Image Name Buy Sell Defense Style Who Found Description Cursed
Item Art: Angel's Robe Angel's Robe 0 gold 25,500 gold 73 Angelo, Jessica
Item Art: Bandit Mail Bandit Mail 13,000 gold 7,000 gold 80 Yangus Empycchu, Dark Empycchu
Item Art: Bandit's Grass Skirt Bandit's Grass Skirt 35 gold 18 gold 5 Yangus Farebury A rough grass kilt of the kind preferred by Yangus.
Item Art: Boxer Shorts Boxer Shorts 0 gold 50 gold 8 Yangus Unfashionable underpants of the sort often worn by men in their twilight years.
Item Art: Bronze Armour Bronze Armour 840 gold 420 gold 24 Hero Ascantha, Pickham A suit of armor fashioned from forged bronze plates.
Item Art: Bunny Suit Bunny Suit 0 gold 1,775 gold 38 Jessica A charming and seductive outfit worn by professional bunny girls.
Item Art: Chain Mail Chain Mail 500 gold 250 gold 20 Yangus Peregrin Quay/Simpleton A comfortable and lightweight suit of amour constructed from innumberable metal links.
Item Art: Cloak of Evasion Cloak of Evasion 3,000 gold 1,500 gold 29 Angelo, Jessica Peddler's Tent, Arcadia A magical cloak that makes it easier to dodge enemy attacks.
Item Art: Crimson Robe Crimson Robe 0 gold 11,250 gold 82 Angelo, Jessica
Item Art: Dancer's Costume Dancer's Costume 1,300 gold 650 gold 23 Jessica Pickham, Baccarat A provocative outfit for professional dancers (Changes appearance).
Item Art: Dancer's Mail Dancer's Mail 0 gold 8,200 gold 57 Angelo
Item Art: Dangerous Bustier Dangerous Bustier 0 gold 2,900 gold 1 Jessica
Item Art: Dark Robe Dark Robe 0 gold 10,500 gold 87 Yangus
Item Art: Divine Bustier Divine Bustier 0 gold 37,000 gold 105 Jessica
Item Art: Dragon Mail Dragon Mail 12,000 gold 6,000 gold 60 Hero, Yangus Orkutsk
Item Art: Dragon Robe Dragon Robe 0 gold 7,500 gold 103 Angelo, Jessica
Item Art: Dragovian Armour Dragovian Armour 0 gold 0 gold 110 Hero
Item Art: Flowing Dress Flowing Dress 14,800 gold 7,400 gold 59 Jessica Tryan Gully
Item Art: Full Plate Armour Full Plate Armour 2,300 gold 1,150 gold 39 Hero Savella Cathedral, Neos
Item Art: Fur Poncho Fur Poncho 0 gold 1,100 gold 29 Yangus A sturdy fur garment capable of reducing damage from fire and ice based attacks by 20 points.
Item Art: Gigant Armour Gigant Armour 18,000 gold 9,000 gold 95 Yangus Tryan Gully
Item Art: Heavy Armour Heavy Armour 5,000 gold 2,500 gold 52 Yangus Argonia (once the Bazaar starts)
Item Art: Iron Armour Iron Armour 1,800 gold 900 gold 32 Hero Yangus Baccarat Heavy and sturdy iron armour.
Item Art: Iron Cuirass Iron Cuirass 1,000 gold 500 gold 25 Yangus Ascantha Iron armor that only covers the wearer's chest.
Item Art: Jessica's Outfit Jessica's Outfit 0 gold 60 gold 3 Jessica Jessica's clothing from her time in Alexandria.
Item Art: Leather Armour Leather Armour 180 gold 90 gold 11 Angelo, Hero Farebury Lightweight armor made of leather.
Item Art: Leather Cape Leather Cape 1,100 gold 550 gold 22 Angelo Pickham, West Trodain Church A sturdy cape made of leather.
Item Art: Leather Dress Leather Dress 380 gold 190 gold 15 Jessica Ascantha A sturdy suit of leather armor made for female adventurers.
Item Art: Leather Kilt Leather Kilt 220 gold 110 gold 12 Yangus Alexandria, Port Prospect A sturdy kilt fashioned from animal hide.
Item Art: Liquid Metal Armour Liquid Metal Armour 50,000 gold 4,750 gold 101 All Baccarat Casino (Price in tokens)
Item Art: Magic Armour Magic Armour 6,100 gold 3,750 gold 55 Angelo, Hero Argonia (once the Bazaar starts), Arcadia
Item Art: Magic Bikini Magic Bikini 13,800 gold 6,900 gold 50 Jessica Arcadia
Item Art: Magic Vestment Magic Vestment 4,400 gold 2,200 gold 39 Angelo, Jessica Argonia, Savella Cathedral An enchanted garment that reduces damage from spells by 2/3.
Item Art: Magical Skirt Magical Skirt 0 gold 3,350 gold 55 Jessica
Item Art: Metal King Armour Metal King Armour 0 gold 5,000 gold 120 All
Item Art: Mirror Armour Mirror Armour 21,000 gold 15,000 gold 92 Angelo, Hero Tryan Gully
Item Art: Plain Clothes Plain Clothes 30 gold 15 gold 4 All Farebury An unremarkable garment made from cotton.
Item Art: Platinum Mail Platinum Mail 0 gold 4,900 gold 72 Angelo, Hero
Item Art: Posh Waistcoat Posh Waistcoat 0 gold 3,250 gold 48 Angelo A stylish, high quality vest that raises its wearer's defense.
Item Art: Princess's Robe Princess's Robe 0 gold 36,000 gold 94 Jessica
Item Art: Robe of Serenity Robe of Serenity 0 gold 3,600 gold 34 Jessica
Item Art: Sacred Armour Sacred Armour 0 gold 7,750 gold 84 Angelo, Hero
Item Art: Sages' Robe Sages' Robe 0 gold 11,000 gold 55 Angelo
Item Art: Scale Armour Scale Armour 350 gold 175 gold 17 Angelo, Hero Alexandria, Port Prospect, Peregrin Quay A suit of armor fashioned from numerous hard scales.
Item Art: Shimmering Dress Shimmering Dress 0 gold 8,800 gold 67 Jessica
Item Art: Silk Bustier Silk Bustier 5,500 gold 2,750 gold 44 Jessica Argonia (once the Bazaar starts)
Item Art: Silk Robe Silk Robe 420 gold 210 gold 10 Angelo, Jessica Peregrin Quay A high-quality garment woven from pure silk.
Item Art: Silver Cuirass Silver Cuirass 3,200 gold 1,600 gold 44 Yangus Neos
Item Art: Silver Mail Silver Mail 4,300 gold 3,400 gold 50 Angelo, Hero Argonia, Savella Cathedral Silver armour that reduces damage from enemy spells by 20 points.
Item Art: Spangled Dress Spangled Dress 3,000 gold 2,350 gold 46 Jessica Baccarat Casino (Price in tokens)
Item Art: Spiked Armour Spiked Armour 0 gold 9,500 gold 68 Hero, Yangus
Item Art: Templar's Uniform Templar's Uniform 0 gold 275 gold 13 Angelo The official uniform of the Templar Knights, whose sworn duty is to protect the church.
Item Art: Turtle Shell Turtle Shell 2,300 gold 1,100 gold 37 Yangus Peddler's Tent A large tortoise shell worn in place of armour by those who don't mind looking silly.
Item Art: Velvet Cape Velvet Cape 9,400 gold 5,300 gold 60 Angelo Orkutsk
Item Art: Wayfarer's Clothes Wayfarer's Clothes 70 gold 35 gold 7 All Farebury Rugged hempen garments loved by travelers for their sturdiness.
Item Art: Zombie Mail Zombie Mail 0 gold 250 gold 42 Angelo