Dragon Quest V SFC Spells

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JP Name
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Absorb 2 Father:(18), Magician:(24), PuppetMan:(18), DancingJewel:(4), KingHealer:(5) Get some MP from spells cast on you.
Aerocross バギクロス 8 Father:(32), PuppetMan:(30), DancingJewel:(7), Springer:(15), Lionex:(3), Nereus:(23) The strongest wind spell; affects an enemy group.
Antidote キアリー 2 Father:(6), Healer:(10), SlimeKnight:(9) Cure an ally from poison.
Bang イオ 5 Daughter:(11), Henry:(8), SlimeKnight:(12), MetalBabble:(2) A small explosion spell; affects all enemies.
Barrier フバーハ 3 Son:(23), KingSlime:(10), Centaurus:(27), KingHealer:(7) Provides added protection from breath type attacks.
Beat ザキ 4 Sancho:(28), DancingJewel:(5), Messala:(6), OrcKing:(6) Snuff out an enemys life.
Bedragon ドラゴラム 18 Daughter:(32), Drakee:(38), KingHealer:(20) Turns the caster into a huge dragon.
Bikill バイキルト 6 Bianca:(13), Daughter:(16), Flora:(13), Kukkle:(20), Centaurus:(20), SoldierBull:(10) Doubles the attack power of an ally.
Blaze メラ 2 Bianca:(3), Henry:(1), Magician:(4) A small fireball; affects one enemy.
Blazemore メラミ 4 Bianca:(20), Flora:(20), Magician:(19), KingSlime:(12), Minidemon:(3), Messala:(14) Stronger form of Blaze.
Blazemost メラゾーマ 10 Bianca:(33), Flora:(33), KingSlime:(27), Minidemon:(25), Messala:(30), Hellbattler:(11) The strongest single enemy fire spell.
Blizzard マヒャド 12 Daughter:(30), Yeti:(30), OrcKing:(20), Eigerhorn:(15), Nereus:(20) An ice spell which affects all enemies; stronger than Snowblast.
BodyAttack 0 DancingNeedle:(25), BombBaby:(5), BombCrag:(10), FarewellCrag:(6)
Boom イオラ 8 Daughter:(24), SlimeKnight:(23), MetalBabble:(5), Minidemon:(17), Centaurus:(15) A stronger form of Bang.
Bounce マホカンタ 4 Bianca:(18), Daughter:(27), Flora:(18), PuppetMan:(6), FarewellCrag:(8), Hellbattler:(7), Nereus:(6), Yeti:(12), BigEye:(5), Leaonar:(9), Golem:(8) Reflects spells cast on you.
BurningBreath 0 DancingNeedle:(25), BombBaby:(5), BombCrag:(10), FarewellCrag:(6), MadDragon:(10), Centaurus:(5), GreatDragon:(20)
Chance パルプンテ 20 Father:(-), Minidemon:(23), KingHealer:(17) A random effect spell.
ChargeUp 0 KillerPantherBorongo:(17), BombCrag:(5), Golem:(11), SoldierBull:(3), Eigerhorn:(9)
ColdBreath 0 Hork:(10), Yeti:(5), BigEye:(1), Wyvern:(5), BlizzardHawk:(2)
Confuse 5 Sancho:(32), Henry:(12), Slime:(20), Kukkle:(13), Wyvern:(31), DancingJewel:(1), Minidemon:(10) Use to have the enemy attack their allies.
Curseoff シャナク 10 Son:(20), Kukkle:(18), Messala:(22) Removes a curse.
Day-Night ラナルータ 4 Daughter:(18), Flora:(17), Drakee:(15), Minidemon:(20) Changes day into night and night into day.
DazzlingLight 0 Drakee:(22), BigEye:(8), FarewellCrag:(10)
DeadlyPoison 0 Hork:(25), MadDragon:(13)
Decrease 4 Bianca:(7), Daughter:(22), Henry:(6), Flora:(11), Slime:(15), Kukkle:(1), DancingJewel:(1), Leaonar:(12), SoldierBull:(15), Springer:(2) Reduce the enemys defensive power.
Defeat ザラキ 7 Bianca:(23), Flora:(23), Messala:(20), OrcKing:(15), BlizzardHawk:(1) Stronger form of Beat, affects a group of enemies.
EerieLight 0 Slime:(45), Messala:(4), Eigerhorn:(13), Lionex:(8)
Expel ニフラム 1 Slime:(7), Kukkle:(15) A spell which blows enemies away.
Explodet イオナズン 15 Daughter:(36), Flora:(37), MetalBabble:(8), Minidemon:(28), Hellbattler:(2) The strongest explosion spell.
Farewell メガザル 0 Father:(28), MetalBabble:(7), BombCrag:(19), KingHealer:(14), FarewellCrag:(3) Give up your own life to revive your fallen companions.
Firebal ギラ 4 Bianca:(8), Magician:(5), MetalBabble:(1) A small fire spell that affects a group of enemies.
Firebane べギラマ 6 Son:(13), Bianca:(15), Flora:(16), Magician:(12), MetalBabble:(4), Eigerhorn:(2) A stronger form of Firebal.
FireBreath 0 DragonPup:(1)
Firevolt ベギラゴン 10 Bianca:(27), Flora:(27), Magician:(28), MetalBabble:(6), Eigerhorn:(11), Hellbattler:(5) The strongest enemy group fire spell.
FlameBreath 0 DragonPup:(15), MadDragon:(8), Leaonar:(15), GreatDragon:(3)
FreezeRay 0 KillerPantherBorongo:(33), KingSlime:(18)
FreezingBreath 0 Yeti:(22), Wyvern:(22), Messala:(27), BlizzardHawk:(3), GreatDragon:(15)
Gale バギ 2 Father:(8) A wind spell that affects a group of enemies.
Heal ホイミ 3 Father:(4), Healer:(4), SlimeKnight:(1) A simple healing spell.
Healall べホマ 7 Son:(16), Father:(22), Healer:(20), SlimeKnight:(20), BigEye:(15), Wyvern:(15), Curer:(2), Centaurus:(23) Restores an ally to full health.
Healmore ベホイミ 5 Son:(12), Father:(11), Flora:(1), Healer:(7), SlimeKnight:(5), BigEye:(1), Wyvern:(3), Curer:(3), Centaurus:(3) A stronger form of Heal.
Healus ベホマラー 18 Son:(30), Healer:(25), Wyvern:(18), Curer:(18), OrcKing:(8), BlizzardHawk:(15) Restores some health to all allies.
Healusall ベホマズン 36 Healer:(36), Curer:(30), KingHealer:(2) Restores full health to all allies.
Identify 3 Son:(18), Father:(12) Cast on an item to get more information.
Increase スクルト 3 Son:(8), Sancho:(19), Slime:(10), Kukkle:(17), Curer:(10), KingSlime:(5) Raises the defensive power of all allies.
InfernalFlames 0 Slime:(99), GreatDragon:(50), Hellbattler:(15)
Lick 0 Hork:(4), Yeti:(20), Minidemon:(4)
Lightning ギガデイン 15 Son:(34), Lionex:(20) Affects a group of enemies. Stronger than Zap.
Massacre 0 Eliminator:(7)
Meditate 0 Slime:(77), Golem:(20)
NumbingAttack 0 DancingNeedle:(20)
Numboff キアリク 2 Son:(14), Healer:(15), SlimeKnight:(18) Cast to cure an ally from paralysis.
Outside リレミト 8 Father:(14), Daughter:(9), Slime:(18), Wyvern:(12) Cast in a cave to return to the surface.
PoisonAttack 0 Hork:(5)
PoisonBreath 0 Hork:(20)
Repel トヘロス 4 Son:(10), Henry:(15), Healer:(5), PuppetMan:(20), Centaurus:(9) Causes weak enemies to leave you alone.
Return ルーラ 8 Father:(-), Daughter:(5), Wyvern:(24), Nereus:(10) Allows you to travel instantly to places you have visited before.
Revive ザオリク 20 Son:(27), Curer:(23), KingSlime:(15), OrcKing:(11), KingHealer:(10), Hellbattler:(8) Brings an ally back to life.
Robmagic マホトラ 0 Sancho:(25), Drakee:(20), Magician:(15), SlimeKnight:(1), KingHealer:(3) Steals some MP from an enemy.
Sacrifice メガンテ 1 Sancho:(30), BombBaby:(1), BombCrag:(4) Give up your own life to destroy the enemy.
Sap ルカニ 3 Eliminator:(20) Reduce an enemys defensive power.
Sleep ラリホー 3 Bianca:(12), Daughter:(20), Sancho:(20), Flora:(14), Drakee:(10), Kukkle:(10), Wyvern:(10), Nereus:(12) Cast to put the enemy to sleep.
SleepAttack 0 DancingNeedle:(10)
Sleepmore ラリホーマ 5 Wyvern:(28), DancingJewel:(6), Messala:(11) A stronger form of Sleep.
Snowblast ヒャダルコ 5 Daughter:(14), Yeti:(15), Eigerhorn:(4), Nereus:(2) An ice spell which affects an enemy group.
SparklingBreath 0 BlizzardHawk:(23), GreatDragon:(30), Hellbattler:(13)
Stepguard トラマナ 2 Son:(15), Bianca:(17), Flora:(15), Slime:(25), OrcKing:(9) Cast to walk safely through barriers and poison swamps.
Stopspell マホトーン 3 Son:(5), Magician:(3), Kukkle:(19), PuppetMan:(15), DancingJewel:(2), Messala:(3) Cast to prevent the enemy from casting spells.
StrangeDance1 0 Drakee:(17), DancingNeedle:(3), DancingJewel:(2)
StrangeDance2 0 DancingNeedle:(5), PuppetMan:(1)
StrangeDance3 0 DancingNeedle:(15), PuppetMan:(10), BlizzardHawk:(8)
Surround マヌーサ 4 Bianca:(5), Daughter:(4), Henry:(3), Flora:(12), Drakee:(5), Kukkle:(5), Leaonar:(5) Creates mirror images of your party to encircle and confuse the enemy.
SweetBreath 0 Yeti:(8), DragonPup:(5), BigEye:(10), MadDragon:(6), Minidemon:(13)
TemptingDance 0 Hork:(15), PuppetMan:(23), MadDragon:(7)
Thordain ギガデイン 10 Son:(38) Uses MP from three allies to attack one enemy with a large lightning bolt.
Thunder 0 KillerPantherBorongo:(40), Golem:(45), FarewellCrag:(20), Nereus:(40)
Tornado バギマ 4 Father:(16), PuppetMan:(25), Eigerhorn:(3), Springer:(7), Nereus:(3) A stronger form of Gale.
Upper スカラ 2 Father:(9), MetalBabble:(3), Curer:(8), SoldierBull:(5), Springer:(3) Raises the defensive power of an ally.
ViolentFlames 0 DragonPup:(28), KingSlime:(20), MadDragon:(15), GreatDragon:(10), Hellbattler:(3)
Vivify ザオラル 10 Father:(29), Slime:(30), Healer:(30), Curer:(12), KingSlime:(3), OrcKing:(4), FarewellCrag:(14), Nereus:(17) Cast for a 50% chance of returning an ally to life.
WarCry 0 KillerPantherBorongo:(21), Eigerhorn:(7)
Zap ライデイン 6 Son:(25), Lionex:(14) Affects all enemies; the first lightning type spell.

Note: The Number after a specific character or monster is the level at which they learn the spell.

Credit: Thanks to Plattym3, Cory Stalbaum, Kagon, & DShort