Quest # Title Prerequisite Location Who Asks Request Reward Can Repeat Story Quest Solution
1 The People's Friend Cobblestone Sleeping Hibiscus Deliver Flurry Feather
2 The Soldier and the Strategist - A Tale of Two Heroes Heliodor Drasilian Schilling Find book in far East house in Heliodor
3 Amelia's in a Pickle Heliodor Kitty Litter Help cat whose paw is stuck in the roof in Heliodor
4 It Takes Two to Tango Heliodorian Foothills - Church Gold Chain Defeat an enemy using the 'Real Decoy' Pep Power
5 Put a Ring on It Hotto Crucerang Deliver a Gold Ring +1 or better to the father-to-be behind the bar
6 Smiths and Sparkly Spots Hotto I [Heart] Iron Arms Recipe Book Deliver a few lumps of Iron Ore to the blacksmith in Hotto
7 A Walk on the Wild Side Gallopolis City Furry Finery Recipe Book Use the "Wild Side" Pep Power to defeat a Spitzfire
8 A Cactus Cutlet to Die For Gallopolis City Trickster Card Retrieve a Golden Globule from a Golden Globe monster and deliver
9 A Lovely Letter Gallopolis Region - Laguna di Gondolia Checkpoint Cutting-Edge Kit Recipe Book Deliver Hakim's Letter to Akia (maid sweeping outside locked cell door) in the Eastern part of Godolia; then, deliver Akia's letter back to Hakim
10 An Even Lovelier Letter Gondolia - Akia Mini Medal Deliver Akia's letter to Valentino in Puerto Valor; then, deliver Valentino's reply letter back to Akia
11 A Path to Paradise Zwaardsrust Region - Warrior's Rest Inn Robe of Serenity Use the "Care Prayer" Pep Power on the Deadnauts in the Zwaardsrust ruins (Night) and return to the priest
12 Skincare for the Fierce and Fabulous Octagonia The Dapper Chap Recipe Book Obtain the Mellow Vera from the harvest point near the Western point of the Southern Dundrasil landmass near the waterfalls
13 The Shadow Octagonia - Orphanage Mini Medal Obtain the Shadow's Mark by reaching him in Octagonia - head toward the Upper Level and turn right, instead of left, up the stairs to find a climbing point. The Shadow is cowering behind a column at the end of the path
14 Anything for Love Peurto Valor - West of Armour Shop Make a Whip-Roaring Success of Yourself Recipe Book Retrieve a Floral Coral from a Coralossus in The Costa Valor coastline and deliver
15 Shiver me Timbers! Peurto Valor - Kitchen of Hotel Casino Sweet Stuff for Swindlers Recipe Book Retrieve the Peck of Proper Pepper by defeating Robbin' 'Ood and his Merry Men on Insula Australis (Northeast of Gondolia) and deliver
16 A Rush of Blood Peurto Valor Garter Change Jade into a Bunny Girl costume with the Fishnet Stockings, Bunny Suit and Bunny Ears (Down the Rabbit Hole Recipe Book is available in the Puerto Valor Casino for 500 Tokens)
17 Worth Its Salt Phnom Nonh (Mid-Game) Mythril Ore x10 Retrieve the Rainbow Rock Salt from the Grotta della Fonte and return it to the quest giver
18 Light It Up Phnom Nonh Silver Ore x10 Retrieve Rainproof Rayon by defeating Brollygaggers
19 A Memorable Memory L'Académie de Notre Maître des Médailles Belle's Bow Find the Memory Box in the NW garden circle in front of the school
20 Making Things Right L'Académie de Notre Maître des Médailles Mini Medal x3 Make a +1 or higher Queen's Whip
21 The Agony and the Ecstasy L'Académie de Notre Maître des Médailles Uniforme de l'Académie Read the bulletin on the back of the sign post headed into the Southeasternmost cave at the Eerie Eyrie
22 A Right Riddle L'Académie de Notre Maître des Médailles (Mid-Game) Mini Medal x5 1.) Equip the Steel Broadsword and speak to Conchella; 2.) Equip the Fizzle Foil and speak to Conchella
23 The Measure of a Man Lonalulu Venus' Tear Defeat a Night Clubber ON Insula Incognita using the Buff-Buff Pep Power and return to the quest giver
24 My Secret Saint Lonalulu Warlock Card Find the Carved Figure at the Southeasternmost tip of Insula Orientalis (Yellow Sparkle) and return it to the quest giver
25 Up Where They Walk Nautica Gracos's Trident Speak to the old man behind the NW tower in Gondolia; Return to Nautica and sing to the mermaid
26 A Cold Crush Sniflheim City That's Magic Recipe Book Retrieve a Snærose from the Southernmost tip of the Snæfelt and return it to the quest giver
27 The Viking Hoard Sniflheim City Pirate's Hat Find the missing Viking on Insula Borealis and deliver the Scruffy Urchin to the quest giver
28 Planting Seeds for the Future Arboria - Grove of Repose (Post-Game) Healer Card Retrieve the Wishteria Seeds by defeating a Wight Bulb in the First Forest and return it to the quest giver
29 Fit as a Fiddle Arboria Butterfly Baton Retrieve Red Kale from the First Forest and return it to the quest giver
30 Understanding Angri-La Angri-La (Mid-Game) Mystic Defeat a Boreal Serpent on Mount Pang Lai with the Blaze of Glory Pep Power
31 Pointless Blade Angri-La (Post-Game) Seed of Skill x10 Forge a Legate +3, equip it, and return to the quest giver
32 When Knight Falls Peurto Valor (Mid-Game) Metal Slime Shield Defeat a Knight Aberrant at the Eerie Eryie after using the Alive Pep Power
33 One Last Request L'Académie de Notre Maître des Médailles Chronocrystal Locate the gravestone in the Southernmost wheat field in the Zwaardrust Region and return to the quest giver
34 A Delayed Deploma L'Académie de Notre Maître des Médailles (Mid-Game) Gear that Glitters Recipe Book Return the Diplôme de l'Académie to Lili on the second floor of the Weapon Shop in Sniflheim and return to the quest giver
35 Madame Labouche's Life Lesson L'Académie de Notre Maître des Médailles (Mid-Game) Glam Gear for Go-Getters Recipe Book Return when the Hero's Charm stat is around 330
36 A Fragrant Fille L'Académie de Notre Maître des Médailles (Mid-Game) Hades' Helm Retrieve the Flacon of Pungent Perfume from the NE corner of The Cryptic Crypt - Monster Lair and return to the quest giver
37 Some Like it Hotto Hotto (Mid-Game) Goobricant x5 Retrieve Fiery Brimstone by defeating Lava Lamplings on Mount Huji and return it to the quest giver
38 A Rose Arose Where No Rose Grows Gondolia (Mid-Game) Happy Hat Retrieve the Desert Rose from the Gallopolis Region's Southern peninsula and return it to the quest giver
39 The Search for the Sage's Stone Gondolia (Mid-Game) Making the Most of Mythril Recipe Book Retrieve the Sage's Stone from the Western ledge in Nautica (must be a fish) and return it to the quest giver
40 Soothing Seaweed Lonalulu (Mid-Game) Molten Globules x5 Retrieve a Dulcet Dulse from the fisher merman on Insula Algarum and return it to the mermaid
41 My Kingdom for Some Kanaloamari Lonalulu (Mid-Game) Pentarang Retrieve a serving of Kanaloamari by defeating a Tentacular using the Tempered Tantrum Pep Power
42 A Little Bit of Lantern Gallopolis City (Mid-Game) Agate of Evolution x3 Retrieve the Lantern Sharp from the Celestial Sands - Pernicious Peninsula and return it to the quest giver
43 A Ballad of Bravery Zwaardsrust Region - Warrior's Rest Inn (Mid-Game) Fine Fashions for Philosophers Recipe Book Retrieve the Luter's Opus from the Dundrasil Region - Cabin and return it to the quest giver
44 Sweet Dreams Phnom Nonh Mini Medal x5 Defeat a Bongo Bango in Southern Champs Sauvage using the Snooze 'n' Bruise Pep Power and return to the quest giver
45 Riche's Rock-Hard Roulette Challenge Octagonia (Post-Game) Vest for Success Win a Jackpot at any of the Roulette tables in the VIP Area of Octagonia's Casino
46 Marking a Momentous Occasion Nautica (Mid-Game) Secrets of the Sunken Spirit Recipe Book Speak to the Cannon Lady in Lanalulu to receive the Kanono Cannon and return to the quest giver
47 Justice is Brined Nautica (Mid-Game) Sovereign Seal Retrieve the Sealicitor's Statutes from the cabin on Insula Occidentalis and return it to the quest giver
48 A Dish Served Cold The Snærfelt - Scholar's Cabin (Mid-Game) Metal Slime Armour Retrieve the Type G0 Sprocket by defeating a Type G0 in The Snærfelt - Frozen Fjord and return it to the quest giver
49 Mister Vista Cobblestone Tor - Summit (PS4 - Post-Game) Fantastick Find the inscription on the Southeasternmost isle of Insula Centralis and return to the quest giver
50 A Long-Lost Literary Love Arboria (Mid-Game) Things to Do with Metal Goo Recipe Book Read the books on the second floor of a private house in Gallopolis, then, return to the The Manglegrove and read the book in the Woodcutter's Hut to retrieve the love letter and return it to the quest giver
51 Might Is Right! Heliodor - Royal Square (Post-Game) Apollo's Axe Defeat Harmachis
52 Mistress Bev's Perfect Prediction Downtown Heliodor (Post-Game) Pep Pop Retrieve some Divine Dew in the First Forest just nother of the Summit (Campsite) and return it to the quest giver
53 Now You See Me… Downtown Heliodor (Post-Game) Mini Medal x10 Speak to the orphan in front of the Octagonia Orphanage, and then, find the All-Time 'Ide-an'-Seek Master (Xero) in the Magic Key room of L'Académie de Notre Maîtredes Médailles
54 Romantic Village Homura Hotto (Post-Game) Über Agate of Evolution x3 Read the diary in Hotto - Miko's Shrine, find the Chest of Hotto Stuff at the end of the Mount Huji - Secret Entrance, and return it to the quest giver
55 Perfectly Pepped Paladins Gallopolis City - Sultan's Palace - Downstairs - Prince's Bedchamber Pep Pip x4 Retrieve a Pepper Tree branch from base of the large treen in the Southern area of the First Forest - Whale Way Station and bring it to Prince Faris
56 A Little Kindness Goes a Long Way Lonalulu (Post-Game) Slime Crown Retrieve the Crystal Lily from the Snifleim - Whale Way Station and return it to the quest giver
57 Morcant's Mastery of Magic Angri-La (Post-Game) A boost to Rab's magical powers Read the three time-honoured tomes writte by Morcant in the Royal Library
58 The Holiest of Harps Havens Above (Post-Game) A boost to Serena's Magical Mending stat Retrieve the Harmonicrystal by defeating a Crystalotl in The Battleground (Post-Game) and return it to the quest giver
59 Wisdom of the Warrior King Havens Above (Post-Game) A boost for the Blind Man's Biff ability Read the four time-honoured tomes in or near Gallopolis, Sniflheim, Phnom Nonh, and Heliodor
60 Lost Lovers Havens Above (Post-Game) Luminary sword abilities become stronger Find Erdwin's Bracelet in Drustan's Labyrinth - The Disciple's Trial - The Cruel Crypt- Lower Level in the dead end Southeast of the slot machines, and return it to the quest giver