Monster Arena Guide

Thanks to YangustheLegendaryBandit for this guide.

Note: This guide WILL NOT be focused on all Infamous Monster locations or rewards earned from completing ranks of the Monster Arena. This guide's sole focus is to help players complete Rank S of the Monster Arena as soon as possible, and if playing the 3DS version, to have Morrie join the party as soon as possible.

Part 1: Opening the Monster Arena

After completing the events in Ascantha, head south towards Pickham. Towards the south east of Pickham, you will find a circular building with a man standing on the roof. This is the Monster Arena, and the man is Morrie, owner of the Arena. Head up to the roof and speak with Morrie a few times to obtain the Monster Memos. Your job is to find the monsters, defeat them, then return to Morrie. Look over the three memos and see what monsters you need to hunt.

These monsters are Infamous Monsters. Infamous Monsters roam the overworld and are special monsters compared to others. If playing the PS2 version, Infamous Monsters are visible on the overworld and will be encountered when the party runs into them. In the 3DS version, Infamous Monsters are marked by a special symbol that floats above their head to distinguish them from other monsters on the overworld.

These are the monsters on the memos and their locations:

With the three monsters defeated, return to the Monster Arena (marked as Morrie's Place in your Zoom list for the time being) and speak with Morrie. He will congratulate you and invite you inside. Go into the building and talk to Morrie again. You will now have access to enter and compete in the Monster Arena whenever you wish.

Part 2: Clearing the Early Ranks

With the Monster Arena now open to enter, it's time to search out some monsters to complete the first four ranks: Rank G, Rank F, Rank E, and Rank D. The three monsters you will be hunting will be tougher than standard enemies, so remember to use Tension to boost attacks, Dazzle to lower the enemy hit rate, and any buffs you have to increase your odds of winning.

The following are the three monsters to look for:

With these three monsters, return to the Monster Arena and complete Rank G, F, E, and D. Set the monsters so Potbelly is first, Hackzilla is second, and Brickman is third in the line up.

Be sure to save before entering each rank on the first floor, and reset if needed should you lose so you do not lose money and have to repay to enter a rank. Rank D can be the hardest of the four, but is possible with these three monsters.

Once these four ranks have been completed, continue with the story until you have access to the ship.

Part 3: The Might of Talos

With the ship in hand, head to the Holy Isle of Neos located in the middle of the world map. Head straight to the town of Neos in the middle of the island to open it as a Zoom location. Return to any other town on the Zoom location list to save your game. After saving, Zoom back to Neos and head towards the south. Along the path on the western side you will spot Talos standing still. He will ONLY appear once Rank D has been completed.

A word of caution: Talos WILL be difficult to defeat at this point in the game. Psyching up any attacking party members is strongly adviced, as are any available buffs. Talos is susceptible to Dazzle and can be put to sleep via Snooze, so be sure to Dazzle him as soon as possible. Use any money you have to purchase armour from Neos, as it has some of the strongest armour at this point of the game, and will help improve your odds. The Gold Golems on the Holy Isle of Neos will reward you with plenty of gold you can use to purchase the gear on the island, so feel free to fight them if you need extra money.

Talos can kill party members in a single hit due to his high attack power, and his high defense and HP makes Pschying up very important to deal damage on him and defeat him. Don't let his strength get to you and be sure to keep someone on healing duty (preferably Angelo).

If you can defeat him, then you will earn one of the best Infamous Monsters in the game. He can be defeated despite the odds at this point of the game. With him, return to the Monster Arena with Talos as the lead monster of your team and complete Rank C. The other two spots can be filled by Hackzilla, Potbelly, or Brickman depending on your preference, but remember to have Talos in the team.

After completing Rank C, it will be some time before you can comfortably tackle Rank B.

Part 4: Rank B, the Real Challenge

After completing the events at the Dark Ruins and gaining access to Arcadia, you will look for two new monsters for Rank B.

With Dumbking and Curer, add them to your monster team in the second and third spots respectively, with Talos in the first spot. Dumbking has access to Oomph, and will help Talos or himself defeat your foes in Rank B with ease. Curer has access to Fullheal, which will keep your monsters healthy.

Rank B is one of, if not the hardest, rank of the Monster Arena, so having Curer is strongly adviced. The opposition will be tough even with the team of Talos, Dumbking, and Curer, but they can win. Once you have completed Rank B, it will be time to hunt for more Infamous Monsters.

Part 5: Your New Best Friends

With Rank B conquered, new Infamous Monsters will appear on the overworld. The following three are the ones to hunt out for the final ranks.

Once you have these three Infamous Monsters, return to the Monster Arena.

Part 6: Becoming Champione of Morrie's Monstrous Pit

With your new monsters in tow, it's time to finish off the Monster Arena. Your monsters of choice will consist of the following five:

These five monsters are your options for Rank A and S. The team order for the 1st and 3rd spot is up to personal preference, but Skeledoid should always be present in the team due to his attack power and high chances to attack twice.

Here are my recommended teams:

Steropes is good for Rank S due to the Liquid Metal Slime in the final battle, as his Desperate Strike can one shot the Liquid Metal Slime. You may have to retry Rank S if things go bad in the final match, but keep trying and you will succeed.

With Rank S cleared, you will become champion of the Monster Arena. If you are playing the PS2 version, you will receive the statue on the Monster Arena roof for defeating Morrie, and his personal thanks.

If you are playing the 3DS version, you will receive these rewards and Morrie will join your party as a playable character. If you have followed this guide, this means Morrie will be available as soon as you finish the events of Arcadia.