Stella Hunting Guide

Thanks to YangustheLegendaryBandit for this guide.

With all the new features and additions added to Dragon Quest VIII's 3DS release, there's one that was a real flapping surprise: Stella from Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies! This guide will help you in the hunt for Stella in Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King for Nintendo 3DS.

Please Note: Some details of the guide are subject to change. I have most everything I wanted to include, but some details will need expanded on via an edit, such as expanding on "The Spoils," section. With that said, let's begin.

Step 1: The Twinkles Camera Quests Appear! Command?

First things first, you need to finish the game and unlock the post-game content. Once you've saved the world, head through the newly opened bonus dungeon. Continue until you reach the Dragovian Sanctuary. Once you have reached the Sanctuary, check your Camera Codex, and a new set of quests will have opened. In this set, you will find 5 marked with the word, "Twinkle." When you see these five, you can begin looking for Stella around the world.

The Twinkle quest ask you to hunt down five different colors: red, orange, green, blue, and purple. These colors represent how Stella will appear, as she has one of five dresses she will show up then. Your goal is to take a picture of Stella in each of these outfits!

Step 2: Where in the World is Stella?

Stella will appear in 1 of 5 locations on the overworld. The following are the places she can appear in:

  1. By the red tree southeast of Farebury. She will floating a ways off from the tree.
  2. Near the lake south of Ascantha and northeast of Pickham. Here, she will be on the northern cliffs overlooking the lake.
  3. In the desert south of Baccarat. Head east from the Dragon Graveyard entrance and you will see her floating around the top of the sand dunes.
  4. Down one of the dead ends near Orkutsk. This can be the hardest spot to find her, so head toward the southwest dead end and look around trees.
  5. On top of the hill south of Empycchu. She will be floating around the top of the hill.

Of the locations, #1 and #5 are the easiest to spot her, with #4 being the most difficult.

Step 3: The Hunt Begins!

Now that you know WHERE Stella appears, it's time to discuss HOW you can find her and what you should do.

(Before getting to the steps though, a big tip: hunt for Stella at night time in game! It will be much easier to see her due to the colored glow/aura she has!)

  1. THIS STEP IS VERY IMPORTANT! Be sure to save before you begin hunting Stella! The best place to do this is in Empycchu, because...
  2. will need to run in and out of town for 15 to 20 minutes. Stella will not immediately spawn on the world map when you resume playing once the quests open up, so it's important to find an easy spot to run in and out of town. Empycchu is the recommended spot as one of Stella's spawn points is close to town.
  3. Once you have run in and out of town, look in the five spots Stella can appear in as listed above. Stella will spawn and stay in that location, so you don't have to worry about her moving should you use Zoom.
  4. IF you find Stella in a new colored outfit, snap a picture of her and speak to her. DO NOT SPEAK WITH STELLA IF SHE IS IN A COLORED OUTFIT YOU HAVE ALREADY SEEN HER IN! Once you speak to Stella, she will stay in that location. You will need to wait for a real world day to pass before you can hunt for her again.
  5. Once you have found her and have gotten a picture, be sure to save your game! It's best NOT to report each picture in to Cameron as you get them, so you can keep reference for which colors you have.
  6. Alternatively, if you find Stella in a color you have already taken a picture of, DO NOT SPEAK TO HER! INSTEAD, RESET THE GAME! I cannot stress this part enough. But not speaking to Stella should she appear in a previously seen color, you can reset the game and begin the process of running in and out of town. This will cause Stella to respawn in the world in one of the locations in another color.

Step 4: Be Flapping Quick about It!

By following this hunting tips above, you should be able to finish the Twinkle quests in five real world days, or one color per real world day. This will become difficult as the days go on, as Stella is likely to repeat colors on you. Remember to reload your save file if this happens, and keep trying! With luck, you will be able to finish this series of quests as soon as possible.

Step 5: The Spoils

For completing each of the Twinkle quests, you'll be rewarded with a new picture frame featuring Stella! In addition, every time you talk to her, you'll receive different gifts, namely some harder to find ingredients for the alchemy pot.