Dragon Quest VI SFC Walkthru


Talk to everyone around the campfire and then head north when you can. Talk to everyone again and you will call a dragon in who will take you to the castle.

Dragon Taxi

Walk thru the castle (you won't be attacked) and when you get outside, one of your companions will say it was too easy to get inside, but lets continue on.

Walk into the next room, and your party will have problems seeing and then they will begin to float and Mudo will talk and then destroy your party.

Mudo in Control

This is when you awake from a dream and your sister asks if you are OK, then she tells you the town elder was looking for you.

Talking to Tania

Head to the house on the north end of town and talk to the elder, he will ask you to take the town's goods down the mountain to sell them this year.

Task for Elder

When you leave town you can get attacked, so make sure you bought some equipment to equip.

Make your way thru the Mountain Pass and when get reach the bottom you will find a sign that says Shiena is southwest.

Sign to Shiena

Head to Shiena when you are ready.

Bazaar in Shiena

In the southeast corner of town you can buy a Thief's Key.

There will be two brothers Doga and Boga who will buy your wares, you can keep refusing to take their prices back and forth and get 450-480 GP for your stuff.

Talking to the people in town you will learn that the Crown Maker is not around and his daughter (in the house in the northeast corner of town) says he hasn't been home for 3 days and she is worried. She also tells you he went into the forest in the west.

Missing Crown Maker

Go west over the bridge and north between the two mountain ranges and you will come a cross a big hole in the ground, when you go around the north side you will see a man holding on trying not to fall in the hole.

Help him out of his situation, but as you get him out you fall into the hole and land below.

Help the Crown Maker

Head to the town nearby, Torukka, but no one is able to see you, you can get a little info from the people by listening to what they say. Plus you can stay at the inn for free since the innkeeper can't see you to take your money.

A couple kids talk about a well of dreams to the north, so head north and check that out. When you examine the well it tells you that there is an eerie light, do you want to check it out. Say yes and you will end up outside another well. If you leave that area you are just northeast of the big hole you fell thru earlier.

Check Out the Well

Return to Shiena and talk to the Crown Maker, he will give you the crown for free for saving his life and tells you to hurry home now.

Festival at Lifecod

When you get back to town the elder comes and takes the crown from you. Everyone is excited about the festival.

Good Job

Go back to your house and take a rest, and when you come out Rand is there and takes you to the festival. Tania comes out of the elders house and proceeds to the church and puts the crown on the statue, but as she is leaving and passes by you she channels in a spirit who tells you that you have a mysterious destiny and you need to prepare for the journey.

Tania Channels Spirit

Go talk to the elder, he will tell you to goto Reidock. As you leave go west a bit and the boy there will pull you aside and you will witness Tania and Rand exchange thoughts about getting married.

Take a rest and in the morning head out to Reidock.


Reidock is south of Shiena, and with the pass the elder gave you, you can enter the town.

Castle Pass

Near the well in town on the northwest side there is a woman who lost her ring down the well and asks if you can help her get it back. When you go down into the well you will have to battle a Dark Hobbit to get the ring back. When you do she gives you a Strength Seed.

At the castle entrance the guard asks if you want to be a soldier, if you say YES he will tell you to check out town and wait for a bell to be rung. Now head to the church and there will be a guy talking to the priest, and on his way out he runs into you. Now when you go outside the bell will ring in just a short while.

New Recruit

Head to the castle entrance again and say YES you want to be a solder, go inside (you can only go one way) and take your place in the group. You will be asked to bring back an item from the Tower of Trials to the south to prove you can be a soldier.

Head down to the tower and you can enter. The tower is pretty easily laid out, so navigation shouldn't be too bad.

Tower of Trials

When you get the top you will have to fight Nelson, when you win you get to enter the top of the tower and get the Broken Heart.

Bring the Broken Heart back to the castle and you will be made a soldier, and now you can explore the castle, but you still can't see the king.

Brought back the Broken Heart

Horse and Wagon

In the middle of the castle courtyard there is an old man and a wagon, he says the wagon hasn't been used for a long time and asks if you would find a horse to use.

Find a Horse?

When you leave the town and go back to the overworld, Hassan will stop you and say you need help to catch the horse and joins your party.

Head west (go south around the mountains west of Reidock) and over the bridge and north until you find the grove with the sign next to it, enter and chase the horse around. After a little bit Hassan will say to trap it between you and for you to go east and north and he will go the other way.

Corner the horse

Do as he says and you will capture the horse and name it Falshion. Head back to Reidock and you will get the wagon when you get back and you will get sent by the king to find the Mirror of Ra and you can now enter the northern lands.

Make your way along and you will find a little church along the northern coastline. You can rest for free at this church.

Go south a little ways and you will see a house, talk to the guy inside and say NO you didn't realize this was his house, and he will ask you if you need something, when you say YES he will as you to finish his cabin for him.

Hassan storms out saying Royal Soldiers don't do that. So you go out to help the guy and he keeps balking on what to do so Hassan gets fed up and whips this cabin together in no time flat.

Building a house

So go talk to the guy again. He doesn't know anything about the Mirror of Ra but he does know about the Temple of Dharma, and that there is a tunnel in the desert area to cross the river.

Head east and you will find a hole in the ground like before that leads to the Phantom world. Since there is no where else to go in this area, jump into the hole.

San Marino

You will end up near the Dharma Temple, check out the basement and you will find a map that will give you map locations in the Phantom World. And the well in the basement will return you to the normal world.

Magic Map

Head west to the nearby town. Check out town, then on the southwest corner of town you will see Joseph and Sandy talking about getting married. They have their spat and then she walks off, follow her back to the elder's house. She is cooking at the stove, talk to her and she goes upstairs. Follow her upstairs, she is talking about Joseph.

Go down and try to leave and Amanda will come in and do something to what is on the stove and leave. Then Sandy will come back down and call for the dog Pero, she was making his dinner.

Go outside and the Mayor will come back and talk to the dog, and the dog will keel over sick because there was poison in the food.

Sick Dog

The mayor calls for the priest to heal the dog and throws Sandy in prison. The next morning Joseph is trying to talk his father the elder out of putting Sandy in prison.

Nothing more to do here. Head back to where the ship is waiting to leave and talk to the lady sitting at the table there.

Her name is Muriel and she offers to help you become visible and says to meet her outside. When you do she takes you to a house southeast of town. She will take you to Granmaz and she will tell Muriel that she has found you and Hassan. She will then ask you to rest and she will explain in the morning.


There is an Alter of Dream-seeing in a cave to the south, but an evil spirit has taken over the cave and she wants you to eradicate it, and offers Muriel to go with you.

Make your way thru the cave and defeat Bloody Paw who is drinking the dream-seeing drops. When you beat him you will get the dream-seeing drops and then take them back to Granmaz and she will use them to make you visible in the Phantom World.

Bloody Paw

Make sure to check out the casino in San Marino now. Talk to the Mayor and his son to see what happened to Sandy, and check out the little house on the north end of town and they will tell Hassan that he is home now, but Hassan says they must have him confused with someone else.

Now head over to the dock and buy a ticket to take the ship to Reidock. People are talking about the king and queen being sick or cursed for over a year, and someone says you look just like the prince.


But you can't get into the castle. Goto the armor store and buy the Royal Clothes and equip them and you can pass into the castle looking like the prince.

Try to go upto the throne room and the guard will stop you, but then General Tom comes and lets you in. When you try to talk to the queen she says something about a mirror.

The mirror...

When you go to leave Prime Minister Geban comes back and thinks you are an imposter and asks you the name of your sister that died of a mysterious illness (all the answers are wrong, so it doesn't' matter what you pick).


He has you escorted out of the castle and you can't reenter so head west to the sign and then south to the town of Amoru.

Check out town. You cannot enter the church at the moment and the inn is full. Talk to everyone in town and you will learn of Gina the thief, and then the church will open up. You can stay in the church then in the basement by talking to the priest and then the old woman downstairs.

Sleep in church

When you awake you are in Amoru, but it is different. When you walk outside the river will run red with blood and the townspeople will be talking of Gina and Iria going to the northern cave.

Red River

Head up to the cave and make your way to the bottom. You will come across Gina at the top level thinking she killed Iria. Head down to the bottom and Iria will be fighting a monster, when you get close you will engage the battle and you will have to fight the Horror Beast.

When you win you will escort Iria to the top and Gina will be happy to see him. Iria will give you a Speed Ring for helping him out. Then Gina and Iria take off to get the Mirror of Ra.

Iria alive?

Go back to the church and sleep in the basement again and you will return to the non-dream Amoru and Gina will be surprised you are back. Then an old man will come in and say he is Iria and Gina will be so happy and she will give you the Mirror Key since she doesn't need the memento anymore.

Iria back in time

Mirror Tower

Now head northwest from Reidock and you can enter the Mirror Tower. When you enter the tower, the main level seems to have no exit. The west staircase doesn't reflect, so try to talk to the mirror by the west staircase, eventually the mirror will attack with 3 Poison Zombies.

No Reflection

On your way up the right tower you will meet a woman named Barbara who will join your party. When you get to the top of the right tower you will find some crystals, move them out from in front of the mirror and they will break releasing the force that is holding the room in the air.

Move the Orb Beam Shuts Down

Jump down and enter the room, Barbara will be happy to see the Mirror of Ra but it won't help her. So use your Dream Seeing Drops on her and she turns normal, then goes to run off, but can't remember where she was going so she joins your party. Take the mirror and head back to Reidock.


Return to the Dharma Shrine, return to the normal world, then to Shiena and jump into that hole to the Phanom World.

Head back to Torukka and check out the Mayor's house in the northeast corner of town. He will accuse you of kidnapping his daughter, then correct himself. He says he has to raise 5000 GP to save her and to take it to the northern well.

You kidnapper?

Head north to the well and talk to the guy there, he will as if the mayor sent you, say YES. Then he will ask for 5000 GP, you can pay him if you want, but I fought them. You will battle Biggs and Smok if you don't pay them off.

Pay or Not to Pay?

Head back to town and talk to the mayor and you will get a Nut of Life.

Reidock and Mudo's Castle

Use the well and head back to the real world and then back to Reidock and go up to the 2nd floor and Soldi will be waiting for you. You will give the mirror to the king and then wait until night to plan the attack. But as you wait that night the king never shows and you go upstairs to talk to him and he seems to be in pain.

King in Pain

The mirror will reveal that the king is really a woman name Shera and she says that the king might be Mudo. She wants to go with you to Mudo's castle to clear this all up; she also calls Soldi by the name Tom.

King is a Woman?

In the morning she explains some more, and then joins your party and asks to go with you to Mudo's Castle and joins your party.

Head west from Reidock and then south a bit till you find the gate that was blocked by guards before, they are dead and you can pass thru.

You will have to cross the swamp and then enter the cave to make your way to the castle.

Make your way thru the caves to get to Mudo's Castle, when you get to the castle you will have to toggle the switches there to be able to see in the darkened room and not fall thru the floor.

Cave to Mudo's

When you get thru you will battle Mudo and when you win he will turn to the mist, so use the Mirror of Ra and you will reveal that Mudo is the King of Reidock and the queen recognizes him then. Soldi and the guards come in at that point and escort the king and queen back to Reidock. During the conversations you will learn that the world you thought was the real world is really a dream world and the Phantom World is the real world.

It's All a Dream

Head back to Reidock and talk to the king, but they never came back. Talk to the chancellor and he will suggest waiting a little longer, you will wait the night and they don't return, in the morning the chancellor will tell you to go look for them.

King hasn't returned

On your way out of the castle Barbara pipes up and says she thinks she understands, the king went back to HIS castle, in the Real World (was Phantom World).

HIS Castle

When you get to the castle say YES when the guard asks if you have info about the fake prince and he will let you in.

You get thrown in jail, then let out again, the king explains a bit and then asks you to help them defeat Mudo in the real world. Then tells you to go north to the Gent Clan to get a ship.

In Jail


Head north thru the gate that was blocked before and go to the town of Gent. When you talk to the elder he says it won't do you any good to have the ship since someone from the town needs to pilot it. So when you leave the house Chamoro enters and talks to his grandfather, then is possessed by a divine voice telling him to go with your party.

Chamoro Channels a Voice

He will take you up to where the ship is stored and open it up get the ship going and travel to Mudo's Island.

Mudo's Island 2nd Time

Make your way thru the cave and when you get to the top, you will go thru the intro scene again, except that Chamoro is along this time.

When you get into the castle you can explore if you like or head straight to Mudo. Along the way to Mudo you will find another Hassan which is grayed out, he freaks and investigates and when he does, the two of them merge and he remembers who he is and that he is the son of the carpenter in that town. He remembers a good technique too, the Spirit Punch.

Hassan's Reaction

Continue on and you will come to Mudo, but as before the same thing happens, he floats you around the room and sends you back into the dream world. Ah, but this time you have the Mirror of Ra. When you awaken, you sister will be there and have the same routine, but then she will look into the mirror and ask if she really looks this sick. At that point the mirror activates and sends you back to Mudo's Castle where you will battle him.

Ha Ha, mirror! Permanent Banishment Do I look sick?

After you beat him he will be really ticked and you will have to fight him again.

When you defeat him this second time, you will return to Reidock and the king is happy that Mudo is gone. The queen tells you to go out into the world and find who you are because she still believes you to be their son, and you may find your copy like Hassan did.

Go into the world

One of the guards says he dreamt that Dharma Temple had been restored, so that must mean in the dream world it is back to its normality.

Dharma Shrine

Return to the Dharma Shrine in the real world and use the well to travel to the restored shrine. You can change your jobs now on your characters to learn more skills.


If you sail a bit west and north from San Marino you will come to the town of Monstoru. Head to the northwest corner of town and talk to the fighter in the house, Amos. He will be tired and ask you to come back in the morning to talk to him. So go to the Inn and ask to stay, the Innkeeper will tell you to go to the next town, say NO and then he will let you stay.

During the night you are awakened by the earthquakes the townspeople have been talking about. Go up to the roof of the inn and you will see a large monster, jump down and fight Monstora, when you win the innkeeper rushes out and tells you to stop and the monster turns into Amos.

Monster Attacks Monster Changes

The innkeeper tells you to go back to bed and he will explain in the morning. In the morning he says that Amos was bitten while saving the town so they just can't kick him out.

The townspeople now plead with you not to tell him about his condition. But when you do talk to him he asks why you are looking at him like that and ask if there is something on his face. Whatever you do don't tell him about his condition.

Head north to the Mountain North of Monstoru and make your way thru to the top. When you get to the top try to pick the plant there, when you do it will cuss you for trying to pull it. It tells you there should be a seed lying on the ground somewhere.

Plant Talks

Search two steps west from the plant and you will find the seed.

Seed Location

Take it back and talk to Amos, he will groan and turn into the monster, go talk to him and a battle will start then end quickly and he will say surprise and now he can control turning into the monster. Then he says he can't stay here and asks to go with you, say yes.

Now you should head to Arcbolt in the northeast corner of the center section of the map that you can sail to.


When you enter town you are encountered by a man in a blue suit of armor. He says this is a mistake and leaves the castle.

Go further into the castle and it looks like the King is looking for warriors, and to get to see him you have to battle Garcia the guard to get by.

Battle to be a warrior for the king

Go up to the next level and you will have to battle Scott and Holidy to get thru the next door.

Next in the throne room talk to the king and he says he needs someone to defeat the monster in the northern tunnel, but first he will have you battle Brast his best soldier. Brast will tell you to meet him in the Training Room, head there when you are ready to battle him.

King Says Fight Brast

When you win the King will ask you to come back to the throne room, he says he will give you the Sword of Thunder if you can defeat the monster in the Northern Tunnel, but he needs proof you beat the monster. So he sends a coffin with you (talk to the Prime Minister to get it) to bring back the monster in. The Prime Minister says you are the second person to get a coffin, (That is why Terry was lugging one) and the first person back gets the sword.

Northern Tunnel

On your way thru the tunnel you will have to battle a Horror Walker and a Fighting Panther. Continue on and you will eventually fin the Battle Rex, but Terry is already there fighting it and wins.

Closed Battle Rex

So all you can do now is return to the castle.

Everyone will be praising Terry and telling you too bad you were late. After visiting the castle the tunnel should be open, so head back up there and you can travel thru to the other side.

Head north and you will find 3 houses, one man will tell you of phantom staircases to the west and people have not returned. So head west and take the stairs that are there, you will end up in the Dream World. Head southeast along the ocean and you will have another short tunnel to go thru.

Stairway to Heaven Found the Stairway

On the other side you see a town, Calcado.


Talk to everyone in town, they will keep talking about the Land of Happiness, a floating island that takes people away to be happy every Full Moon, and no one ever comes back.

Land of Happiness

After you have talked to everyone, it will turn night (I missed the guy in the well the first time around). Now head west from town along the peninsula and see the floating island. Walk onto it and you will be invited aboard, when you are ready talk to the captain at the south end to get going.

Floating Island

After you tell the captain that you are ready to go you can enter the building there. The people going to the Land of Happiness are in the building. To move things along talk to the Bartender on the west side of the bar and say YES you want a glass, then say YES to the second glass, then say YES that you want to rest.

Take a rest

When you awaken you are escorted off the island to a castle where you meet Jamirus who is looking for a sacrifice and you are it.


When you defeat Jamirus the frozen people from the island wake up and they are sad for the others who went before them, but just then the previous sacrifices sprits rise from the flames, including the Medal King who beckons you to bring him your medals. The others want to head home to see the others who had been gone for so long.

Medal King's Spirit

Head back to the island and the old man will be driving, talk to the guy where the bartender was and he will ask if you want to rest until you get back, say YES and you will arrive back at Calcado.

Go back to town and everyone will thank you. Now you can use the island like a ship and explore more lands.

Medal King

The first place to go with your new mode of transportation is the Medal King. His castle is now where you found the first hole in the Dream World west of Shiena.

Here are the number of medals you need for each item.

Got a Item from the Medal King

When you are done with the Medal King, there is a small island west of Calcado that has an old man in a house who tells you of 4 armaments that if possess them you can enter the castle of the gods and there is an island in the southern seas that has stairs leading down and that is where you need to start.


Sail to the island to the south that has the stairs leading down in it. Go down the stairs and travel east to a gate, pass thru the gate and head south and you will come across the town of Holcotta.

Stairs Down

Not much is going on here, just talk about the active prince.

Holstock Castle

Continue west on to the castle of Holstock, sounds like the prince has been goofing off some more. Talk to the King and he will ask you to take his son Holse to the Baptismal Cave to get him baptized for his 15th birthday.

Baptismal Cave South

The minister will go to collect Holse, but he cannot be found. Head to his room using the underground tunnels. The boy in there says he plays hide-and-seek with Holse and the other day he hid in a barrel and the prince was impressed.

Holse is gone

Goto the room on the east side of the castle that is filled with barrels, search the southeast most barrel to find the prince.

Found Holse

Go back and talk to the king and he will tell Holse to go with you to the Baptismal Cave, then he will join your party and begin to lead you out of the castle. Then he will tell you he forgot something and walk off. He went and hid, this time he is on the ledge that the southern exit of the underground tunnels lead to.

Found Holse Again

Find him this time and he will really join your party. So now head for the Baptismal Cave to the south.

Make your way thru the cave, Holse will run off a couple times.

Found Holse Run Away

You will have to defeat the 3 Trial Monsters, after you beat the 3rd one you will be able to get Holse baptized. Take him back to the castle and everyone will be happy.

Cold Shower Celebration King is Proud

There is a celebration for Holse that night. Go and talk to the King the next day and he gives you the Magic Key. With it you can open the door from Holse's room and the storeroom door in Arcbolt and the door in the house southwest of Holstock.

Got Magic Key

There is another well that will travel between worlds. Take it and you will end up in a well on the other side.

House Southwest

Head east and south to get to the town of Clear Vale.

Clear Vale

Not much is going on here, head west from town and take the stairs down to the real world Clear Vale.

In real world Clear Vale you learn of a little boy John who died a the age of 10 and a traveling actor called Panon.

Make sure to go into the church and see the boy's parents, then follow them to their house in the northeast corner of town. Margot the mother will talk about a Badge of Courage and that one can be made from a rock from the Wall of Destiny.

He was only 10 Courage Rock

The wall is east and north of town. When you arrive you can go into the cave and the priest there tells you that you need the Golden Pickaxe to have a chance to climb the wall.

Golden Pickaxe

You will only be able to proceed in the path where you can get the Golden Pickaxe; with it you can clear the other paths that were inaccessible to you before.

When you reach the top use the Golden Pickaxe on the big rock and you will receive the Fragment of Courage.

Swing Pickaxe
Got the Fragment

Take the Fragment of Courage back to John's parents, they will thank you and ask you to stay the night, but the only place they have is John's old bed. So when you go to sleep you end up in the Dream World the bed suddenly takes off. While you are flying you meet up with John and he says thanks for the Fragment of Courage and lets you keep the bed in return.

John's Room Flying on the Bed

Go east of Clear Vale to the cave there and talk to the warrior inside.

He will tell you of an old story about Sufida's Shield

First go north...Then to the east...

Where to go

North at the first intersection, west to the next, then south.

Where to go next

Foan Castle

A little south of Amoru you will find a well, enter the well and you will find a house and another well. Take that well to enter the Dream World, head south and east to find Foan Castle.

Foan on Map

In the castle there is a princess trapped in a mirror, but you can't see the mirror without talking to the king. So talk to the Prime Minister and say yes you have biz with the king and he will open up the castle so you can get to the basement. Head down there and as you try to open the middle door in the basement the king comes out, he will invite you upstairs and then ask you about the Mirror of Ra.

King Wants Mirror

He will drag you back to the basement to try the mirror in front of his mirror and it will show a monster behind the princess. Then the king will rush off, go back upstairs and talk to him again, he will speak of a book with a story about a princess and a magician Miralgo. He will ask you to destroy Miralgo, talk to the Prime Minister and he will say the story talks of a tower north of the castle, but he says there isn't one there and to cast Identify to find it.

Strange Demon Help the King?

Go north and where the tower once was you find a well and the old man living there says he still dream's of it and it is in a sea of sand and has a magician at the top.

Tower was Where Well is
In a sand of Ocean

Return to the real world and in the big desert at the south part of the map you will find a tower, enter the tower from the map and cast Identify in front of the door and it will open.

Tower Location

Make your way to the top and you will confront Miralgo, he can be a tough fight so be careful. When you win he releases the princess, Erika, from the mirror.

Magician Defeated

Head back to Foan and talk to the king, he doesn't even know the name of the princess, but after she is released he will ask her to marry him.

Foan to Marry

The king and Erika will leave, go back to the throne room and talk to the king again; he will thank you and give you the Watergate key, and Erika will tell you that Foan is the reincarnation of the person she loved from so long ago when she was trapped in the mirror.

Watergate Key Reincarnation

Now get your boat and sail south thru the gate blocking the river east of Foan.

South of where you came thru the Watergate, you will see a well on a small island, this is the stylish smith, you can use him to make your weapons and armor more stylish, it won't do much good now, but at least it will be on your return list.


The only other place you can really go is the group of 3 islands in the southwest seas, on the north side of the smallest one you can find a town and a cave. Enter the cave and you will see a mermaid, but when you get close she dives in the water.

Pescani Location

Now head to the nearby town, when you do you will goto dock and a man will run up asking if you came to see the mermaids, I said no, he will go off then.

Check out town and it turns out the man who came up to you, his name is Rob and he got hurt in a storm and is unable to fish anymore and there is a fish shortage in town. Talk to the fish shop keeper, by the priest. He will say someone has been buying up all the fish, then talk to him behind the counter and he will walk off, follow him.

Follow him

He will enter the cave, stay behind him a ways and watch out he turns around every so often to see if someone is following him. Near a dead end he will push a switch on the wall and open a path, do the same after he leaves.


As you enter the next room the mermaid bolts when you enter. Talk to Rob and say No, he will say he is going to have to kill you but in his injured state he can't, but asks you not to tell anyone about Denae the mermaid.

Don't Tell

They will tell you what happened and how she saved his life and how she can't cross the sea now with the monsters, then he wishes he new someone with a ship and asks if you know of anyone. Then he will ask to see the ship. So go get your ship and sail into the cave north of town with your ship.

See the Ship Escort

Sail to the northeast to find the mermaid's home, when you arrive all but one mermaid will scatter and the Denae will say wait, her sister Dina will thank you for bringing her sister back and give you the Mermaid Harp.

Mermaid Location Wait!

Going Down...

Now with the Mermaid Harp you can check out a lot of new places. Go underwater where you took Denae back and you can visit the Mermaid Village (although they aren't very nice).

Just north of the Mermaid Village there is a castle with some treasure chests, but the monsters guarding the chests are very tough, so you more than likely won't be able to defeat them now.

Castle Location

A little southwest of their village is an underwater castle where you can meet Rubiss who says she is watching over you.

Rubiss Location

There is an old man that talks about a priest named Zam who is the only one who can break the seal.

Old Man Location

There is a corpse with a diary talking about Mary and Sally.

Corpse Location

There is a cave underwater.

Cave Location

There is a church with a man who has forgotten his journey.

Church Location

There is an Inn.

Inn Location

Go under the bridge by Grandmaz' and come back to the surface and sail to the small island with the well, there you can buy some great weapons and armor, but very expensive.

Hidden Shop Location

Shrine to change your name.

Name Change Shrine Location

Just north of Pescani there is a sunken ship that has the Final Key.

Sunken Ship Location Final Key

Poseidon, King of the Sea, lives just north of the southeast most island. And tells you of a saying, "Down three floors, and up two. Then the road will be made clear", it will come in handy later.

Poseidon Location Down 3, up 2...

You need the magic carpet for this part. Now on the northwest part of the map, where the desert is, you can find a well too the Dream World, and you will end up in the Slime Forest. Here you can battle many different slimes. In the southwest part of the forest there is a house, enter it and press the button. The gates outside open to allow access to the castle, so go get your magic carpet now and fly to the castle and you can check out the Slime Arena. Winning at each level gives you a prize, and if you only have your slimes in your party you can enter the slime shaped door on the basement level.

Slime Door

Now if you go to the south side of the island that Torukka is on, and enter the small channel underwater and come up in the lake area, you can enter the Style Contest.


Poseidon asks you to defeat Glacos. Glacos' castle is in the big body of water on the southwest portion of the map.

Glacos' Location

You will have to make your way thru the castle by triggering different switches to drain different areas of the castle to get thru.

When you defeat Glacos the ancient city of Calberona will rise from the sea.

Calberona Rises

Make sure Barbara is in your party or you will be unable to do some parts here.


Return to the dream world and check out the magical city of Calberona. Check out town.

Calberona Location

When you are done talking to everyone, try to enter the Elder's house (on the dock in the center of town). But as you try to enter the inner door you are back at the entrance again.

What you need to do is have Barbara (only she can) use the Sand Container that you got in Glacos' underwater castle. Using the Sand Container will pick up the Sands of Time on the floor and you can enter the door.

Use Sand Container

Talk to the elder and she will say there isn't much time left and she will transfer her knowledge of the spell Madante to Barbara and then pass away.

Learns Madante

Magic Carpet

To get the Magic Carpet you have to win at least the first 3 ranks of the Style Rankings. To win the first 3 levels you need a minimum of 180 points for the first rank, 200 and a male for the second rank, and 220 for the third rank.

Syle Rankings Location Best Dresser Contest

Now that you have won the carpet, head back to Calberona and talk to Mr. Calve (northwest house in town). He will say that the carpet ran out of energy long ago and he recharges it for you and says it will fly again.

Now you need to head to the Castle of Grace on the southwest most island in the real world.

Castle Grace

Grace Location

Now that you can get to the island, you can walk around the mountain range and then use the magic carpet to fly across the small lake to the castle in the small desert. The castle is destroyed, but there is a well that will take you to the dream world to the castle there.

When you arrive in the dream world a soldier grabs you right away and says you need to be inside for an important ceremony.

Check out the castle, near the top of the castle is the ceremony room, but you can't go in.

Go back down to the main level and go in the east door and talk to the woman running back and forth in front of the stoves. She will ask you to take the offering of Snake Soup with dried frog to the ceremony. Say YES and head back upstairs.

Snake Soup?

Give the offering to the guard and one of the other guards will go get the king. Follow him downstairs, and the guard and the king will go back upstairs, follow them back up there. The king will summon the demon and the demon will kill the King and the two guards there.

Who Summons? King Zapped

The last guard will go to protect the queen and princess. Then the general and Goriki enter and they decide to hide the armor.

They hide the armor in an underground warehouse under the training room, then the general gets you out of the castle, but as you leave the castle you are sent back to the real world.

Hide in Warehouse

So go back up to what is left of the training room and use the Golden Pickaxe. That will reveal the stairs.

Hidden Staircase

Go down the stairs and you can get the Armor or Orgo. Now go back into the well and use the Golden Pickaxe on the floor in the training room in the dream world and you can get the treasures that are down there.

Mount Snow

Mount Snow Location

Go to the island just north of the one that Grace Castle was on. Stop at the house there and it is an Inn. The people talk about Zam a priest, how no one has seen him in 50 years and he is the only one who can release the Legendary Sword.

Looking for Zam? He is the only one...

Leave the Inn and head north to the town in the snow. There are only a couple people who aren't frozen and one tells you not to check out the cave north of town. So where should we go, the cave northeast (not the north most one) of town.

Cave to the Northeast Stay away

Go talk to the lady there she will tell you to find a young man Goran in the town. Go back to town and talk to the old man, he will say he is Goran and was young 50 years ago.

Find Goran Found Goran?

Now go back to the cave and talk to the lady again. She will say she is the Snow Queen Yurina, and she saved Goran's life once, but broke his promise to not tell anyone about her so she froze the town for 50 years. The then unfreezes the town.

Lift the curse

Head back to town and see what is going on now. Zam is the man in the church and he will tell you how to open the door in the cave to the north.

First the password is "Cold Blaze"

Cold Blaze

First Sentence: "By myself, I am honest"

First Sentance

Second Sentence: "The daughter of a strong man can lift barrels"

Second Sentance

Third Sentence: "When you eat ice, your nose gets cold"

Third Sentance

When you get to the door, none of the phrases are quite as Zam described, so the correct order is 1, 3, 2 to form the phrase, "With a pure heart, a blade of hidden powers breaks free of the ice."

Cold Blaze First Part, Choose 1
Second Part, Choose 3 Third Part, Choose 3

Now make your way thru the cave and when you get to the bottom you will find a Rusted Sword, and Terry will bust and look like he is going to take the sword, sees its condition and leaves it behind for you to take.

Leave the cave and head back to see Zam, he will see the sword is almost rusted away, and he will tell you to take it to a town called Longadeseo south of Dharma Shrine. He will give you the Longadeseo Pass so you can get into the town.



The guard will try to keep you out but then he will see the pass and let you in. No one in town seems to want to talk to you.

Don't look like the type

To start the process of finding the blacksmith, go down the well and talk to the woman down there, she says that Hawk should be at the bar. Go to the bar and you won't find him. Go back and talk to her and she will say that maybe he is admiring the laundry again.


So go to the house on the east side of town that has the laundry hanging over the street, where the laundry is you can enter the house to the east. (The bunny girl there will give you a Puff Puff and increase your style by 5 points). Go upstairs and on the roof you will find Hawk, he will say he doesn't know of the Blacksmith, but he has only been in town a couple days, but he will find out and to just give him some time.

Found Him

He goes downstairs, follow him and then he will want to talk about payment and ask for 50,000 GP, but then he will say he will disguise himself 3 times and you need to find him.

The first time he will be in the church talking to a man about Sally and how she is mourning over the death of her father.

Found Once

The second time he will be in the dressing room of the strip club (downstairs), and you will learn that Sally wouldn't work at the club, she has different talents.

Found Twice

The third time he is the bartender in the bar on the west side of town. You have to go behind the bar to talk to him. He will tell you to talk to the 2 guys on the other side of the bar and then to come see him.

Found Thrice

So talk to the guys and then go down the well to Hawk's house. He tells you the smiths name was Coble and he went looking for the legendary sword 10 years ago leaving behind wife Mary and daughter Sally. Mary died and Sally learned his blacksmith skills. She lives downstairs just north of the hidden bar, or if she isn't there she may be at the northern temple, that is where her mother is buried.

Of course now she isn't home so head north to the temple. Talk to Sally, she will ask to see the sword and ask if you want the rust removed, when you say YES she runs off back to town.

Show the sword

Head back to town and talk to her again, she says that if you promise to use it for good she may reforge it. Then she will look into your eyes, don't move or she won't reforge it. She will take the sword and begin working on it, but she won't have it ready until you have found the other 3 pieces.

Take a while


Gandino Location

Talk to everyone in town, the town has gotten a new king, and most people are happy. One old man in church is talking about his daughter. The new king doesn't let the Gindoro (crime-like organization) run the kingdom like the old king did. The Gindoro house is the one by the well.

After talking to everyone in town go into the castle and check it out, then go back to the Gindoro house and an old man will be there talking to the Gindoro to get his daughter back, but she isn't there.

Can't return the girl

If you goto the old mans house he is in bed he is sleeping saying Muri…

Go talk to the king and learn about the legendary shield. Talk to the scholar in the room to the east and he will say, "Go south from the statue of the gargoyle. When you come to a wall, follow it around to the left. Look in the first corner. You'll need something there."

Go South Left from wall First Corner

Now leave town and return to Amoru, sail to the south around the mountains, to the east and back north up the river and enter the cave there.

Cave Location

When you get to the floor with the statue remember what the scholar in Gandino said. "Go south from the statue of the gargoyle. When you come to a wall, follow it around to the left. Look in the first corner. You'll need something there."

Stairs Location

That will get you to a floor that seems to keep repeating, this is where you use what Poseidon told you earlier; "Down three floors, and up two. Then the road will be made clear".

Way opens up

Now you can continue on and get the Shield of Sufida.


Lifecod Location

Now return to Lifecod in the real world (it is in about the same place on the map). The house south of Lifecod a soldier talks about the Prince of Reidock and on the mountain pass to Lifecod you see "yourself" and Rand.


Check out town, you can talk to Tania and she calls you brother, but you aren't really her brother. Most of town talks about you. Then go to the Elder's house and he asks you to stay with Tania for a while. So go talk to Tania and then come back to the Elder's house. The real world you will be there and the Elder will be very confused.

Confused Mayor

When you walk up and talk to yourself something will seem to happen then the real world "you" will run out of the house and into the mountain pass. Follow yourself into the caves in the mountain. I found myself on the east side where you have to fall down to enter the cave. Talk to yourself and as you are a boy comes in and says the town is under attack. Take out all the monsters in town and then go to Tania's house and talk to yourself. You will fuse back together and then as one person you will have to battle the Demon General (you can fight him without fusing, but it will be much tougher).

Who Becomes Who? Monsters attacking

When you win Tania will be sad to see the person she knew go, if you leave and come back she will ask if she can call you brother, say YES and she will cheer up.

Now head back to Reidock castle.

Reidock Castle

The captain of the guard will be waiting for you and take you to the King, your father. They will know it is you and that you lost your memory and they will have a big celebration that night to mark your return.


During the night Granmaz comes and wakes you and tells you to check out the castle. There will be light points that when you step on them you will see a flashback. Check them all out and the last one should be back in front of the king and then you will finish sleeping.


Memory Point 1 Memory 1

Memory Point 2 Memory 2

Memory Point 3 Memory 3

Memory Point 4 Memory 4

Memory Point 5 Memory 5

Memory Point 6 Memory 6

Memory Point 7 Memory 7

In the morning the King will give you the Helm of Cevas, another piece of the legendary armor.

Helm of Cevas

Got all the Legendary Armor

Return to Longadeseo and talk to Sally, she will now have the sword of Ramias ready.

Sally Finished

This is optional, but now take the sword to the style smith, for 10,000 he will improve your armor and get a +5 power boost. For 24,000 you can do it again and you will be at a +10 boost over when you got the sword.

Upgrade for 10,000 Upgrade for 24,000

Now goto the shrine west of Gandino. The scholar in the house west of Gandino gave you a clue on what to do. Cast identify on each of the pieces and it will tell you the symbol engraved on it.

Basically the North one needs to be set to the Sun, South to the Heart, West to the Lightning bolt, and East to the Cross.

Shrine Location

Helm 1 Helm 2

Sword 1 Sword 2

Armor 1 Armor 2

Shield 1 Shield 2

All Symbols Correct

When this is done it will call the flying castle and you will have to battle Hell Cloud. When that is done you can enter the castle, but as you do a couple monsters come to attack, but a voice stops them and tells them to let you pass.

Beam Me Up

Make your way to the top of the castle and you will have to battle a Killer Machine and a Land Armor when you talk to Duran. When you win he has another battle for you, this time it is Terry. Then after you win that battle you have to fight Duran, but at least this time you get your HP and MP restored.

Confront Duran Fight Terry Beat Duran

When you defeat Duran and go to leave, Terry will ask if you are going to leave him. No matter what you say he will get angry with you and ask you to kill him. Muriel will stop you and you will find out that Terry and Muriel are brother and sister. Then Terry will join your party. The castle will be resurrected again.

Muriel? Castle Rises

Head back to Arcbolt and go down to the prison and the monster Terry defeated is there and back alive, if you go in and talk to it he will join your party.

Battle Rex Wants to Come Along

To get to the resurrected sky castle, I returned to the Medal King's castle in the real world and sailed northwest to hit the southeastern continent. If you go into the shrine there, there is an urn that will restore your health.

Sky Castle Location

Make your way to the castle and talk to King Zenith will tell you to go thru the well in the castle and retrieve the flying horse Pegasus so you can reach Deathtamoor in the dark world.

King Zenith Take the well

So head down to the well and jump in and then come right back out of the well and you will be in a different location.

Make your way up the tower and you will find Pegasus has been turned to stone. Then your horse, Falshion, begins to react with the stone statue. But as the reaction is occurring 3 monsters show up to stop the reaction from happening.

Stoned Horse Attacked Reaction Starts

Take out the monsters and the reaction will finish and you will get the Reigns of Pegasus. Leave the tower and take the well back to Zenis and talk to King Zenith. He will make it so Pegasus can fly to the Dark World, but he isn't sure if you will be able to return or what awaits you.

Reaction Flying Horse Zenith Gives Power Back

Dark World

When you are ready travel to the Dark World. When you arrive you only have 1 HP and no magic, so make sure you run from battles and make your way to the town, Despair Town, nearby.

In the basement of the northwest "house" talk to the man down there, Clark Ende and ask you to take the Rusty Pipe to his wife in the town of Zaxon.

Learn on Zaxon Bring My Tools

Go west from town to find the springs that make you feel better. Take a dip in the spring, and as you go around the east side of the landmass in the middle try to move back to the landmass and you will find a cave there and in there you will find a well that will take you back to the real world.

Hidden Cave

You will still be stuck at 1 HP and no MP so use Pegasus to fly north and west to the town of Zaxon.

Zaxon Location

When you enter town the house on the west side of town has a dog in front of the door. Show him the Rusted Pipe and he will take you in the house. Ende's wife will give you his tools and tell you to say hi to him.

Dog Takes Pipe Get His Tools

Now return to Despair Town and talk to Ende again. He will be happy you brought his tools and ask if you want him to make you something. Helmet, Shield, or Armor. Pick one and he will have you rest. When you awaken the piece you chose will be by the bed and your levels and stats will be back to normal.

Choose Your Armament

Ende told the townsfolk that they can leave if they wish now and have renamed the town to Hope Town. Now head northeast to find Greed Town.

Hope Town

Greed Town

Check out the town, everyone here is obsessed with money. There is a casino in town and a cave with a supposed treasure.

The town Mayor is rich and many people don't like him.

Learn About Morgan

When you are ready goto the bottom of the cave and find a chest with a note in it that says Morgan knows where Masarl hid his treasure.

Note in Chest... Morgan Knows

So go talk to Morgan. He will tell you, for 5000 GP, that there is a lake in the northwest forest that has the treasure sitting at the bottom.

Pay for Info

Now go north from town and then west and in the patch of forest up there you will find a bunch of people standing around the lake.

Spring Location

The guy on the west side asks if you would sell your soul to get down there, say YES and the lake will drain.

Yes, to question

Go down the east side and you can get to the chest and open it, and it will be empty. The townspeople will come to their senses and go back to town.

Chest was Empty People Come to Their Senses

When everyone leaves, search around the sides of the chest, you will discover stairs leading down into a cave, Ocean Hole.

Search Under Chest Found Entrance

But before you enter go back to Greed Town and talk to the man who had the Dragon Robe (west side of town) and he will give it to you now.

Dragon Robe

Go back and make it thru the cave, you will come out on the other side of the river. You will come across a well and inside is an old man who will restore you and a priest so you can save.

Now go north and back east and you will come across the next town. Enter and talk to the guard and you will have to battle the Sorrow Giant. When you win that battle move up to the other giant, when you talk to him a voice will say to let you pass. When you get in the castle you get processed and put in jail, but you can get out with the prison key.

Get ready to fight Got Prison Key

Leave the cell and walk north over the damage tiles and talk to the guard down there, it will be Soldi and he will give you 4 uniforms to sneak around the castle in. When you get to the top of the castle the guard asks for a beer.

Found Soldi Got Uniforms

Talk to everyone in the castle (people in the town portion say different things if you have your uniforms on or off), and then take off your uniforms and talk to the gal running the bar in the southeast corner of town, she will tell you to talk to the shopkeeper.

Talk to Shopkeeper

Go north a bit and talk to him, he will tell you to talk to Gon behind the bar. Talking to Gon will now let you get thru and talk to the shopkeeper behind the counter. He will give you a drink and warn you that the right barrel has a special drink in it.

Talk to Gon Gon Lets You Pass

When you leave the behind the bar a prisoner is brought up to be executed, Gon drags you out and wants to stop it and gets you in a fight. You have to battle 2 Prison Guards, and they aren't too bad, then the General of the Guards and Dogma the magician show up. You will lose this fight, Dogma paralyzes you.

General and Dogma

You get thrown in prison again, and this time they take your key too. You end up sleeping the night and when you awaken try to talk to the guard, he is asleep, another guard comes and tries to wake him but can't. Then the townspeople come and defeat that guard and take the key and free you.

Prisoners Rebel

They are rebelling and need you to go take on Akbar. They take care of the guards that are still awake so make your way back to the top of the castle. If you talk to Zozogel you will have to fight him, but you don't have to talk to him to go by.

Go in and battle Akbar, when you win go down and talk to the great sage, but it is not him, it is his younger brother Krimut.

Confront Akbar Not Masarl

He will give you the Orb of Truth and then fall asleep. Everyone else will sleep as well, but during the night Deathtamoor uses his power and turns everyone but you into stone or animals.


Take the Orb of Truth and go west a bit and then as far north as you can and use the Orb of Truth, you will be transported to a new area.

Orb of Truth

Go north a bit and enter the shrine there and you will be in the Sorrow Prison. Go down to the bottom and you will see Masarl and see a dream he is seeing which is beheading his brother Krimut.

Twins? Dream Execution

Go back to the Prison Town and talk to Krimut, he will ask to go with you. Take him to see his brother and you will all enter his mind and you will have to battle Zuikaku and Shoukaku.

Take Krimut Brother?

When you defeat them the brothers will use their powers to bring Deathtamoor's castle off the mountain it is sitting on. The hole behind them will take you to the real world if you need to return.

Bring the castle to your level

Enter the castle and make your way thru to battle Deathtamoor. After you pass the room with the invisible walls, you only have a couple rooms more to go, so if you are going to re-save or power up anymore turn back.

Floating Door

If you fall from this door you can't turn back and you have to fight Deathtamoor.

Found Deathtamoor


The ending is interactive as you visit the home of each of the characters and drop them off and they continue with their lives. Then at the end you get back together to watch the Zenith egg hatch.

I'm Fading Get out
Fly Thru the Portal Soldi
Calbe Elder
Grandmaz Hassan Parents
Gent Elder Muriel & Terry's Parents
Lifecod Elder Prince Returns
Chamaro Hassan
Muriel Ready to be King
Why Are We Here? Egg is Hatching
The End

Bonus Dungeon

To access the bonus dungeon you have to have at least level 6 of all the job classes including the bonus classes, Dragon and Metal Babble.

The Book of Dragons is in Deathtamoor's castle in a chest near the end of the castle, and the location of the Book of Babbles is given in the ending when you beat the game.

Found Book of Dragons Found Book of Babbles

Then you can go to the basement of Dharma Shrine where the large torches are and they will all be burning bright and a voice will speak and a door will open in the back of the room leading to the bonus dungeon.

Seal is Broken

The dungeon is very long and difficult and you have to battle Dark Dream at the end. If you beat him in under 20 rounds you get a bonus to the ending, Dark Dream will fight Deathtamoor for you.

Call Dark Dream Easily Beaten
Your Worth He Will Do Something For You
Deathtamoor Confused Dark Dream Explains
Dark Dream Attacks Dark Dream to Finish
Dark Dream Beats Deathtamoor