Dragon Quest VII 3DS - Blueprints

Thanks to ignasia7 for the data.

001 Wetlock (Present) After defeating the King Slime in the Highendreigh Tower basement in the present Wetlock.
002 Aeolus Vale (Past) Barrel to the right of the Praetor's house.
003 Vogograd (Past) - Path to Mount Gora In a chest on the outside portion of the path up Mount Gora.
004 Buccanham Palace (Past) Den of the Dwarves - B3, You need the Magic key to open it.
005 Buccanham Palace (Present) - Casino Purchase from the redemption counter - 5000 Tokens.
006 Pool of Piety (Present) From the Lotus Flower go north, west then back south to a chest that has a blueprint in it.
007 Sharkeye's Ship [Sea Dragon] (Present) Lower level at the front of the ship, by the garden there is a chest with a blueprint in it.
008 Cathedral of Blight (Present) In the level with the white "conveyor" pathways open a chest for this Blueprint.
009 Mini Medals Redeem 75 Mini Medals.