Dragon Quest VII - Accessories

Abbreviations and explanations at the bottom of the page. Thanks to ethanej for the image rips and thanks to ignasia7 for the data.

Image Name
Armor Art: Agility Ring Agility Ring
Armor Art: Air Amulet Air Amulet
Armor Art: Bow Tie Bow Tie
Armor Art: Bunny Tail Bunny Tail
No Artwork Yet Champion's Belt
Armor Art: Earth Amulet Earth Amulet
Armor Art: Elevating Shoes Elevating Shoes
No Artwork Yet Extra Elevating Shoes
No Artwork Yet Eye of Rubiss
Armor Art: Fire Amulet Fire Amulet
Armor Art: Fishnet Stockings Fishnet Stockings
Armor Art: Garter Garter
Armor Art: Glass Slippers Glass Slippers
Armor Art: Goddess Ring Goddess Ring
Armor Art: Gold Bracer Gold Bracer
Armor Art: Gospel Ring Gospel Ring
No Artwork Yet Kamikaze Bracer
Armor Art: Kerplunk Bracer Kerplunk Bracer
Armor Art: Life Ring Life Ring
No Artwork Yet Lifesaving Medal
Armor Art: Lucida Shard Lucida Shard
No Artwork Yet Lucky Pendant
Armor Art: Mercury's Bandana Mercury's Bandana
Armor Art: Mermaid Moon Mermaid Moon
Armor Art: Meteorite Bracer Meteorite Bracer
Armor Art: Mighty Armlet Mighty Armlet
Armor Art: Pink Pearl Pink Pearl
Armor Art: Prayer Ring Prayer Ring
Armor Art: Ruby of Protection Ruby of Protection
Armor Art: Scholar's Specs Scholar's Specs
Armor Art: Slime Earrings Slime Earrings
No Artwork Yet Snappy Slippers
No Artwork Yet Soldier's Medal
Armor Art: Strength Ring Strength Ring
Armor Art: Trailblazing Bandana Trailblazing Bandana
Armor Art: Water Amulet Water Amulet
No Artwork Yet Windbreaker
Armor Art: Wrecked Specs Wrecked Specs
B = Battle (passive)
Target = Hits Group or All
U = Use in battle to case
L = Level to use (for special Tablet earned equipment, note not all have an
actual limit, and for them I use 1 as the base level, keeping
the abbreviation to note it's special to the remake and
specific to traveler's tablets)
R = Resistance
I = Immunity
C = Cursed
H = Heals (both HP and MP) per use, or as specified otherwise
On Hit = Weapon effect that triggers when attacking
R = Attack change if equipped to Ruff, as some weapons Ruff can equip will
lower his damage output (useful in some situations...as Ruff's
Poison Needle alternative without worry about instant death. Useless at
high Strength values.)

Reduction Acronyms:
F = Fire Group, or Frizz/Sizz/Bang Properties (always grouped together)
C = Crack property
W = Woosh property
FB = Fire Breath, or Fire Property
IB = Ice Breath, or Ice Property
M = Maelstrom / Hurricane (special property)