Fishnet Stockings28Metal King Helm90
Posh Waistcoat36Dangerous Bustier99
Staff of Divine Wrath45Jester's Outfit110
Gold Nugget52Dragon Claw115
Meteorite Bracer60Flail of Destruction121
Miracle Sword68Kaleidoscope127
Sacred Armour75Mandarin Dress133

1Farebury ChurchThief's Key Treasure Chest
2Farebury RegionThief's Key Treasure Chest
3Peregrin QuayThief's Key Treasure Chest on the pier
4Maella AbbeyMaella Abbey, Outside, Clay pot on East side of building
5Maella AbbeyMaella Abbey, 1st Floor, Kitchen
6Maella AbbeyMaella Abbey, Outside, Barrel behind Abbot's House
7SimpletonSimpleton Bar, 2nd Floor, Barrel
8Ruined AbbeyRuined Abbey, 3rd Floor, Clay pot
9Ruined AbbeyRuined Abbey, 3rd Floor, West room near dungeon Boss
10Emma's HouseAcross river from Riverside Chapel
11Ascantha TownAscantha Town, First house west of the entrance
12Ascantha CastleAscantha Castle, Left door outside of entrance, First dresser closest to the door
13Ascantha CastleAscantha Castle, 3rd Floor, Door to right of 2nd Floor staircase, Second dresser from the door
14PickhamPickham, 2nd Floor, Above informant's house
15PickhamPickham, Apartments across from Chapel, First apartment on the right, Pot
16PickhamPichham, Item Shop, Third hanging sack from the door on the right-hand side
17PickhamPrivate house Tal
18PickhamPickham, Dodgy Dave's Hideout, Bureau
19PickhamPickham, Well beside Item Shop, Inside The Cleaners' Den
20Red's DenRed's Den, 1st Floor, Clay Pot near Stairs
21Red's DenRed's Den, Stable, Barrel
22Red's DenTreasury of the treasure box (on: the end of the key )
23Swordsman's LabyrinthSwordsman's Labyrinth, 2nd Floor, Far West room, Theif's Key Treasure Chest
24Swordsman's LabyrinthSwordsman's Labyrinth, 2nd Floor, Far West room, Clay Pot
25Swordsman's LabyrinthSwordsman's Labyrinth, 4th Floor, Clay Pot
26Trodain CastleTrodain Castle, 1st Floor, Eastern entrance, Barrel by door
27Trodain CastleTrodain Castle, 1st Floor, Western wing, Kitchen, Barrell by stairs
28Trodain CastleTrodain Castle, 2nd Floor, Western treasure room, Barrel
29Trodain Castle2F treasure box
30Trodain CastleTrodain Castle, 3rd Floor, Eastern bedroom, Bureau
31Mole HoleMole Hole, 2nd Floor, Clay Pot in middle of level
32Princess Minnie's CastleClay pot inside stairwell
33Princess Minnie's CastleTreasure Chest
34Seaview ChurchSeaside Church, Bureau in bedroom
35BaccaratBaccarat, Private house on right side of town, Across from the church
36BaccaratBaccarat Inn, Barrel behind bar in Baccarat Pub
37BaccaratBaccarat Inn, 1st Floor, Bureau in back room
38BaccaratBaccarat, Barrel beside soldiers' hut on lower level
39BaccaratBaccarat, Barrel inside soldiers' hut on lower level
40Argonia CastleArgonia Castle, 1st Floor, Side entrance
41Argonia Castle1F treasure box (last key)
42Argonia CastleArgonia Castle, 3rd Floor, West Wing, Bureau in center-bottom room
43Argonia CastleArgonia Castle, 3rd Floor, East Wing, Kitchen, Bureau
44Argonia CastleArgonia Castle, 4th Floor, East Wing, Treasure Vault
45ArgoniaArgonio Inn, Bureau in bedroom behind desk
46ArgoniaArgonio, Barrel immediately left of the entrance
47Royal Hunting GroundsRoyal Hunting Grounds, House outside grounds, Barrel immediately left of door
48Royal Hunting GroundsRoyal Hunting Grounds, Hanging sack on tree at end of second path to the right of the entrance
49The Seer's RetreatArgonia Region, The Seer's Retreat, Barrel in library
50Dark RuinsDark Ruins, Eastern building outside entrance to Dark Ruins
51Dark RuinsDark Ruins, Basement Level 1, Magic Key Chest on upper level
52ArcadiaArcadia, Armour Shopkeeper's chambers, Barrel
53ArcadiaArcadia, 2nd Level, Private Home, Clay pot between statue
54ArcadiaPrivate home point
55ArcadiaArcadia, Arcadia Inn, Backroom, Barrel
56ArcadiaArcadia, Top Level, Sculptor's House, Clay Pot
57ArcadiaArcadia, Dominico's House, 1st Floor, Bureau in room off of kitchen
58ArcadiaArcadia, Dominico's House Hidden Room Treasure Box
59ArcadiaTool store treasure box (last key)
60Marta's CottageMarta's Cottage, Basement, Bureau in room past staircase
61Marta's CottageMarta's Cottage, Stable, Barrel
62OrkutskOrkutsk, Item Shop, Clay Pot
63OrkutskOrkutsk, Mayor's House, Clay Pot
64OrkutskOrkutsk, Underground, Room across from Mayor's Basement Kitchen, Bureau
65OrkutskOrkutsk, Underground, Basement of Weapon/Armour Shop, Barrel
66Herb GrottoHerb Grotto, 1st Level, Eastern side room, Clay Pot
67Herb GrottoHerb Grotto, 2nd Level, Northern side room, Clay Pot
68Herb GrottoHerb Grotto, 3rd Level, Clay Pot
69Pirate's CaveClay Pot
70Pirate's CavePirate's Cove, 2nd Floor, Clay Pot in Weapon Room
71Pirate's CavePirate's Cove, 2nd Floor, Clay Pot behind Ultimate Key doors
72Pirate's CavePirate's Cove, 4th Floor, Ultimate Key Treasure Chest
73EmpycchuEmpycchu, Clay Pot
74EmpycchuEmpycchu, Clay Pot
75EmpycchuEmpycchu, Hanging Bag
76Dark Empycchupot
77Dark EmpycchuPrivate home point
78Dark EmpycchuPrivate house bag
79Dark EmpycchuChurch dance
80Godbird's Eyrie1F treasure box
81Godbird's Eyrie3F treasure box
82Tryan GullyTryan Gully, Shopping area, Barrel
83Tryan GullyTryan Gully, Treasury, Clay Pot
84Tryan GullyTryan Gully, Raya's Hut, Clay Pot
85Savella CathedralThief's Key Treasure Chest inside Armour Stall
86Lord High Priest's ResidenceLord High Priest's Residence, Sleeping Quarters, Clay Pot
87Lord High Priest's ResidenceLord High Priest's Residence, 2nd Floor, West room, Bureau
88Club Le Puff PuffBureau
89Dragon GraveyardDragon Graveyard, 1st Floor, Treasure Chest
90Argonia CastleBarrel after the bazaar relocation of the building on the left of the main gate
91BaccaratBaccarat, Mansion, 2nd Floor Bureau
92Dragovian PathDragovian Path, 1st Floor, Treasure Chest
93Dragovian PathDragovian Path, 3rd Floor, Treasure Chest
94Dragovian PathDragovian Path, 4th Floor, Treasure Chest
95Dragovian SanctuaryClay Pot in Center of town
96Dragovian SanctuarySouthwestern-most home, Clay Pot
97Dragovian SanctuaryChurch, Hanging Bag
98Dragovian SanctuaryItem Shop, Hanging Bag
99Dragovian SanctuaryChen Mui's House, Check Bureau
100Dragovian PathChen Mui's House, Clay Pot
101Heavenly DaisTreasure Chest
102Heavenly DaisTreasure Chest
103Heavenly DaisTreasure Chest
104Trolls' MazeTreasure Chest
105Trolls' MazeTreasure Chest
106Altar of WrothFirst Room, 2nd Floor, Treasure Chest
107Altar of WrothThird Room, First Jail Cell, Clay Pot
108Altar of WrothFourth Room, Blood floor room, Northwest-most Treasure Chest
109Altar of WrothFourth Room, Blood floor room, South ledge, Clay Pot
110Memories LanePathway after Tormented Soul in Memoriam
111Memories LanePathway after Argonian Lizard in Memoriam
112Memories LanePathway after Captain Crow in Memoriam
113Memories LanePathway after Gemon in Memoriam
114Memories LanePathway after Sir Leopold in Memoriam
115Memories Lane 

116Pickham RegionMagic Key Treasure Chest behind Morrie's Place
117Maella RegionMagic Key Treasure Chest, Northern river shore, West of Maella Abbey
118Kingdom of AscanthaMagic Key Treasure Chest directly North of Riverside Chapel
119Hilltop HutClay pot inside Hilltop Hut, Left of the door
120Land of the MolesTheif Key Treasure Chest, East above Mole Hole entrance
121Princess Minnie's IslandPrincess Minnie's Island, Thief's Key Treasure Chest near the cow at the rear of Princess Minnie's Castle
122Baccarat RegionBaccarat Region, Magic Key Treasure Chest at Southernmost tip of continent
123Argonia RegionMagic Key Treasure Chest outside West side of Argonia
124Blizzard PeaksMagic Key Treasure Chest above Herb Grotto entrance
125Northweste IsleNorthwest Isle, Treasure Chest at the end of the side path near Dark Ruins entrance
126EmpycchuField southeast treasure box
127EmpycchuWest of the ship's landing
128Dark EmpycchuTreasure box to the east from a crack in dimension
129Dark EmpycchuSouthern edge of lake, SW of town
130Dark EmpycchuNortheastern tip of continent, directly east of town
131Untrodden GrovesTreasure Chest behind Tryan Gully
132DesertGodbird's Stone Area South of Dragon Graveyard
133Farebury RegionEgeus' Tablet, Clay Pot outside destroyed house
134Farebury RegionEgeus' Tablet, Hidden in sand directly across from pier
135Riesas regionSandy beach of the northernmost forest (Key: God Bird)
136ArgoniaOn clifftop (Godbird Stone Required)
137Dark RuinsOn clifftop, West of Dark Ruins (Godbird Stone Required)
138PickhamAscantha Lake Island
139Dragon GraveyardIn chest near landing point