Dragon Quest V Walkthru


Papas' Son DQV Title

You will watch the opening sequence and then you will end up on a ship. You will awake and your father tells you to explore the ship. So head out and talk to everyone, when you return to deck side you will hear someone say that you are near.

On the boat

The ship will dock and the captain will ask you to go get your father, so go back below deck and talk to him again and then follow him back up top.

Make sure before you leave that you got the Herb from the drawer in your room.

Your father (Papas) will tell you to go play while he takes care of some business, so check out the area then exit to the north to go outside, you will be attacked by 3 slimes. After you battle for a little bit your father will come to help.

First Battle

He will heal you when the battle is over and then you will travel to a town (you may get attacked a couple times along the way).

When you arrive in town a bunch of people will be surprised to see your father, you will end up at a house and Papas and Sancho will talk. The little girl there, Bianca, will ask you if you want to go upstairs. Say yes and she will take you upstairs and try to read a book to you.

Her mother comes then and she leaves. Check out the rest of the house and then talk to your father, he will say he needs to go out for a while.

Head out of the house and check out the town now. Talk to the townspeople and you will find out that someone has gone into the cave in town to look for herbs and has not returned.

The cave entrance is on the northwest end of town, don't go too far into the cave until you reach level 4 or 5 since you are very weak still.

At level 4 you will learn the spell Heal, which will help you tremendously.

Go into the cave and down a couple floors and you will find a man trapped by a boulder, push the boulder out of the way. He will tell you he needs to get back and make the medicine for Duncan's wife.


Head back up to town and go back to Sancho's house and take a snooze.

In the morning Bianca and her mother will be at Sancho's house, and Papas will suggest to escort them back to Alcapa and ask if you want to go along, say yes.

You will follow Papas to Alcapa.

Follow Papas to Alcapa


When you arrive you will go directly into the inn where Duncan is resting. Talk to your father and he will tell you to go for a walk, and when you goto leave the room Bianca asks to join you.

Check out the town, buy some new equipment, then in the southwest corner of town there are a couple of kids torturing a cat, talk to them and Bianca will demand them to give the cat to her. They say they will give up the cat if you beat up the ghosts in Lenoire Castle.

Now return to the Inn and talk to Papas. You learn Duncan only had a cold, and as you go to head back to Santa Rosa Duncan's wife asks you to spend the night.

During the night Bianca comes in and wakes you and says that you need to goto the castle with her to defeat the ghosts and help the kitten.

Bianca wakes you

Do some leveling outside of town before you head to the castle, if you need to rest go back to the inn. And in the morning Papas will have Duncan's cold and need to rest so you can continue on the next evening. You can repeat this as much as needed to level until you are comfortable to continue on.

From Alcapa you can either go north over the bridge or west around the mountains to reach the Castle of Lenoire.

You can't enter the castle thru the main door, so go east and take the ladders up and enter the gate at the top of the castle. The gate will close behind you, trapping you inside. Head down to the next floor, you will see a bunch of skeletons on the beds, when you advance towards the stairs down they come at you and Bianca disappears.

Go down to the next floor, grab the chests and go down again. Use the door to go outside and you will hear some moaning, search the graves and you will find Bianca buried in one of them.

With Bianca back on your team head back into the room you just came from, and you will see a ghost in the northwest corner of the room. Talking to the ghost will cause one of the bookcases and stools to move revealing another staircase down.

In this room you will find a ghost, Sophia on the bed, she asks you to reclaim their graves for her and her husband. Go down to the next floor.

This floor is pitch black, head east listening for the "thud" when you hit a wall and then go south. You should come to a lit area. Go down again to the kitchen.

The ghost of the King will walk off the screen to the west. Follow him up the stairs and outside. When you talk to him he will ask your help, tell him yes, then go back down to the kitchen and search the pot by the sink for the torch the King was talking about.

Go back up now to the dark room and USE the torch, you can see if you go north you can find a staircase up.

On this floor when you walk south a statue will follow you, talking to the statue after it moves throws you into a battle with the Walking Statue.

When you win head up the stairs to a room with some pots, you will see the King, talk to him and he will tell you "this way", but before you search the pot he went into check the bottom middle pot for an Herb.

Walk west from where you arrive at the next floor and go down the stairs, then go south and open the front door.

No go back upstairs and go to the room on the east side and it is an inn. If you opened the front door go ahead and rest here, because when you awaken you end up outside and can just come back in thru the front door.

Go back up to where the inn was then and go north and follow that path around to find a set of stairs, then enter the room to the west to find the monster.

He drops you down to the table were the skeletons were seated around, and you get attacked by 4 Demon Candles.

When you beat them head back up to the room with the monster, he will flee outside, follow him.

Talk to him and you will have to battle the Boss Ghost.

When you win, the King and Queen take you up to the graves and thank you and leave you with the Gold Orb. The tombstone engravings have change as well as the note on the wall.

Now head back to Alcapa, and when you enter town you will get a message that everyone in town has heard about your feat. Then you will get the kitten from the two boys, then as you walk away Bianca will tell you need to name it and present you with 4 names one at a time.

Choose one and then you can talk to the villagers and get their reactions to your feat.

Got the kitten

When you talk to your father he asks you if you are ready to go, if not say no, but if you are say Yes and you will head back to Santa Rosa.

Back at Santa Rosa

When you arrive back at Sancho's house, you hear a letter has arrived for Papas, and Sancho takes you away saying you must be tired.

In the morning Papas will tell you he needs to check something out at home and for you not to go wandering out of the village.

Go north from Sancho's house and talk to the herb guy he will tell you tell you he has something for you for saving his life and it is in the dresser. Check the dresser and get the Handwoven Cape, equip it on Borongo.

Check out town again and talk to everyone, on the 2nd floor of the Inn you will see a ghostly figure sitting on the bar, talk to her.

See the ghostly figure

She will tell you she wants to meet somewhere quiet, and there is a house with a basement. So head over to Sancho's house and go down to the basement and talk to the ghostly figure again. She will ask you to come with her, and a set of stairs will appear.

Magic Stairway

Village of the Elves

When you get to the top you will be asked to talk to Lady Powan. When you talk to her, she asks if you will return their stolen Flute of Spring, which is needed to bring Spring to the world. Say that you will help and Bella will join your party.

If you snoop around town you will learn the thieves are in the Ice Mansion to the north, but it is locked up by an ancient door, and there are Dwarves to the west that they can make a Thief's Key.

So head far to the west of the village and enter the Dwarves' Cave. Make your way to the bottom of the cave to find the Secret of the Key. Now you can open the doors in the cave and the door to the Ice Mansion.

Secrets of the Key

Head back to town, save and rest up if needed. Then head north to the Ice Mansion.

On 2F you will find Zaile, he will tell you that you are going to have to fight him to the flute back.


Battle him and when you win you will find the Snow Queen was using him to do her bidding. Take her out and then talk to Zaile again, he will say he better get back to his grandfather.

Check the two chests and you will find the Flute of Spring.

Take the Flute of Spring back to the Village of Elves and talk to Lady Powan again, she will thank you and promise to help you out in the future if you need help and turn the land to spring, then send you back home.

Talking to Powan

When you arrive back, Sancho says you just missed your father leaving for Reinhart and they couldn't find you, but if you hurry you might be able to catch up with him. Head over to the church to find him.

He is offering prayer to God and suggests you do the same (so save). He says he will meet you at the entrance to the village when you are ready.


Papas will lead you to Reinhart taking a tunnel you could not use previously. When you arrive at the castle you are escorted up to the king, then Papas will tell you to explore the castle while he talks to the King.

Talk to everyone in the castle, when you are done return to the Throne Room and talk to the King, he will tell you that he has asked Papas to baby-sit Henry and asks you to be his friend.

Papas Baby-sit

Head down to Henry's room and you will come across Papas, he will also ask you to befriend Henry and wants you to go talk to him.

So go talk to Henry, he will ask you again if you want to be his goon, say yes and he will have you get a Goon Badge from the next room, the chest and the drawers are empty so go back to Henry and he will have disappeared.

Get the Goon Badge

Go tell Papas that Henry is missing, but when you get back to the room Henry has reappeared and will tell Papas to get out. Papas will ask you if you were dreaming, go back to the room and talk to Henry again. He will ask you if you got the badge, say NO. He will tell you to check the chest again.

He will have disappeared again. Instead of getting Papas again, search where Henry was and you will find a staircase. Take the stairs and talk to Henry, he will be upset that you found the staircase and tell you that you still can't be a goon since you didn't bring the badge.

Hidden Staircase

Then two goons will come in and kidnap Henry, follow them and see them load Henry on a ship and sail off. Now go get Papas, he won't believe you and check the room and ask you not to tell anyone yet he is missing.

Papas will go after them, but before you follow you now have access to the town, make sure to upgrade what you can in your party for the road ahead.

When you are ready leave town and head overt to the cave the village people have been talking about.

From the castle go south just past the mountains, then head east until you reach shore, then go north and a little more to the east and you will find the cave.

Cave Entrance

Make your way thru the cave and you will find Papas battling some monsters, he will win easily.

A little further on you will find Henry in a jail cell, Papas will rip the door off the cell and Henry will complain that it took you too long so Papas slaps him.

As you goto leave you get attacked by some more monsters, Papas stops to fight them and tells you to get Henry out of the cave.

There aren't any random battles, but when you reach the entrance you are stopped by Gema. Gema wipes your party out and then Papas arrives. Gema calls Gonz and Jahmi on Papas. Papas begins to clean up and defeats them, but then Gema puts a sword to the Hero's throat and threatens to send his soul to roam hell forever.

So Papas continues the battle with Jahmi and Gonz and just takes their attacks until he is overcome.

Gema then finishes off Papas with a spell, and Papas tells you your mother is still alive as he dies and then Gema asks Jahmi and Gonz to take you away. They ask about the panther cub, Gema says release it to the wild and then Gema notices your Golden Orb and takes it and crushes it.

Gema wins


Ten years have passed with your enslavement to the monsters. Go to the right and go up the stairs continuing to talk to people.

Workin' for the man

Check out the area, most everyone is very depressing to talk to, if you take the stairs to the east and follow that path, when you reach the top of the temple if you go south you will find Henry.

Talk to him then take the stairs in the northwest corner, talk to the guard there and he will talk about his sister being taken into slavery, but telling you isn't going to do any good.

Continue on and you will find some graves and a man chained to a wall. That is all you can do down here for now, so go back to the top of the temple. When you do you will be told you are done for the day.

When you wake up talk to everyone in the rest area, then a guard will come in and tell you it is time to get back to work.

Head up to the top of the temple, some people have new things to say, when you are ready continue back down to where the rocks are gathered. When you arrive you see that the guards sister Maria is being whipped.

Henry will talk to you and say this needs to stop and rushes up to fight the guards, go up and join him. When you win some other guards arrive and take Maria to the healers and throw you in a jail cell.

Whip Men

Talk to Henry a couple times and then you will see a guard and Maria come in, the guard will open the cell with the water and then open your cell.

Go out and talk to them, the guard Joshua will ask you to take his sister away from the temple to save her because it is rumored that all the slaves will be killed when the temple is completed.

He tells you to get in the barrel and ride the waterway they use to flush carcasses out to sea. So get in the barrel and you will land near a shrine.


Nameless Nunnery

You awaken in a bed in a Nunnery, the nun tells you that you have been out for 3 days. Talk to her again and she tells you she changed your clothes for you.

Check out the Nunnery, on the east side you will find Maria, she will give you 1000G that her brother gave her.

Money, money

Go outside the Nunnery and talk the Henry, he will tell you to talk to him when you are ready to go, so when you are talk to him again and everyone will see you off.

Gain some levels (you can rest at the Nunnery in the room where you woke up) and you will notice now that day and night passes.

Then head north to the city you find there.


Depending on when you enter town (day or night) you will have different things you can do.

Enter during the day and you can visit all the shops and upgrade, or visit the Casino and try to make some dough.

But come back at night and there are some useful things to do. Go to the northwest corner of town and buy the Wagon from the dwarf there.

Buy Caravan

And if you haven't already talk to the guy down the stairs in the southwest corner of town he will store monsters for you if your wagon gets too full. You can leave a monster, pickup a monster, check the stats on a monster, or get rid of a monster (part command).

Monster Gramps

Now when you go outside you will have a caravan that follows you and you can switch members during battle with those in the wagon AND you can now have monsters join your party.

Go outside and if you battle some weaker monsters (slimes, brownies) you may have them ask to join you, then you can use them in battle and they will gain experience.

When you are done checking out town and gambling, continue north.

Santa Rosa Revisited

You will come back to Santa Rosa as you travel northward, but the town is in ruins.

Talk to the people in town. The nun at the church will tell you that the guards from Reinhart burned the town when Henry didn't return and they blamed Papas, then she says she shouldn't be telling this to a stranger, and you say who you are and then she recognizes you.

Nun realizes who you are

Talk to the old man behind the house on the northwest side of town and take the boat into the cave to explore a new area.

You will go down a few more levels this time. When you reach a floor that seems to crack when you walk on it, make most of the area crack, it will cover the water below so you can continue on.

Then when you reach the bottom, you will find a letter from Papas telling you that you need to find the Legendary Hero and the Zenithian Armor, and that he has left you the Zenithian Sword.

Papas Letter

Grab the Zenithian Sword and leave the cave. Talk to the old man and the nun on your way out as their conversations have changed.

Zenithian Sword

Alcapa Revisited

Check out the town, you will find that Duncan, his wife and Bianca have moved to a house in the mountains to the east.

Also you will find a Small Medal in the house in the northwest corner of town in a pot.

Talk to everyone in town to gather information as usual.

Take a rest at the inn and Henry will awaken you and speak of his worries of Reinhart and how bad everyone talks about his homeland.

In the morning head east past Santa Rosa and use the tunnel that you use 10 years ago as a child.

When you arrive the guard tells you that you can't get thru without proper papers, so Henry slaps the guy and calls him by his name, Tom. The guard asks how he knew that and then Henry talks about scaring the guy with frogs, and that verifies to the guard who Henry really is and lets you pass.

Guard sees Henry

Head north to the castle, upgrade your equipment in town, there is a little boy and his sister you can give money to since they haven't eaten in 3 days. When you go into the castle most of it is blocked off by a guard and the mercenaries in the castle don't seem to pleasant.

Try to leave the castle then and Henry will complain about leaving so soon but then say there isn't much you can do if you can't get into the castle, then he will remember something about a secret passage into the castle.

Now if you check out the castle at night, when the drawbridge is up you will see a cave under the bridge.

Make your way thru the cave and you will come across the real Queen, and she will admit having Henry kidnapped but only to help her own child out.

Queen confesses

Continue on and you will end up in the courtyard and you can explore the rest of the castle. Go upto the throne room and talk to Dale, he will be happy to see you and say things have been going strangely and he didn't realize his mother was in the dungeon.

He will give you the Reinhart Key, now go back to the kitchen and outside then thru the other door, and now you can open the door that was locked there before.

Reinhart's Key

In a pot you will find a Small Medal.

Read the east bookshelf and it will talk a bout a tower in the lands to the south that contain a mirror that reflects the true nature of things.

Take the stairs and step into the Traveler's Gate and you will be transported back to the area south of the Nameless Nunnery and the Southern Tower is just south of you.

Take the Traveler's Gate

But if you goto the tower you cannot open the door, so go back to the Nunnery and talk to everyone there, someone from the Nunnery will have to open the door, but none want to venture out, then Maria speaks up and says she owes you so much and she will go along.

Head back to the tower, you will be unable to open the door, but Maria kneels and prays and the door opens.


Now make you way thru the tower and at the top you will have to walk across "air" to get to the Mirror of Ra, just walk on the left or right side of the path (not the middle) and you will cross over just fine.

Walk of faith Found Mirror of Ra

Head back to the where the Traveler's Gate brought you here and take it back to Reinhart castle. Henry will be gone from the throne room, it seems as if he got his mother out of jail and they are both in the room upstairs.

So go upstairs and Henry will have lost track of which one is the real Queen, so go up to the west one and use the Mirror of Ra to reveal the monster.

Used the Mirror Reveal Imposter

When you do you will be attacked by an Imposter, take it out to save the day.

Henry will now stay behind to help Dale rule the kingdom, he also says that the port to the south is now open and you might be able to catch a ship from there and continue on your journey, and all his equipment is in the Depository in Oracleberry.

Head to the Vista port to continue on.

Port Selmi

When you arrive, go north from the docks and check out the lighthouse, at the top you will find a dwarf and in the chest of drawers in his room you will find a Small Medal.

Check out town, upgrade your equipment.

On the east side of the church search the flowers and you will find another Small Medal and search the other side for 100G. Also if needed the Depository is in the basement of the Church.

The ship in town is owned by a guy named Ludman and chances are you can't use it since he doesn't know you.

Enter the inn and as you walk to the east a peasant will come in and two thugs will try to take his money, and then they will ask if you want a piece of them, say yes and you will battle two Bandit Wolves.

Take a Piece

When you win the peasant will get around to asking you to help their village (Kabochi) out, a monster has been trashing their fields and they can't survive without being able to sell the crops. He gives you 1500G and says the town is way to the south and then bolts.

Villager needs help

Go back into town at night, some of the residents have some more information to give you, especially the people at the bar, it seems as if the bartenders blabbed your journey to the patrons.


Now head south to Kabochi at night and when you enter town you will see a dark figure run out of one of the fields. Then spend the night in the inn since there isn't much you can do at night in this town.


In the southwest house in town, upstairs there is a Small Medal in one of the pots. Here too you will see some people arguing about your hire, and you will learn the creature comes from the west.

Check in the store/church in the hillside there is a Small Medal in the northwest corner.

Before you head west make sure you have Bianca's Ribbon you are going to needed, when you are set head out to the west and look for a cave.

Make your way thru the cave, when you come across a skeleton by an old campfire search to the north of the skeleton to find a Small Medal.

Shadowy figured

When you get down to the small room a the bottom of the cave you will find a Killer Panther guarding a sword.

Have your hero USE the Bianca's Ribbon and Borongo will remember who you are and join your party. Then search the sword and you will recognize it as Papas' Sword.

Cave Entrance Use Ribbon

Return back to Kabochi and talk to the villagers they will either be scared of Borongo or accuse you of scamming them by saying that you and "the monster" were in on this together, but the chief will still pay you the other 1500 G and he tells you to leave.

So head back to Port Selmi.

Enter Port Selmi at night and check out the Inn. There is an old man who will tell you of the Legendary Hero and his quest of the Zenithian Equipment and his quest to enter the Demon World and his name was Papas.

Another guy knows of an old man west of Port Selmi that researches spells and knows of a spell to make traveling easier.

So armor up, level up, rest up and head to the west.


Head west and you will come across a sign that tells you how to get to Ruraphin which is to continue west.

Enter the town, on the second floor of the in there is a pot with a Small Medal inside.

While in town you will learn that there is a wedding going on in Reinhard and Henry is the one getting married.

Make your way to the house with smoke coming out of it, talk to the old man inside, he will ask if you want to help him. When you do he will send you to find the RuraMoon Herb to the west of the town and show you on a map. And you can only pick the herb an nighttime.

Papas Sword

So when you are ready head to the west to find the RuraMoon Herb.

Magic Research

You will know when you have found it since it will be flashing in the dark. Search the area to grab the herb and take it back to the old man.

RuraMoon Herb Location

He will throw the herb into the large pot and it will start on fire and explode. When you are able to move again, talk to the old man Bennet and he will ask you if you have any new spells, check your spell list and you are able to cast return, so pick somewhere to go and the old man will be happy.

Now that you are enlightened by the Return spell head back to Reinhart and talk to the Chancellor, he will tell you of Wayfarer's Map that is being sold in Oracleberry.

Buy Map

Then talk to Dale, he will tell you that they have set their scholars to research the Legendary Hero and they have found out about the shield in a town south of Ruraphin called Salabona.

Now go upstairs and see Henry, it seems that his bride is Maria from the old enslavement camp, and they wish for you to find a good wife.

So now head back to Oracleberry for a bit and check out the guy who sold you the wagon, but remember he is only there at night and buy the Wayfarer's Map.

It can be only used outside, but it gives you an idea of where you are in the world.


RETURN back to Ruraphin and go south to find Salabona.

On the way you will find a shack, enter it and you will hear some people talk about Lady Flora.

Lady Flora Returns

Also check the well for a Small Medal.

Now continue south till you reach a cave. On your way thru the cave you will find a chest with a Small Medal in it.

When you exit the cave head a little to the south and then west you will see a town and a tower next to it.

When you enter town a dog will run up to you.

The townspeople will be talking about Ludman marrying off his daughter Flora and the requirements to court her are very high, but you get an heirloom shield as a gift if you are chosen.

Special Man Needed

Head to the big mansion in the northwest corner of town and you will see that puppy again, talk to the lady by the door and say YES that you are there to court Flora.

Ludman will call you into the next room and tell you that to "win" his daughter you must bring him the Water and Flame Rings and are hidden in the world somewhere.

Need the Rings

When everyone else leaves go upstairs and Ludman will tell you that the Flame Ring is in a cave southeast of town.

Head back to the inn now and rest and the next day the town is back to normal. One of the guys by the well tells you now that Ludman's heirloom shield is also called the Zenithian Shield, guess we need to get that.

So when you are ready head to the south to find the volcano, which can be a very tough area so be careful, and if you have someone with StepGuard take them along.

When you get to the bottom you will find the Ring of Flames. If you go back to Salabona and check in the house in the southwest corner of town, Andy will have gotten hurt and Flora is taking care of him.

Ring of Flames

Now go talk to Ludman (have the ring in the Hero's possession) and he will notice you have found the Ring of Flames and grant you use of his ship since the Ring of Water is probably somewhere in the ocean.

Got the ship

The ship is waiting outside of town, so rest up if you haven't already and make for the ship and head north till you find a gate blocking the waterway. Read the sign nearby and it says to open the gate talk to the people in the village nearby.

In the village if you search the east gravesite you will find a Small Medal.

Goto the house on the north side of town and you will find old Duncan lying in bed, you will tell him who you are and he will ask if you ran into Bianca, then Bianca will come in and be glad to see you but disappointed you are getting married. In the morning she says she wants to go with you to help find the Water Ring and she can open the gate.

Talk to Duncan

Sail north up the river, when you reach the large lake go north and east and follow the river there to the north until you find a waterfall and sail into the cave behind the waterfall.

Cave in Waterfall

Make your way thru the cave and near the bottom you can walk behind the waterfall and find the Ring of Water.

Ring of Water

Now head back to Salabona and talk to Ludman. When you do he will tell you he has already started preparing for the wedding and asks Flora if marrying you will do. She says yes to her father, but then notices Bianca and notices how you look at each other and states that you are in love with each other and she could not force you to marry her.

Ludman will give you the night to think about it, you will stay in the inn and Bianca will stay in Ludman's second house.

During the night you will be unable to sleep and awake. Go check out the mansion and talk to Ludman, he will tell you he will take care of the wedding no matter who you choose and has already sent out the invites.

Sending Invites

Now go talk to Bianca in the second house, she is unable to sleep also. She tells you to marry Flora because it is the right thing to do.

Now head back to the inn and talk to the innkeeper to rest out the night. In the morning you will be summoned to Ludman's mansion and be asked to choose a bride, and this is not a forced choice, you actually get to make a choice on whom to marry, so talk to the woman whom you would like to be your bride.

I chose Bianca, so she leaves to get married and Flora goes to help. Then Ludman sends you off to the mountain village to get a Silk Veil from the general store there. So put some monsters in your party and head back upto the village, talk to the general storekeeper and get the veil and be sure to talk to Duncan while you are there.

Make your choice

Head back and talk to the lady outside the second house (make sure your hero is holding the Silk Veil otherwise you cannot continue into the house) and she will tell you to go inside. Go in and talk to Bianca, you will put the Silk Veil on her head and she will tell you to get her to the church.

Go outside and Henry and Maria will arrive. When they leave head to the church.

You will get married and party into the night. In the morning Bianca suggests you go thank Ludman, and when you talk to him he congratulates you and gives you the Zenithian Shield and 2000 G and unlimited use of his ship in Port Selmi.

If you return to the Mountain Village at night and talk to the General Store shopkeeper he will tell you he made a Veil for a prince named Papas once. Also if you spend the night in the Alcapa Inn, Bianca will remember the old days and want to sleep in the same bed as you.

Now head to Port Selmi and get that ship.


When you talk to the man guarding the ship he asks if you are "you" and say YES he will give you access to the ship.

Access to ship

But first he tells you to check out the Tavern for some interesting gossip. When you do you learn that if you sail south you will find a desert with a castle that supposedly houses the grave of the Legendary Hero.

Sounds like a good place to go. If you sail straight south from the peninsula where Kabochi is you will sail into the desert.

If you go a bit west of there you will come across another island, there is a castle in the middle, this is the Medal King's Castle, you can trade your Small Medals you have collected for rare items.

Now head back to the west and land on the desert when you can and go south to the Oasis, if you step on the patch west of the water you will find an old man who tells you of the Medal King and the castle of Telepador.

Medal King

Also in the east pot in his house you will find a Small Medal.

So head west to the castle and explore. The queen is on the lower level in the gardens (southwest corner), and when you talk to her she asks if you want to see the grave of the Legendary Hero, say YES and she will take you to a locked area where the Zenithian Helm and a tablet are located. She will have you try on the Helm but you are unable to equip it.

She will have you follow her out of the area and she will return to the garden, talk to her again and she will ask if she can know the reason why you search for the Legenary Hero, tell her YES and you will tell her you are on a quest to free your mother from the Demon World. She will tell you of King Papas from a land to the east, Granvania, who left with his son on a quest and that you should check out this land.


So head back to your ship and sail east and search the shoreline for a shrine, this will be Ned's Inn.

Ned's Inn

The trek up the mountain can be tough, this is a good place to level up with the Inn and a priest nearby.

When you are ready head up the mountain pass. On your way, there is a chest on the west side that contains a Small Medal, and some stairs on the east side that lead down and the west pot has a Small Medal (the east one has a Demon Jar), also go down to the next level and talk to the woman there and accept her invite to spend the night, you will awaken during the night to a scraping noise, the woman will come down and say she sharpened your sword which increases your power by 5.

When you finally get to the end and arrive at the town of Chizod Bianca will collapse and the innkeeper will take her inside and have you both rest.

Bianca passes out

When you are ready cross the bridge in town and make your way thru the cave down the other side of the mountain to reach Granvania.

When you arrive at the castle walk east and north and enter the little house there. This is Sancho's house and after a bit he recognizes you and takes you to talk to the acting king your father's brother Ojiron.

As you are talking Bianca passes out again

Bianca out again

She is taken upstairs and it comes out that she is pregnant.

Go downstairs and talk to the King, he will say he wants to give you the throne, but you must go thru the Cave of Trials, east of the castle, and get the Symbol of Royalty as has been done in generations past and he tells you to rest the night and you leave in the morning.

In the morning check out the rest of the castle. On the floor where there are 2 bathtubs in the southeast corner of the floor, one of the chests of drawers has a Small Medal in it. And on the main floor, in the northwest corner where there is a row of 6 pots, the 2nd from the west has a Small Medal.

When you are ready to go, leave the castle and head east, follow the mountains to the north and you will see a cave in the middle of the forest.

Cave Entrance

When you enter you will see 4 doors, enter the far east door and exit by the same door, now enter the 2nd door from the west and then exit by that same door and go south to find a set of stairs down.

4 Doors 4 Tiles

When you get to where there is a large door holding back some water, push the boulder that is to the south north a ways so you can see it at the same time you can see the door. Now open the door so that you have the bolder aligned straight south of you (move it east or west to make sure it is straight south of you). Now open the door, the water will rush out and the bolder will stop you from being washed away.

Water Gate Use rock to stay put

Now you can continue on to the next floor, all you have to do here is step on the west plate to open the path.

Now on this floor, walk up to the pillar that is broken and say YES to flip the switch and step on the tile that appears and a path will open where you can get the Symbol of Royalty.

Symbol of Royalty

On the way out of this floor Kandar and Shield Hippo will try to stop you from becoming king by taking the Symbol of Royalty.

Kandar and Shield Hippo

After you take them out head back to the castle and talk to the Chancellor, he seems surprised you came back safe. Now talk to the king and they will start preparations for you to become king, and as they do a lady comes down from upstairs and says that Bianca is in labor and takes you upstairs. Talk to everyone and then go back downstairs.

Bianca in Labor

Talk to everyone here including the guards at the door and then walk around until a lady from upstairs comes down and you hear a baby crying.

Go up and talk to Bianca, she will have you name the children, since you had a boy and a girl. Bianca will tell you she is tired and you will sleep the night. In the morning go downstairs and the ceremony will start.

Talk to the old king and then get on the throne, then you will have to go downstairs to greet your subjects.

You will read that everyone celebrated into the night and you will wake up in the church, so go up to see your wife and kids. Search the bed and the maid will be hiding under the bed with the kids and says that monsters kidnapped Bianca.


The guards will search the castle and no one has seen the chancellor, and Doris the princess says she saw the Chancellor flying away from the castle. So go search the drawers in his room and you will find some flying shoes.

Flying Shoes Found

When you are ready USE the shoes to go after Bianca. When you arrive, you can save and rest at the shrine that you land near.

When you are ready head north to the Demon's Tower.

Demon's Tower

The tower can be pretty tough and a long climb. When you get to where there is a switch on the wall, take the transport tile to the south and press the switch there, then come back and press that switch and go back downstairs and outside, the path across to the other tower is now there.

Continue up the tower and you will have to battle 3 boss fights, Orc Lv. 20, Wyvern Lv. 35 and Jahmi.

Orc Wyvern Jahmi

Upon defeating Jahmi he utters a spell that turns you and Bianca to stone, then the thieves come to the top of the tower and "steal" you and Bianca. They auction you off to the highest bidder and they have a "special" plan for Bianca.

Being Stoned

You are purchased by a guy for good luck, and he places you in his front yard. A few years go buy and you watch the family as their child, Gigo, grows up, but one day a couple of monsters come by looking for a certain kid and they take the boy away.

Another year goes by and you see the seasons change and then Sancho and two children arrive. You find out that they are your kids.

Your daughter uses the Staff of Stoross and turns you back to normal and then she casts return and you are back in Granvania and you rest the night and the people celebrate.

Daughter helps out

Back again

Head downstairs to see Ojiron and the kids will fall in behind you and tell you that since you went on a quest with your father at their age, they get to go with you now.

Talk to Ojiron, who now looks like a Chancellor, and he shows you the place of your mother's birth on the world map that they found while searching for you.

Talk to Sancho now and he will tell you there is a Monster Gramps now in the tavern and they have a ship ready for you and if you talk to the girl in the tavern you can take your human friends with you on your travels now. There is also a depository in the castle now, on the west side of the main floor.

So now that you know your son is of the line of the Legendary Hero give him your Zenithian Sword and head down to Telepador to get the Zenithian Helm.

Lady Martha's Homeland

When you arrive at Telepador go talk to the queen in the gardens, she will take you too the helm again and have your Son try it on. But it seems to be too big, but then it shrinks to fit his head. The queen says her people need to be notified of these events and goes off. Go up to the throne room and talk to her and she will pray for you.

Zenthian Helm

Now head back to Reinhart and see how things have been going there in 8 years.

Go up and talk to Henry, he has had a child of his own, Collins, who isn't very manners minded. He sends Collins off to give your kids a tour of the castle.

After you are done talking to Henry and Maria head down to Henry's old room and your kids will come running towards you telling you Collins has disappeared after he told them to get the Goon Badge.

Well we know how this trick works, search the stool for the secret stairs again and take them to find Collins.

Hidden Staircase

He will say you are lame for finding him so soon and the chancellor will come and take him back upstairs. Go back up and talk to them, Collins will apologize and give you the Hat of Wind, the others tell you good luck.

On your way out of the castle, walk west along the moat and around the castle to find Kandar's Henchman guarding a chest. Defeat him (he may drop a Small Medal) and get the chest which contains Demon Armor.

Now head to the Nameless Mountain Village and talk to Duncan, he will go on about the kids and you will tell him of Bianca and he says he knows you will save her.

Back at Duncan's

Go behind Duncan's house and there is another one of Kandar's Henchman, defeat this one and open the chest to get a Silk Bisuche.

If you want you can also stop by Santa Rosa, the town is still a mess but there is a new armor shop with some pretty powerful stuff.

If you go back to Ruraphin and talk to the old spell research man he will have recovered another spell, this time it is Chance.

Now return to Salabona and talk to Ludman, he will have a strange request for you to go to a shrine on a small island to the west of the Mountain Village, and in there is a jar and he wants to know the color of the jar, but you don't have the correct key yet, so remember this for later.

So now return to Granvania and get the ship that was made ready for you and you can go check out Gigo's house in the southeast corner of the map on an island and get the Small Medal that is in the dresser.

Now head south to find the new area that Ojiron showed you on your map.

El Heven

When you arrive at the new continent check out the shrine on the northern peninsula, here and old man will tell you about the Crown of the Sun, a helm that will protect you from spells. Check the water bucket behind the house for a Small Medal.

Now continue around the east side of the land and look for a cave and sail into it. Make your way thru the cave, if you come to a door you are unable to open it yet, so go south from there to exit the cave.

Cave by ship

Now you can get out of your ship and the town of El Heven is to the southwest.

Enter the town and talk to everyone. On the upper level there are 4 elders who tell you about your mother and the powers she possessed to open/close the gates to the Demon World.

Another man tells you that there is a Magic Key and a Magic Carpet hidden in town and if you find them you can keep them, they are both on the north side of town and you will have to walk under the raised buildings to get to them.

Magic Key Magic Carpet

Also the weapon/armor shops have some good but expensive stuff. Now lets put that Magic Key to use.

Using the Magic Key

Now that we have the Magic Key, let's check out those doors we couldn't open before.

So first return to Alcapa and open the door behind the bar, which is kind of worthless, but you get 15 GP and a Stone Fang.

Now goto Port Selmi and check out the door behind the stage, here you get a Thorn Whip and Acorns of Life.

Now check out Oracleberry and go down to the dungeon in the northwest corner of town, talk to the prisoner in the locked cell. He will tell you that the second slot machine on the right in the very last row pays out the best.

Head to Granvania and check out the doors behind the Depository you will get 3000G and a Meteorite Armband (2x agility for bearer).

Metorite Armband

This part can be tough, so make sure you are powered up pretty far or wait till later for this. Remember that shrine north of Salabona that Ludman wanted us to check the Jar in.

Well now we can get to it, so return to Salabona and go north to the shrine west of the Mountain Village. The jar is red as feared, so return to Salabona, and when you do a guard will tell you that Ludman is waiting in the Viewing Tower.

Go over to the tower and climb to the top, Ludman will give you the story of the monster Buorn and he goes home to prepare and asks you to keep watch for the monster.

As he leaves the monster appears and says he is going to take you out. This can be a tough battle so plan accordingly.

Buorn Attacks

When you win you will see a chest nearby, open it and you will get the Final Key. You will go back to Ludman automatically and he will be most happy the monster is gone.

Now we can check out the gated doors that we couldn't open previously.

Using the Final Key

Head back to Oracleberry again and back down to the dungeon, free the man there and he will have you check the chair, and when you do you will get a Small Medal.

Now head to the Medal King's castle and you can open that locked area in the castle and get 2 Small Medals and a Golden Tiara.

Golden Tiara

Sky Tower

Now USE the Magic Carpet and head to the center continent, you will have to fly up the river on the southwest side since the carpet can't fly over mountains, hills or forests.

When you arrive head for the Sky Tower the path to find god and the Zenithian Castle.

Make your way up the tower and the person there will tell you the castle has fallen into the lake and get the Magma Staff at the top so you can use it to open the path to Zenithian Castle.

Top of Sky Tower Got Magma Staff

Sacred Item, Royal Cloak

RETURN to Santa Rosa and use your ship to sail north (west of the mountains) and goto the cave that is located there, make sure you are carrying the Final Key before you enter.

The monsters in here are pretty tough so make sure you are upgraded before you enter.

When you enter reading the sign will tell you not to move the stone, if you do you will be attacked, so putting the stone slabs over the faces eliminates the presence of monsters.

Move the tile

You don't have to cover the faces on the first 3 floors, but on floor B4 you must cover 4 faces to get the Royal Cloak.

Sunken Castle

Return to Granvania and sail north till you hit land, walk east and north a bit and see the cave blocked by 3 mountains. Stand as close to the mountain range as possible and USE the Magma Staff.

Use Magma Staff

The mountain range will disintegrate and you can now enter the cave. Make your way thru the cave mine paths, you will find a man named Pusan who used to be from Zenithian Castle, continue on with him and when you reach the end you will be at the Underwater Castle, which used to be the Zenithian Castle.

Make your way up to the big door at the top of the castle and go up the stairs, you will be in the throne room, when you walk about halfway up the room Pusan will remember there is a hidden staircase. Search behind the throne for the stairs and take them down. Go down and if you go west and you will see a silver orb, go to the east and the orb there will be missing.

Talking to Pusan Pusan, hidden staircase

Pusan will meditate and find what happened to the missing orb, he will see that you had it at one point and that it was destroyed.

Golden Orb falling Gema crushes the orb

He will tell you that the Faeries made the orbs and that if you go to a special forest and visit the Faeries and talk to the Faerie Queen you might be able to get a new orb made.

Talk to the Faerie Queen

Faerie Forest

The easiest way to get there is to go back to Salabona, and using the magic carpet, go south to the tip of the land mass. Fly around the tip and head back north along the eastern shore and pass over the shallows until you see a patch in the forest that looks different from the rest. Continue north until you can go south across some more shallows and then down to the desert area and then walk south to find that strange patch in the forest.

The pathway is a maze, and when you come across a campfire your daughter tells you there is someone there, so talk to the spot next to the fire.

Person by fire Talking to elf

Faerie Village

Inside you will be told to find the Faerie Queen and given the Faerie Horn. You will be told the faerie palace is located in the center of a lake that is in a forest surrounded by mountains and that you need to blow the horn there.

Got Faerie Horn Faerie Queen location

Faerie Queen

Now head back to the tower where you got the Staff of Magma and go north to the lake. Get on the boat and sail north to the lily floating in the water and use the Faerie Horn.

The castle will appear and you can sail inside. Talk to the queen and she will tell you that she can create orbs but they won't levitate, but she gives you the orb anyway. Talk to her again and she says you may be able to shift time.

Manipulate Time Manipulate Time 2

Walk to the west where the guard is guarding the door and he will let you pass now. Go to the right and talk to the faerie there (make sure your hero is holding the orb you got from the queen). She will tell you the picture on the wall will take you where you most want to go.

Special Painting

When you look at the picture you are taken 18 years in the past to Santa Rosa. Check out town and talk to everyone, when you have you should see young you standing in front of the church. Talk to yourself :) and young you will ask if you want to see the Golden Orb, say yes and then you can switch it with the orb you are carrying.

Time Travel Talk to yourself

When you are done leave town and you will return to the Faerie Village. Leave the Faerie village and return to Zenithia and talk to Pusan. Give him the Orb and he will place it on the pedestal and the castle will begin to float again, but not as high as Pusan thinks it should. He leaves to go check out the castle, so you might as well check it out too.

Raise the castle

Talk to the guy in the room with the two beds and the fireplace, he says to talk to his grandfather in the next room, so walk thru the fireplace into the next room. The grandfather will tell you to take what is in the drawer which is the Grappling Hook. And that the Master Dragon sealed his power away in the Tower of Boble in the northeastern isle (which is actually the southwestern corner of the World Map).

Tower of boble Grappling Hook

Talk to the elf in the room west of the throne room and she will tell you to take a gift, search either pool of water to get a Sap of the World Tree which will heal your entire party.

Tower of Boble

Take the castle and head southwest to the island that is completely surrounded by mountains and land the castle in the desert spot and walk to the tower.

Tower of Boble Location

Walk to the top of the tower on the outside since you can't get in thru the front door.

Using Grappling Hook

Make your way to the basement of the tower and you will have to fight Gonz and Gema in two separate battles.

Each of them holds the Eyes to the statue.

Found Left Eye
Found Right Eye

Take the eyes back upto the statue, and go to the floor above and take the grappling hook down to the statue and place the eyes back in the statue. The tongue extends to make a pathway to get inside.

Put Eyes Back

Go inside and down, you will find a Dragon Staff down the double ladders. Then use the grappling hook again and you will find the Dragon Orb.

Found Dragon Orb

Head back to the Zenithian Castle and talk to Pusan again.

When you get up to the throne room, a couple Zenithians will tell you that someone strange has been snooping around.

Talk to Pusan and he will ask for the Dragon Orb, say YES and he will transform into the Master Dragon and give you the Heaven Bells which allow you to summon the Master Dragon and use him for transportation.

Give Orb to Pusan Heaven Bells

Great Temple

Call the Master Dragon and head to the north end of the land mass in the middle of the map. Fly over the castle there and Master Dragon will drop you off.

Great Temple

Go in the door on the right and tell the guard there that you won't leave and take care of him to get the Zenithian Armor.

Zenithian Armor

Walk into the main entrance and the guards will tell you to get ready for the High Priest's lecture and then they block the way out. The people in the audience all say the same thing, "Hooray for Lady Martha". Talk to the guards again and then you will have to battle two Dragon Warriors.

Dragon Warriors

Walk around to the front of the building and talk to the Priest who is supposedly your mother. But it isn't, just don't say that you will join them and you won't be cursed before the battle.

Found Martha

When you get to the end of the conversation maze you have to battle Ramada.

When you defeat Ramada search where he was to find a hidden staircase.

Hidden Staircase

Make your way thru the dungeon to find Ivol, when you defeat him you will get the Ring of Life.

Found Ivol Ring of Life

Return to the top of the temple to look for Bianca, as you exit the dungeon, your mother will begin talking to you through the Ring of Life. She says how she would like to see you, but that cannot happen and she will not allow the Demon Lord to come into your world. Then she tells you that someone is waiting for you.

Martha Speaks

When you get back to the top of the temple, Bianca will have de-stoned and you all end up back in Granvania.

Bianca Restored

While you are all rejoicing to be together again a guard comes in and says Ojiron wants to talk to you, so see what he needs. He wants you not to head to the Demon World, but talking to Sancho, he wants you to go and he wants to go with you.

Head to the Demon World

Head down to Rudia's and pick up who you want to take with you to the Demon World.

Gather the Troops

Return to El Heven and sail back into the cave you used to get to El Heven in the first place, sail north to the silver door. You will need the Final Key to open the door.

Door to the End

Go inside and place the Ring of Life on the North Statue, the Ring of Fire on the West Statue and the ring of Water on the East Statue.

A portal will open up in the waterfall, walk into the shallow water to be sucked into the Demon World.

As you walk off the platform, your mother talks to you, and says she can't tell you to turn back now and gives you a Sage's Stone.

Mother Speaks Again

When you arrive the monsters on the overworld are very tough, so be prepared. Make your way east to the town of Jahanna.

If you walk west around the outside wall of the town you will eventually come to another Kandar Henchman. Take this one out to get the Sands of Time, which let you restart a battle from the beginning.

Sands of Time

Evil Mountain

When you are ready to go on, go south from Jahanna and then up the east coast over the bridge and upto the cave.

Make your way thru until you reach Martha praying. You will have to battle a couple Dark Shaman's but they should be pretty simple by this point.

Martha says how good it is to see you and is very happy and she says with her life she is going to seal away Mildrath so he cannot come free, but it doesn't work and she is killed.

Meeting your Mother

Then you see Papas and he calls Martha to him. They wish you luck on your journey.

Papas and Martha reunited

Make sure to get the Holy Chamberpot from the room with all of the arrows.

Found Holy Chamberpot

When you get to a small room with a lava pool in it, use the Holy Chamberpot.

Use Holy Chamberpot

Continue on, when you get to the room with 8 little rooms and tiles in the center of those 8 rooms,

Goto the southeast corner and step on that tile.

Then goto the east middle and step on that tile.

Then northeast corner and step on that tile.

Then the north middle, step on that tile.

Then center room and step on that tile.

Now you can access the door.

Just a bit farther and you will face Mildrath.

Mildrath 1 Mildrath 2

After you beat Mildrath you will be transported back to Zenithia. And the Master Dragon thanks you for your help.

Master Dragon Thanks You

Prolog Revisit

After your visit at Zenithia, Master Dragon takes you around to visit many of the places you visited on your travels.

El Heven Reinhart Santa Rosa Ludman Duncan Granvania Sancho Dancing

And then you see Martha and Papas talking.

Parents Speak 1 Parents Speak 1

The Zenithian Castle rise and fly around the map as the credits roll.

Credits The End

Bonus Dungeon

Wait until you see the "The End" at the end of the credits.

The End

Reset the game and RETURN to the Evil Mountain, then walk straight south to enter the Bonus Dungeon.

The monsters here are pretty tough and when you get to the bottom, you will battle Esturk, who is by far the most difficult battle of the game.

Battle Esturk

After you beat Esturk, he will tell you how many rounds it took to beat him, unfortunately there is no bonus for beating him in under a certain number of rounds.

You can come back and battle him again if you like or go knock out Mildrath again.