Slippin' Slime

Slippin' Slime is a mini game you can play with your Stylus. You first find the Slippin' Slime Machine in Somnia, but additional machines can be found elsewhere (see the locations list below).

How to Play

To launch the slime, touch the slime at the start post and drag it backward!

You can aim your initial shot by pulling the slime to left or to the right while you drag it backward in preparation for launch!

When you lift your stylus from the slime, it will start to slide. Slide your stylus back and forth to polish the ground in front of the slime. This keeps the slime sliding forward. Slide the stylus inside the two blue boxes that you see in front of the slime sliding on the ice.

If you slide in the left box, the slime will go left. If you slide in the right box, it will go right. When you want to continue straight, slide the slime in both left and right boxes. When you want the slime to stop, put the stylus in the center of the box and slowly stop movement.

You can look at the entire course you selected before you begin each game. Some courses have items on the tracks. These items will spawn in a slightly different location each time you play the course. The course overview scene will show you where the items are, and may help you plan your route. If you want to skip the course overview scene, tap the bottom screen twice.

Item List




Agility Seed

Increases speed of Slime

Tiny Medal

3 points

Mini Medal

10 points

Maxi Medal

50 points


Protects you against Rockbomb explosions


Enables you to attack monsters. Can be upgraded

Magic Ball

Breaks a magic barrier

Locations List

1) Somnia Inn (Dream World, Real World)

2) Slimopolis Pub (Dream World)

3) Best-Dressed Contest Pub (Real World)

4) Turnscote Pub (Real World) *Sorcerer's Slope Available Here*

5) Greedmore Valley Inn (Dream Realm) *Sorcerer's Slope Available Here*


1) Starter's Slip - Basic Curling

Objective : Slide the slime and aim well. Obtain the high score by stopping your slime in the center of the goal (the "button").

Clear Requirement --> 100 Points

Tips : This is the most basic course to help players familiarize themselves with the mechanics of Slippin' Slime. If you hit the edges of the track, you will bounce back so you don't have to worry about falling off cliffs (yet). A perfect score of 100 is required in order to advance past this round. To get 100 points, do your best to keep the slime traveling down the center of the track. You have to make sure you have enough speed to make it to the center of the goal, but be careful that you don't overshoot it.

Note that it's the position of the bottom of your slime that marks the final location, NOT where you think the center of your slime would be. This is important as you will sometimes feel that you are being screwed over or that the game isn't very accurate if you don't understand this principle.

Don't get frustrated if it takes you more than a few tries to get the hang of it. In later courses, you won't need to be this precise to advance.

Items Available : None

2) Rage of the Rockbomb - Adventure Curling

Objective : Slide the slime around curves, avoiding the cliffs. Defend against the Rockbomb's explosions.

Clear Requirement --> 100 Points

Tips : This track is a bit trickier than the last one since there are a few extra ways to fail. If you fall off of a cliff or run into an exploding Rockbomb you will fail instantly.

Time your launch appropriately so that you can avoid the Rockbomb more easily. Alternatively, if you can manage to pick up a shield before you encounter the Rockbomb, you can just plow right through him since you will be protected from the explosion. Sometimes you can escape a Rockbomb explosion without a shield if you happen to just graze the edge of one. This is somewhat rare and should not be considered a useful tactic unless you are just playing around.

You will need to learn to control your slime with greater precision in order to navigate the narrow cliffs of this course. Don't put yourself in jeopardy just so you can grab more items. It's not worth it if it causes you to careen out of control. You can clear this course without picking up any items, but you will need to land perfectly in the center of the goal if that's the case. The more items you can pick up, the less precise you need to be when you cross the finish line.

The seeds of agility can be useful if you are slowing down too much, but if you go too fast it can be harder to nab items. Stay away from agility seeds near the finish line. If you grab these, you might not be able to stop in time and will go flying off the end of the track.

Items Available : Agility Seed, Tiny Medal, Mini Medal, Shield

3) Bowling for Bandits - Bowling Curling

Objective : Collect the agility seeds to increase the slime's speed, then knock over the Bandits!

Clear Requirement --> 200 Points

Tips : The strategy here is quite simple, but executing can be difficult. Collect as many agility seeds as you can to increase your speed and slide your stylus frantically to keep from slowing down. When you get close to the end of the track, steer your slime into the front Bandit at a slight angle to maximize the number of other Bandits that he will collide into. Your score increases as you knock down more Bandits.

You'll notice there is no target goal to land on here, so don't worry about trying to aim once you pound into those Bandits. Speed is an important factor. Try to maximize your speed so you hit the Bandits with great force.

Items Available : Agility Seed

4) Goolympic Slime Jumping - Jump Curling

Objective : Focus on sliding the stylus so you don't turn. Go straight ahead and then JUMP to the goal line!

Clear Requirement --> 300 Points

Tips : The main requirement for this course is to hit the center of the ramp at the end of the track with as much speed as possible. To maximize your speed, it is best to move as straight as possible, deviating only slightly if you can reach an agility seed that is just off-center. You will need to be collecting a majority of the central agility seeds to have success here. Also, frantically sliding your stylus is a must.

If you do not hit the center of the ramp with great speed, you will not jump far enough to reach the goal. Your only solace in that case will be the delicious slime pancake you get to peel out of the snow.


Items Available : Agility Seed

5) Cliffside Chaos - Adventure Curling

Objective : Take a good look at the course and decide on the best route to take.

Clear Requirement --> 300 Points

Tips : This course can be very difficult and may very well give you nightmares. The key here is to take your time and maneuver carefully. You'll find that you don't need a lot of speed since it is usually not too far to the next agility seed. Since you need 300 points to clear this track, you must accumulate at least 200 points from items you collect along the way if you are going to have a chance of clearing.

It's a good idea to grab a shield near the start if you can. This will protect you against the Rockbomb, thus allowing you to be less careful while gathering items. Near the end of the track, you will have to avoid the trees that are in your way since they will stop you in your tracks.

It's also wise to watch the overview scene before launching your slime so you can plan your route carefully. Remember that Maxi medals are worth 50 points, so these can be your ticket to victory if you can manage to collect enough of them. There are usually about 8 of them spread over the course so you should aim to get at least 4 if you can.

Items Available : Agility Seed, Tiny Medal, Mini Medal, Maxi Medal, Shield

6) Sorcerer's Slope - Ultimate Curling *Special Locations Only*

Objective : You can't beat the boss just by bumping into him normally. Collect the magic balls and take down the barrier! Equip yourself with a sword and then power it up to defeat the bosses

Clear Requirement --> Defeat Final Boss

Tips : There are two key elements you must know to clear this course. First, you need magic balls to break the barriers. Second, you need a sword to defeat the bosses. Other than that, you just need to avoid getting killed by the Minidemons or the bosses. Oh, and don't fall in that one hole, either. That will make you feel stupid if you make it that far.

The first objective of this track is to break the first single barrier and defeat the first boss. To accomplish this, you must simply collect a single magic ball and two swords before smashing into the barrier and then the boss. For the final boss, you need to collect three additional magic balls to destroy the three barriers protecting him. You must also pick up one additional sword to power it up to the max.

You "power up" your sword by simply picking up additional swords. Once you are carrying three magic balls and a fully powered-up sword, you can take out the final boss by smashing through the barriers and then running directly into him. Note that killing bad guys does not drop your sword level back down. Once you have gotten a sword, it cannot be taken away. Additionally, once you have powered it up, it doesn't lose power when you kill something with it. This is different from magic balls which are "consumed" when you use them to break barriers.

Boss Requirements Summary :

First Boss requires one magic ball and a level 2 sword.

Final Boss requires three magic balls and a level 3 sword.

Sword Levels : Lv1, Lv2, Lv3

Items Available : Agility Seed, Maxi Medal, Sword, Magic Ball

Once you have cleared all courses, the fun doesn't stop there! Try to beat your high scores and compete against friends and family to claim the title of "Ultimate Slippin' Slime Champion"