Mini Medal List

Thanks to SeanW40 for the updated to iOS list.

001Aliahan CastleBarrel
002AliahanDresser In House
003ReeveUnder Boulder
004Dreamer's TowerTreasure Chest
005Aliahan CastleDresser
006Little ShrinePot
007Romaria TownPot
008Romaria TownBeside The Torch By The Castle
009Romaria CastleFlower Bed In Bush, Corner Of Backwards
011Super Secret Faerie VillageNorthern Square West Of The Queen
012Underground LakeTreasure Chest
013Shrine East of IsisPot
014Isis Castle TownMiddle Gravestone
015Isis Castle TownPot At The Weapon Shop
016Isis Castle TownSe Corner Of Town
017Isis CastleQueen'S Throne At Night
018PyramidTreasure Chest
019PyramidTreasure Chest
020PyramidSummit, North West Corner
021Romaria CastleBush In Magic Key Room
022AshamTile In Magic Key Room
023AshamBackstage Of The Theater, Se Corner
024Isis CastleTreasure Chest
025PortogaNorth Eastern Square In The Horse Field
026PortogaPot In Underground Room (Hard To Find Stairs
027BaharataDresser At The Inn
028Kidnapper's CaveTreasure Chest
029Alltrades AbbeyStatue
030Tower of TranscendenceTreasure Chest
032TheddonPoison Marsh, Middle Of Swamp
033LansonOutside Temple On Eastern Side
034LansonSw House, Drawer
035Edina CastleWestern Garden Flower Bed
036Edina CastleEastern Garden, South West Bottom Corner
037PersistenceAbove Well
039Shrine of the Final KeyNorth Tile Of Tiled Floor
040Romaria CastlePrison Cell Sink
041Shrine West of RomariaNorth West Corner Of Teleportal
042MurNe Corner Of Bushes In Jail
043Fifer's SpireTreasure Chest
044Fifer's SpireTreasure Chest
045Shrine North of JipangDresser
046JipangPot In Cellar
047JipangPot In Pimiko'S House
048Lanson TempleTreasure Chest Behind Priest Afte Beginning The Trial
049Gaia's NavelTreasure Chest
050Gaia's NavelTreasure Chest
051Pirate's DenBarrel
052Pirate's DenPrison Cell
053LozamiiOn Cracked Tile In The Middle Of The Flower Bed
055Teleportal ShrineBlue Square
056Teleportal ShrineTile At The Bottom Center Of The Pool Of Water
057ManozaBarrel Next To The Inn
059Manoza CastleWestern Side Outside Of Castle
060Manoza CastleKitchen Barrel
061Manoza CastlePot In Prison
062Manoza CaveTreasure Chest
063Manoza CaveTreasure Chest
064Immigrant TownTreasure Chest In Dealer'S House (Phase Before Dealer Is Locked Up Only
065Phantom ShipBarrel
066Phantom ShipBarrel
067Shrine of the DwarfBehind Throne
068Olivia's PromontoryWestern Wall Between Two Teleportals
069Shrine of ShacklesPot
070Maw of the NecrogondTreasure Chest
071Maw of the NecrogondMiddle Of Middle Of Large Room (Two Right From Pit, And About 9
072Shrine of the NecrogondGravestone
073LeimlandEastern Corner At Bottom Of Ladder
074Immigrant Town dresser(Phase After Getting Ramia
075Castle of the Dragon QueenSunlit Floor
076Baramos' LairBy A Corpse In Cell
077Baramos' LairBy A Corpse On A Throne
078Tantegel JettyNorth East Branch Above Water
079Tantegel Castle TownNear Tree
080Tantegel CastleBarrel
081Galen's HouseDresser
082Craggy CaveChest
084DamdaraNorth Eastern Horse Stable
085DamdaraWell, South West Area
086Shrine of the SpiritFlower Design
087CantlinNorth West Room In North West Corner
088CantlinIn Front Of The Smaller Vacant Stall In The Se Most Building
089KolStairs Leading Into The Bath
090KolHanging Sack
091KolIn The Water Of The Well
092Unfinished tunnel to RimuldarBetween Two People At The Southern End
093Tower of RubissTreasure Chest
094Tower of RubissMiddle Of Room On Third Floor With Skeletons
095Tower of RubissTreasure Chest
096Nail MarkTreasure Chest In Ne Corner Of First Floor
097Nail MarkTreasure Chest On Third Floor
098SanctumLeft Cross
100RimuldarPrison By The Table
102Zoma's CitadelIn The Eastern Barrier
103Zoma's CitadelIn Front Of The Throne
104Zoma's CitadelTreasure Chest
105Bonus DungeonTreasure Chest
106Bonus DungeonTreasure Chest
107Bonus DungeonPot
108Bonus DungeonPot
109Bonus DungeonTreasure Chest
110Bonus DungeonTreasure Chest