How to make the most money with purchased items and alchemy.

Gold Mail = Silver Mail + Gold Bracer + Gold Ring

Silver Mail x99 = $396,000
Gold Bracer x99 = $34,650
Gold rings x99 = $21,780
Total = $452,430
Sell Gold Mail x99 =$485,100
Profit =$32,670

Gold Bracer and Gold Ring are both available at Porth Llaffan's item shop. Silver Mail is available at Bloomingdale's Armor shop that doesn't specialize in shoes.

Thanks to Mimas for the original post and xckx and GrandAlchemist for bringing it to my attention.

Ear Cosy = Fur Hood + Bunny Tail + Lambswool

Fur Hood x99= $54,450
Bunny Tail x99 = $23,760
Lambswool x99 = $17,820
Total = $96,030
Sell Ear Cosy x99 =$118,800
Profit =$22,770

Lambswool is bought at Batsureg, Bunny Tail is bought at Zere, and Fur Hood is bought at Slurry Quay.

Thanks to Celestrian for this method.