CardStamps Per CardTotal StampsReward CardStamps per CardTotal StampsReward
Slime33Amor Seco Essence Iron Rhino19111Velvet Cape
Dracky58Seed of Skill Killing Machine21132Slime Crown
Imp715Double Bubble Tyrantosaurus23155Gothic Vestment
Jailcat924Holy Lance Metal King Slime25180Cap'n's Clothes
Slime Knight1135Highly Strung Cheese Gigantes28208Kunoichi Costume
Chimaera1247Poison Needle Great Troll29237Demonsbane
Restless Armour1360Steel Scythe Archdemon30267Sun Crown
Great Sabrecat1575Super Seed of Skill Munchie0267Orichalcum
Tap Devil1792Elfin Elixer    

Monster Photos
1Shoot a Monster!Any monster in the field
2Fresh-faced FelineJailcat washing its face★★
3Squidly WritingPuchianon between the hills of church-wishes along the river★★
4Together ForeverPaprikan - Pickham Region - Forest
5Lip ServiceKisser - Kingdom of Ascantha
6Knighted SlimesSlime Knight from behind, Kingdom of Ascantha
7Devilish DancersTap Devil while dancing★★
8Bullion BruiserGold Golem
9Rampaging RobotKilling Machine
10Two-faced ChallengeKiller Croaker
11Dark Side of the SunDark Star
12Large Lucky LizardFrou-Frou
13Snowy-white RideBuy White Bell, White Sabrecat★★★
14Dark-as-night Rider KittyBuy Darksteel Bell from Tryan Gully★★★
15Precious MetalMetal Slime
16Molten MetalLiquid Metal Slime★★
17Monarch of MetalsMetal King Slime★★★
18Scare in the SkyTake a final boss that appears in the sky from the sky★★★
19Mightiest of all MonstersEstark★★★
20Creme de la CremeKill 30 Slimes to unlock Crème Caraslime outside Farebury★★★
21Multicoloured MummyKill 30 Mummy Boys to unlock Dead Bowdy in forest North of Riverside Chapel★★★
22Morrie's MinionsKill 30 Minidemons to unlock Morrimp south of Ascantha Castle on field directly above beach point★★★
23Gold GrimalkinKill 30 Terror Tabbies to unlock Gold Nugcat directly north of West Trodain Church★★★
24Cherry-fying TimberKill 30 Treefaces to unlock Cherreevil Blossom★★★
25Ho-Ho-Horrid MonsterKill 30 Night Sneakers to unlock Santaclops★★★
26Confusing CofferKill 30 Pandora's Boxes to unlock Box of Tricks★★★
27Statue of AlexandraThe top floor of the tower of Rizasu image★★
28Prospect LighthouseLighthouse located towards the back of the Porto link
29Peregrin Quay MarketStalls in the wharf
30Maella's Hidden TreasureStrained glass window, Maella Abbey, Abbot's Manor, 2nd Floor★★
31Torture ChamberTorture Chamber in Maella Abbery Basement
32Cock and Bull StoriesSimpleton, Pub, inside
33Knight of the Round GlassStained glass window, Maella Abbey, Front of building
34Little Hill of HopeYou take a picture at the top of the wish of the hill★★
35Spinning a YarnEmma's House, across the river from Riverside Chapel
36Castle KeepsakeAscantha Castle from Ascantha Town★★
37View over AscanthaView from atop Ascantha Castle
38Swordsmen SiblingsSwordsman's Labyrinth - ★★
39Bandit BoroughPickham, From atop the lookout tower
40Secret Society of ScoundrelsPickham, Well at back of town, Bullman on couch★★★
41Theatre in the RoundMorrie's Place, Take photo of the Battle Arena★★
42Idolised ChampBattle Road S after rank domination, building rooftop★★★
43Trodain in TroubleTrodain Castle★★
44Grandest PianoTrodain Castle, 3rd Floor, Western room★★
45Sabrecat Statue 1Lapin House immediately northeast of the pond
46Sabrecat Statue 2Sabrecat statue Southeast of Chateau Felix
47Sabrecat Statue 3Sabrecat statue Southeast of Chateau Felix
48Sabrecat Statue 4The northeast side of the tree of Baumuren
49Arboreal or UnrealTree of Baumuren that appear only in the morning★★★
50Churchy CaperTake Seaview Church (Berugarakku north) from outside
51Casino CountryBaccarat Casino sign after casino reopens★★
52Bunny ThreesomeBaccarat (Night), Three bunny girls in Baccarat Pub
53Great SageBaccarat Inn, Statue of Great Sage
54Super-sized SabrecatPhoto of Chateau Felix★★
55Charming PortraitArgonia Castle, 2nd Floor, Immediately left of staircase★★★
56Argonia CastleTake the castle from the castle town★★
57Adults Only!Puff Puff Lounge★★★
58Alarming LightArgonia Town, 2nd Level, House, 2nd Floor, Trolls' Maze Mirror (Night)★★★
59Three-horned DragonDragon Graveyard, 1st Floor, First dragon skull passage★★
60Mystery Crystally BallDragon Graveyard, Doors of Judgement, Crystal ball★★
61The Face of ArcadiaArcadia, 3rd Level, Outside Dominico's House, Photo of fountain state of Dominico
62Aurous OrganArcadia, Church, 2nd Floor, Photo of Organ
63Colossal CauldronCauldron in the Howard room
64See a See-sawGimmick seesaw tower Lydon★★
65Ice ArchwayOrkutsk, Photo of Ice Arch outside of village
66Focal PointOrkutsk, Take photo of Mayor's House in center of town
67Ice BridgeBridge of ice that is such as to herb garden cave first floor of★★
68Savella's SplendourInterior of Savella Cathedral
69Perch of RockEmpyrea's Perch★★
70Secluded SettlementEmpycchu, Mayor's House★★★
71Stone LiftSavella Cathedral, Stone elevator
72Lord High Priest's PlaceSavella Cathedral, High Priest's House★★★
73Holy IsleNeos
74Medal Monarch's MansionCastle photos medal princess★★
75Medal FountainCastle fountain located on a side of 1 Kaimigi
76Fane of BaneEntrance of the Dark Ruins
77Embodiment of BaneInside Dark Ruins★★
78Mural of MalevolenceDark Ruins, Basement Level 2, Photo of mural★★
79Unsettling Unsettled StatuesDark Ruins, Basement Level 3, Photo of statues and mural★★
80Captain's QuartersPirate's Cove, 2nd Floor, Last room before stairs★★
81World of DarknessVillage of darkness of Laetitia★★★
82Ravine ReliefTryan Gully, Photo of Dracky Sculpture above Entrance
83Quirky ChurchTryan Gully, Photo of Church★★
84Mystree TabletFarebury Region, Photo of Egeus' Tablet★★
85Altargether UnexpectedDragovian Trials Entrance★★
86Trolling in the KitchenTrolls' Maze, Photo of Trolls preparing dinner in their kitchen★★★
87Scaly StatueStatue of the Guardian Dragon in the Elders' Chamber★★★
88Dragon's GatesHeavenly Dais, Photo of gates before Dragovian Lord's chamber★★★
Golden Slimes
89Farebury Golden SlimeBehind the counter in Farebury's Inn
90Alexandria Golden SlimeAttic in Jessica's house, via Jessica's bedroom★★
91Port Prospect Golden SlimeIn Port Prospect Inn, between the beds
92Peregrin Quay Golden SlimePeregrin Quay Inn, 4th Floor
93Maella Gold SlimeMaella Abbey, Soldier's Quarters, 2nd Floor,
94Simpleton Gold SlimeSimpleton, Pub, Behind bar, visible from the side
95Ascantha Golden SlimeAscantha Town Inn, Left of front desk, above bed on the right
96Ascantha Golden SlimeAscantha Castle, 3rd Floor, Door right of 2nd Floor stairs, Right of the door in bookshelf★★
97Pickham Golden SlimePickham, House immediately by entrance, above desk
98Red's Den Golden SlimeRed's Den, Left of front door, Behind house plant hidden by curtain★★
99Monster Arena Golden SlimeMorrie's Place, Behind Bar★★
100Medal King's Golden SlimeFirst floor counter
101Baccarat Golden SlimeBaccarat Inn, Baccarat Pub, Backstage underneath the dressing table★★
102Baccarat Golden SlimeBaccarat, First house left of the entrance, Atop the bookcase in the bedroom
103Felix's Golden SlimeChateau Felix, Inside Great Sabrecat cage
104Argonia Golden SlimeArgonia Cathedral, Above altar in front of organ output, Taken from 2nd Floor
105Argonia Golden SlimeArgonia Church, To the left of the stairway, Across from entrance to church
106Argonia Golden SlimeArgonia Castle, 5th Floor, East Wing, King's bedroom, On top of bookshelf★★
107Arcadia Golden SlimeArcadia, Southwest house, Basement, Under the staircase
108Arcadia Golden SlimeSoutheast houses, map under the stairs of F★★
109Orkutsk Golden SlimeOrkutsk, Underground, Basement of Item Shop, Underneath stairs by brd★★
110Orkutsk Golden SlimeOrkutsk, Courtyard, Southwest across from Mayor's House, On top of boxes
111Savella Golden SlimeAmong the implantation of the immediately left side of the cathedral
112Lord High Priest's Golden SlimeOutside, on the most southern arch
113Empycchu Golden SlimeEmpycchu, Eastern House★★
114Dark Empycchu Golden SlimeTool toul to the immediate right★★★
115Tryan Gully Golden SlimeTryan Gully, Behind stairs to Tryan Gully Church★★
116Dragovian Sanctuary Golden SlimeDragovian Sanctuary, Entrance to village, On Western dragon statue★★★
117Dragovian Sanctuary Golden SlimeDragovian Sanctuary, Chen Mui's House, Top shelf in kitchen★★
118Mist-clearing MarvelTorapetta well near the house Ruinero
119Alexandria's Lady of the ManorJessica's house second floor Arosa★★
120Kind King of AscanthaAscantha Castle, 4th Floor★★★
121Steadfast MainservantPhoto of Emma, Ascantha Castle
122Princely PoochAscantha Town, Near Entrance
123Savant of the SlumsPickham, 2nd Floor of town, Photo of Brains
124Fortune-telling FlopPickham, 2nd Floor of town, Photo of Fortune Teller
125Awe-inspiring OutlawRed's Den, Photo of Red★★★
126Maestro of the Monster ArenaMorrie's Place, Photo of Morrie★★★
127Baccarat BratsFirst floor house of Gyaringu★★
128Purresident of the Great Sabrecat TrustPresident of Chateau Felix★★
129King of ArgoniaArgonia Castle, 2nd Floor, Throne Room★★★
130Prince CharmlessArgonia Castle, 3rd Floor, Prince Charmless' Room★★★
131Social-climbing CorpseArcadia, Underground Skill Seed Shop Keeper★★★
132Mightiest MagicianArcadia, Dominico's House, 2nd Floor, Photo of Dominico★★
133Superior SculptorLydon who is on the top floor (moving later to Riburuachi tavern left the house)★★
134Elusive ElvesTryan Gully, Photo of Raya★★★
135Godbird GirlsFinal boss just before, a small hill of Laetitia★★★
136Peculiar PriestTryan Gully, Photo of Priest★★
137Cloud-dwelling Clan LeaderHeavenly Dais, Photo of Dragovian Lord after defeating the first time★★★
138Red TwinklesStella twinkling red★★★
139Orange TwinklesStella twinkling orange★★★
140Green TwinklesStella twinkling green★★★
141Blue TwinklesStella twinkling blue★★★
142Purple TwinklesStella twinkling purple★★★