: Sage's Elixir, Saint's Ashes, Densinium, Lucida Shard
6% each: Perfect Panacea
2% each: Unhappy Hat, Depressing Shoes
1% each: Ruinous Shield, Skull Helm, Veteran's Armour, Divine Dress, Matador's Gloves, Trinity Tights, Veteran's Boots, Combat Boots, Spellspadrilles, She-mage Shoes

Rank 8/B Chests
5% chance of Pandora's Box ambush
15% each: 1500 gold, Mini Medal, Gleeban Gold Piece
13% each: Mythril Ore, Enchanted Stone
10% each: Sage's Elixir
5% each: Gold Bar
1% each: Pruning Knife, Hero Spear, Heavy Hatchet, Megaton Hammer, Beast Claws, Wizardly Whip, Attribeauty, Pentarang, Wyrmwand

Rank 9/A Chests
10% chance of Pandora's Box ambush
15% each: Mini Medal
10% each: 3000 gold, Gleeban Gold Piece, Sage's Elixir, Astral Plume, Ethereal Stone, Reckless Necklace
8% each: Orichalcum
1% each: Metal Slime Sword, Metal Slime Spear, Metal Slime Shield, Metal Slime Helm, Metal Slime Armour, Metal Slime Gauntlets, Metal Slime Sollerets

Rank 10/S Chests
15% chance of Pandora's Box ambush
15% each: Sage's Elixir
10% each: Gleeban Gold Piece, Evac-u-bell, Sainted Soma, Reset Stone
8% each: Yggdrasil Leaf
5% each: Gold Bar, Orichalcum
1% each: Stardust Sword, Deft Dagger, Poker, Bad Axe, Groundbreaker, Knockout Rod, Dragonlord Claws, Gringham Whip, Angel's Bow, Critical Fan, Meteorang, Bright Staff