Image Name Buy Sell Def Apr Who Found Description Cursed
Item Art: Bandana Bandana 45 23 1 Hero Peregrin Quay
Item Art: Bronze Helmet Bronze Helmet 0 825 20 Angelo, Hero
Item Art: Bunny Ears Bunny Ears 0 450 14 Jessica Changes Jessica's appearance if the Bunny Suit and Fishnet Stockings are also equipped
Item Art: Coral Hairpin Coral Hairpin 950 475 20 Jessica Baccarat
Item Art: Dragovian Helm Dragovian Helm 0 0 50 Hero Changes the Hero's appearance when equipped with the Dragovian Armour
Item Art: Feather Cap Feather Cap 0 200 9 All
Item Art: Fur Hood Fur Hood 1,400 700 18 Hero, Yangus West Trodain Church
Item Art: Golden Tiara Golden Tiara 0 26,000 43 Jessica Resistance to the following spell groups is increased: Fizzle, Fuddle, Snooze and Whack
Item Art: Great Helm Great Helm 16,000 8,000 45 Hero Yangus Tryan Gully
Item Art: Hades' Helm Hades' Helm 0 4,250 33 Hero, Yangus This helmet is cursed. You will not be able to do anything on the first turn of every battle
Item Art: Hairband Hairband 150 75 5 Jessica Peregrin Quay
Item Art: Happy Hat Happy Hat 0 10,000 31 Angelo, Jessica You will recover MP as you walk on the field or in dungeons
Item Art: Hermes' Hat Hermes' Hat 0 1,400 20 All When used outside of battle it will cast Zoom
Item Art: Iron Headgear Iron Headgear 5,500 2,750 32 Hero, Yangus Orkutsk
Item Art: Iron Helmet Iron Helmet 1,100 550 16 Angelo, Hero Pickham
Item Art: Iron Mask Iron Mask 3,500 1,750 25 Hero, Yangus Argonia (once the Bazaar starts), Arcadia, Savella Cathedral, Neos
Item Art: Leather Hat Leather Hat 65 33 3 All Farebury
Item Art: Magical Hat Magical Hat 2,700 2,000 25 Jessica Argonia (once the Bazaar starts), Arcadia
Item Art: Mercury's Bandana Mercury's Bandana 0 2,000 23 Hero Agility +15 when equipped
Item Art: Metal King Helm Metal King Helm 0 10,000 55 All Resistance to the following spell groups is increased: Fizzle, Fuddle, Snooze and Whack
Item Art: Mythril Helm Mythril Helm 13,300 8,800 38 Angelo, Hero Empycchu, Dark Empycchu
Item Art: Phantom Mask Phantom Mask 0 29,000 48 Angelo Increases your chances of dodging physical attacks
Item Art: Pirate's Hat Pirate's Hat 0 1,400 30 Hero
Item Art: Platinum Headgear Platinum Headgear 5,000 2,050 30 Angelo, Hero Pickham Casino Price in tokens
Item Art: Pointy Hat Pointy Hat 70 35 7 Yangus Peregrin Quay
Item Art: Raging Bull Helm Raging Bull Helm 0 16,500 42 Hero, Yangus
Item Art: Scholar's Cap Scholar's Cap 0 5,750 33 Angelo, Jessica Wisdom +10 when equipped
Item Art: Silver Tiara Silver Tiara 1,450 725 24 Jessica Argonia
Item Art: Skull Helm Skull Helm 0 4,500 49 Yangus
Item Art: Slime Crown Slime Crown 0 6,000 20 Yangus
Item Art: Stone Hardhat Stone Hardhat 0 435 15 Yangus
Item Art: Sun Crown Sun Crown 0 37,000 52 Hero, Jessica Resistance to the following spell groups is greatly increased: Fuddle and Snooze
Item Art: Thinking Cap Thinking Cap 13,000 6,500 38 Angelo, Jessica Tryan Gully Wisdom +15 when equipped
Item Art: Turban Turban 410 205 8 Hero, Yangus Simpleton, Ascantha