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Book 1 - The Royal Soldiers Sykonee 2011/03/21 Completed
Book 2: Princess Alena's Adventure - Part 1: Awareness Sykonee 2011/03/21 Completed
Book 2: Princess Alena's Adventure - Part 2: Alteration Sykonee 2011/03/21 Completed
Dragon Warrior IV Novelization Author's Note by Sykonee Sykonee 2011/03/21 Completed
Book 2: Princess Alena's Adventure - Part 3: Acceptance Sykonee 2011/03/21 Completed
Quest of Erdrick ETG 2000/01/24 Completed The story of Erdrick after he defeated Zoma.
The Seven Orbs of the Seven Sages Deftscar 2008/07/17 In Progress Gemon is back. And he will do what Rhapthorne could not: take over the world of light. The only way to stop him is to obtain the seven orbs containing the souls of sages that defeated Rhapthorne long ago. But how will our heroes find the orbs when they are being contsantly threatened by the evil might of Gemon? Join Kai, Angelo, Marcello, Jessica and Yangus in their quest to save the world in the sequal to DRAGON QUEST8!
Dragon Warrior 3 Juice 2003/08/29 In Progress A secret evil grows quickly in the world. The people are ignorant of this, yet savage monsters have begun to appear in every corner of open land. Even in the oceans and forests have they surfaced. Ortega of Aliahan attempted to destroy the evil before it could develop, yet he failed. With the strongest hero of the world dispatched, no one can prevent destruction. No one except his kin. The final hope lies with his son, Erdrick....
Fulfillment of a Prophesy Eternal Solitude 2001/09/24 In Progress "Necrosaro's threat was finally gone. Without a ruler, the creatures of evil disappeared from the known world. However, if we all recall, the prophet in the house mysteriously perished while delivering a message? Why, and how, was this prophet killed? Was the message truly delivered? And what of the Golden Bracelet? Hopefully, all the loose ends shall be tied up, if for better... or worse."
Clash of the Ages weber 2001/04/02 In Progress The History of the World of Dragon Quest
Warriors of Paradisia Kandar4343 2001/04/02 In Progress The Ruler of the Eclipses threatens the destruction of Aureguard. A group called the Dragon Warrior Legends challenges any fiend who wants the world into chaos.
Return of the Dragonlord Agrias03 2001/02/10 In Progress Peace once again is here, but like always, never lasts. With the rebirth of the Dragonlord, the illness of a great king and the struggle of one's destiny, can five brave journeyers manage to save all of humanity?
The Saga Begins Hawks74226 2000/10/08 In Progress "In a time of darkness, few people dare to stand up against the evil Emperor Zharloz. Under these dire circumstances, five people will unite to do battle against Zharloz, a battle to the death."
Dragon Quest Monsters Meets Dragon Quest The Original The_Eternal_Phoenix 2000/08/01 In Progress Unfortunately I have not played any of the Dragon Quest series but got DQM but also unfortunately I have the jap version so I cant read any names so I
The Fire Stone MisterNate 2000/07/25 In Progress This is a fanfic based loosely around dragon warrior, it gets a little more in depth in the next few chapters, but I need to type them.
Dragon Quest VI - Original Story Christina Rose 2000/05/27 In Progress The story of Dragon Quest VI.