Dragon Quest VIII PS2 Abilities/Skills List

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MP Sort Ascending
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Who/Lvl Sort Ascending
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Skill Sort Ascending
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Target Sort Ascending
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Assassin's Stab 8 Jessica:22 Knife Single Enemy A fearsome technique that fells an opponent instantly by attack their vital parts
Axes of Evil 2 Yangus:54 Axe Enemy Group Generates a vortex from your axe blade that chews into a group of enemies
Blow Kiss 0 Jessica:8 Sex Appeal One Enemy A special kiss that can temporarily prevent enemies from attacking
Boulder Toss 4 Hero:83; Yangus:100 Fisticuffs All Enemies Showers all enemies with enormous boulders
Caduceus 0 Jessica:57; Angelo:48 Staves Single Ally A blessing from the heavens that restores a single party member's HP
Call Team 10 Hero Event Random Enemies Call up your personal monster team.
Charming Look 4 Angelo:81 Charisma Single Enemy A glance so powerfully captivating that is burns all enemies in its path
Cherub's Arrow 0 Angelo:18 Bow Single Enemy A secret bow technique that regenerates your own MP
Chilling Chuckle 3 Angelo:52 Charisma Enemy Group A technique capable of reducing the tension of an entire group of enemies by a degree
Clean Sweep 0 Hero:45 Spear Enemy Group Drives back a group of enemies with a sweep of the spear
Crosscutter Throw 2 Hero:6 Boomerang All Enemies Traces an X in the air as it ploughs into the enemy
Defending Champion 0 Hero:11; Angelo:68 Fisticuffs Caster A defensive ability that greatly reduces the damage inflicted by physical attacks
Dragon Slash 0 Hero:9 Sword One Enemy An attack that causes heavy damage to dragons
Dragon Soul 64 Hero:65 Level One Enemy A secret Dragovian ability that releases your dragon spirit on an enemy.
Executioner 3 Yangus:66 Axe One Enemy A powerful roundhouse strike that fells an opponent in one blow if it hits.
Falcon Slash 0 Hero:52; Angelo: 40 Sword One Enemy A double slicing attack, faster tan a falcon on the wing.
Firebird Thow 4 Hero:18 Boomerang All Enemies Transforms your boomerang into a firebird that incinerates your enemies
Flame Slash 0 Hero:16; Angelo:9 Sword One Enemy Channels the power of a raging fire into the blade of your sword
Gigaslash 20 Hero:100 Sword Enemy Group Lightning sword attacks to a single group of monsters.
Gigathrow 15 Hero:100 Boomerang One Enemy Pulverises a single enemy with the force of a thunderbolt.
Gold Rush 2 Yangus:92 Club One Enemy A powerful strike that steals an oppenent's gold as it inflicts damage. Upgraded version of Penny Pincher. Can steal 20% of monster's gold instead of the 10% Penny Pincher does.
Grim Reaper 3 Yangus:50 Scythe Enemy Group A swing of Death's scythe that can instantly kill one or more foes in a group
Harvest moon 6 Jessica:45; Angelo:42 Fisticuffs All Enemies Pummel all enemies with a chain of cartwheels and backflips
Hatchet Man 3 Yangus:19 Axe One Enemy An unpredictable attack that can slay an enemy with a single blow...if it connects
Heart Breaker 2 Yangus:19 Club One Enemy An attack that occasionally causes the target to miss a turn
Helm Splitter 0 Yangus:6 Axe One Enemy A skull-splitting smash that lowers an opponent's defense as it inflicts damage
Hip Drop 0 Jessica:48 Sex Appeal One Enemy Pelvic punishment! Curvaceous hips equals big damage.
Hustle Dance 0 Jessica:100 Sex Appeal All Allies Restore sat least 70 HP to all party members
Knuckle Sandwich 2 Hero:24; Yangus:12; Angelo:35 Fisticuffs One Enemy A powerfully focused and damage bare-fisted strike
Lady's Thong 2 Jessica:32 Whip Enemy Group A secret whip technique that steals HP as it damages an enemy
Lashings of Love 4 Jessica:55 Whip Enemy Group Harness your inner passion to paralyse enemies.
Lightning Storm 25 Angelo:100 Sword All Enemies Strikes down all enemies with mighty thunderbolts.
Mercurial Thrust 0 Hero:7 Spear One Enemy A lightning-fast thrust
Metal Slash 0 Hero:30, Angelo:22 Sword One Enemy An attack that can damage enemies with metal bodies
Miracle Slash 4 Hero:82; Angelo:66 Sword One Enemy A secret sword technique that heals your own wounds each time you strike a foe
Monster Masher 3 Yangus:32 Club One Enemy A powerful smash that works wonders on monsters of the material family
Multifists 0 Hero:70; Yangus:60 Fisticuffs Random Enemy A vicious four-hit strike on a random enemy
Needle Shot 1 Angelo:25 Bow One Enemy Capable of felling an enemy instantaneously if a vital area is hit
Parallax 2 Yangus:42 Axe One Enemy A focused strike capable of occasionally paralyzing an enemy
Penny Pincher 2 Yangus:25 Club One Enemy A special technique that steals gold coins from an enemy.
Pink Typhoon 5 Jessica:88 Sex Appeal Enemy Group A sudden typhoon that rips a group of enemies into ribbons.
Power Throw 4 Hero:18 Boomerang All Enemies A full-force throw that damages all enemies equally
Puff Puff 0 Jessica:38 Sex Appeal One Enemy Charms and excites an enemy into paralyzed submission.
Queen's Thong 2 Jessica:82 Whip Enemy Group A fearsome attack that steals the HP of a group of enemies.
Sandman's Arrow 2 Angelo:6 Bow One Enemy A magical arrow capable of putting a single enemy to sleep
Sarcastic Snigger 3 Angelo:13 Charisma One Enemy Reduces a single enemy's tension by one level
Serpent's Bite 8 Jessica:100 Whip Enemy Group A technique that transforms your whip into a snake that attacks a group of enemies.
Sexy Beam 3 Jessica:54 Sex Appeal One Enemy Focus the power of passion into a beam that sows destruction and confusion
Stainless Steal Sickle 0 Yangus:70 Sickle One Enemy An improved version of Steal Sickle attack technique. Upgraded version of Steal Sickle. Slightly better % of success of stealing an item when you hit a monster.
Starburst Throw 8 Hero:82 Boomerang All Enemies Bathes all enemies in a shower of burning light
Steal Sickle 0 Yangus:22 Scythe One Enemy Occasionally allows you to steal items from those you slash
Stones Throw 0 Hero:17; Yangus:19 Fisticuffs Enemy Group Hurls rocks at a single group of enemies
Sudden Death 8 Jessica:100 Knife One Enemy A fatal flash that strikes down an enemy like a bolt out of the blue
Super Throw 4 Hero:52 Boomerang All Enemies A fearsome attack that uses all your strength to cause extreme damage to all foes.
Thunder Thrust 3 Hero:12 Spear One Enemy Difficult to perform; but has a high chance of doing critical damage
Toxic Dagger 3 Jessica:9 Knife One Enemy A knife-fighting technique that envenomates a single enemy
Twin Dragon Lash 3 Jessica:23 Whip Random Enemies A double-strike that lashes a random group of enemies
Underpants Dance 0 Yangus Humanity Enemy Group Paralyses all enemies with embarrassment.
Warcry 0 Yangus:22 Humanity Enemy Group A hideous battle cry that paralyses a group of enemies with fear
Whiplash 4 Jessica:10 Whip Enemy Group A paralyzing crack of the whip
Wind Sickles 0 Yangus:32 Scythe One Enemy Sends a whirlwind of sickles pirouetting into the enemy