Fighter The fighter is high in HP and strength, but very slow. He is a straight hand-to-hand combat character and not much of a spell caster.
Attributes Class Level Ability
STR: Up 10% 1. Beginner None
AGI: Down 35% 2. Hold Energy
VIT: Same 3.
INT: Down 35% 4. Veteran
MaxHP: Up 10% 6.
MaxMP: Down 60% 7. Hayabusa Slash
8. Sword Master Devil Slash
Martial Artist The martial artist uses his hands and feet as his main weapons. Higher in speed than the fighter, the martial artist can deflect enemy attacks a little better and concentrate blows into a single strike. The martial artist abilities focus around punch and kick combinations.
Attributes Class Level Ability
STR: Same 1. Beginner Foot Sweep
AGI: Up 15% 2.
VIT: Down 10% 3.
INT: Down 20% 4.
MaxHP: Same 6.
MaxMP: Down 50% 7.
8. Fight King Continuous Exploding Fist
Magic User This class lacks greatly in strength, defense, and HP and cannot use heavy equipment. This class specializes in offensive magic. For this purpose, this class is a bit higher in MP.
Attributes Class Level Ability
STR: Down 40% 1. Beginner Merami, Laliho
AGI: Down 5% 2. Gira, Manusa
VIT: Down 40% 3. Begirama, Rura
INT: Up 20% 4. Medapani, Rukanan
APPEARANCE: Same 5. Iora, Rilemito
MaxHP: Down 40% 6. Hyadalco, Mahotora
MaxMP: Up 10% 7. Mage Lalihoma
8. Grand Mage Begiragon, Mahokanta
Priest Using holy power, this character's magic is centered around healing and recovery. There are some offensive spells however, using the vacuum power of air, and the power of death itself. Not quite as physically weak as the magic user, this character can handle more equipment.
Attributes Class Level Ability
STR: Down 20% 1. Beginner Hoimi, Niflam
AGI: Down 10% 2. Bagi, Kiari
VIT: Down 30% 3. Sukara, Mahoton
INT: Up 10% 4. Behoimi, Kiaric
APPEARANCE: Same 5. Zagi, Sukuruto
MaxHP: Down 20% 6. Bagima
MaxMP: Same 7. Zaraki, Behoma
8. Zaoraru
Dancer The power of magic is hidden within the dances of this character. The effects of dances include mimicking spells, causing the enemy's attacks to be shut down, stealing MP and others. This is a very fast but weak character.
Attributes Class Level Ability
STR: Down 30% 1. Beginner
AGI: Up 30% 2.
VIT: Down 40% 3.
INT: Same 4. Medapani Dance
MaxHP: Down 30% 6. Sealing Dance
MaxMP: Down 20% 7. Mahotora Dance
8. Dance of Death
Thief Overall, this character is weaker than the other characters, although he is a bit faster. The ability to use heavy equipment is limited as well. This character can steal items from enemies that are normally left behind randomly after winning a battle. Even if monsters run away, items can still be stolen. This makes the possibility of attaining rare items to be very possible. The thief also has spells unique only to this particular class.
Attributes Class Level Ability
STR: Down 10% 1. Smokescreen
AGI: Up 20% 2.
VIT: Down 30% 3. Rock Toss
INT: Down 10% 4.
APPEARANCE: Down 20% 5. Fromi
MaxHP: Down 10% 6. Patient Feet
MaxMP: Down 40% 7. Ear of Thief
8. Lemirama
Monster Trainer This character is needed in order for monsters to join your party. This character's attributes are very balanced, although the ability to use magic is very limited.
Attributes Class Level Ability
STR: Down 15% 1. Slime Master None
AGI: Same 2. Animal Master Sweet Breath
VIT: Down 20% 3. Zombie Master Poison Breath
INT: Same 4. Metal Master Weakening Stare
APPEARANCE: Same 5. Devil Master Cold Breath
MaxHP: Down 20% 6. Troll Master  Fire Breath
MaxMP: Down 30% 7. Killer Master Burnt Breath
8. Dragon Master Dragoram
Merchant This character class is considerably weaker than regular characters. However, the merchant is able to identify and appraise items and weapons, as well as collect additional gold after every battle.
Attributes Class Level Ability
STR: Down 5% 1. Inpasse
AGI: Down 40% 2. Hold Strength
VIT: Down 20% 3.
INT: Up 20% 4. Strange Dance
APPEARANCE: Down 20% 5.
MaxHP: Same 6.
MaxMP: Down 50% 7.
8. Call Army