Image Name Buy Sell Defense Style Who Found Description Cursed
Item Art: Angel Leotard Angel Leotard 21,000 gold 0 gold 70 Bianca, Nera, Debora, Daughter Block magic and ice attacks
Item Art: Blood Mail Blood Mail 6,500 gold 0 gold 45 Monster Battenburg shop
Item Art: Boxer Shorts Boxer Shorts 0 gold 0 gold 15 Sancho Find Lodestar, Oasis, Gotha
Item Art: Bronze Armour Bronze Armour 700 gold 0 gold 21 Hero, Son, Harry, Tuppence -
Item Art: Chain Mail Chain Mail 500 gold 0 gold 19 Harry, Tuppence -
Item Art: Cloak of Evasion Cloak of Evasion 3,000 gold 0 gold 28 Bianca, Nera, Daughter User might avoid attack
Item Art: Dancer's Costume Dancer's Costume 1,300 gold 0 gold 20 Bianca, Nera, Debora, Daughter Female only
Item Art: Dark Robe Dark Robe 16,000 gold 0 gold 55 Monster Reduce magic damage; Find:Mt.Z. Buy Estark TnT
Item Art: Devil Armour Devil Armour 0 gold 0 gold 65 Monster Talon Tower, Estark TnT
Item Art: Dragon Mail Dragon Mail 7,500 gold 0 gold 50 Hero, Son, Tuppence Reduce fire damage
Item Art: Flame Armour Flame Armour 15,000 gold 0 gold 70 Hero, Son, Tuppence Block magic and ice attacks
Item Art: Flowing Dress Flowing Dress 14,800 gold 0 gold 55 Bianca, Nera, Debora, Daughter Deflect magic and fire atts
Item Art: Full Plate Armour Full Plate Armour 2,300 gold 0 gold 30 Hero, Son, Tuppence -
Item Art: Fur Cape Fur Cape 550 gold 0 gold 18 Bianca, Nera, Daughter -
Item Art: Glombolero Glombolero 0 gold 0 gold 37 Bianca, Nera, Daughter Sometimes absorbs MP
Item Art: Handwoven Cape Handwoven Cape 0 gold 0 gold 6 Bianca, Nera, Debora, Tuppence Find: Uptaten, Whealbrook
Item Art: Hela's Armour Hela's Armour 0 gold 0 gold 85 Sancho Coburg chest (Merry Man) (This armour has 0 agility) Yes
Item Art: Iron Armour Iron Armour 1,200 gold 0 gold 25 Hero, Harry, Tuppence -
Item Art: Iron Cuirass Iron Cuirass 1,000 gold 0 gold 23 Hero, Harry, Sancho, Tuppence -
Item Art: Lacy Bustier Lacy Bustier 5,500 gold 0 gold 36 Bianca, Nera, Debora, Daughter -
Item Art: Leather Armour Leather Armour 180 gold 0 gold 11 Hero, Sancho, Harry -
Item Art: Leather Dress Leather Dress 380 gold 0 gold 17 Bianca, Nera, Debora, Daughter Female only
Item Art: Leather Kilt Leather Kilt 220 gold 0 gold 12 Harry, Sancho -
Item Art: Legerdemantle Legerdemantle 6,800 gold 0 gold 37 Monster Battenburg shop. Knight T.
Item Art: Magic Armour Magic Armour 12,000 gold 0 gold 60 Hero, Son, Sancho, Tuppence Reduces magic damage
Item Art: Metal King Armour Metal King Armour 0 gold 0 gold 95 Hero, Son, Tuppence Metal Dragon drops this.
Item Art: Mirror Armour Mirror Armour 30,000 gold 0 gold 80 Hero, Son, Tuppence Reflect magic back.
Item Art: Pallium Regale Pallium Regale 0 gold 0 gold 90 Hero Block magic/ice atts Mantlep
Item Art: Plain Clothes Plain Clothes 30 gold 0 gold 4 All -
Item Art: Powjamas Powjamas 12 MiniMedals 0 gold 40 Hero, Son, Sancho Dominicus Dominion/MMedals, Price in MiniMedals
Item Art: Princess's Robe Princess's Robe 0 gold 0 gold 80 Bianca, Nera, Debora, Daughter Reduces fire/ice att damage; Faerie Palaace.
Item Art: Rags Rags 25 gold 0 gold 3 Harry -
Item Art: Restless Armour Restless Armour 0 gold 0 gold Harry Cursed and lowers defence. Find in Pass to Gotha. Yes
Item Art: Robe of Serenity Robe of Serenity 0 gold 0 gold 33 Bianca, Nera, Daughter Protects vs asleep or paral.
Item Art: Robust Lingerie Robust Lingerie 0 gold 0 gold 23 Bianca, Daughter, Debora Estark TnT board/Gotha.
Item Art: Sacred Armour Sacred Armour 28 MiniMedals 0 gold 75 Hero, Son Heals HP during battle, Price in MiniMedals
Item Art: Sage's Robe Sage's Robe 12,000 gold 0 gold 50 Bianca, Nera Reduce magic damage
Item Art: Scale Armour Scale Armour 350 gold 0 gold 15 Hero, Harry, Tuppence -
Item Art: Serf Wear Serf Wear 0 gold 0 gold 5 Hero, Harry Find at Crocodilopolis
Item Art: Shimmering Dress Shimmering Dress 8,800 gold 0 gold 45 Bianca, Nera, Debora, Tuppence May reflect back magic
Item Art: Silk Apron Silk Apron 110 gold 0 gold 10 Bianca, Nera, Debora, Daughter -
Item Art: Silk Bustier Silk Bustier 18,800 gold 0 gold 60 Bianca, Nera, Debora, Daughter Faerie Lea shop, Stockchest
Item Art: Silk Dress Silk Dress 0 gold 0 gold 30 Debora Default equipment
Item Art: Silk Robe Silk Robe 0 gold 0 gold 13 Bianca, Nera, Debora, Daughter Find: Fortuna
Item Art: Silver Cuirass Silver Cuirass 5,000 gold 0 gold 40 Monster, Sancho -
Item Art: Silver Mail Silver Mail 4,800 gold 0 gold 40 Hero, Tuppence -
Item Art: Slime Gooniform Slime Gooniform 330 gold 0 gold 20 Monster Slime type monsters
Item Art: Spiked Armour Spiked Armour 0 gold 0 gold 55 Harry, Sancho, Tuppence Hurts foe who attacks
Item Art: Tortoise Shell Tortoise Shell 2,500 gold 0 gold 33 Sancho -
Item Art: Wayfarer's Clothes Wayfarer's Clothes 70 gold 0 gold 7 Hero, Son, Daughter, Harry, Sancho, Tuppence -
Item Art: Zenithian Armour Zenithian Armour 0 gold 0 gold 85 Son Block magic/ice atts Crocodi
Item Art: Zombie Mail Zombie Mail 0 gold 0 gold 38 Monster Knightmare Towers find