Directions on how to use these movies.
Dragon Warrior I Ending 2k Download
Recorded: 2/28/98 By:
This movie is from the first contact with Dragonlord, through the battle with Dragonlord, and on through the ending sequence and credits. The Hero is at Level 30 (max level).

Dragon Warrior II Ending 7k Download
Received: 3/14/98 By:
This movie shows the final battle with Malroth and shows the ending and the credits.

Dragon Warrior II Ending 12k Download
Received: 12/10/98 By: Chris
The DW2 ending shows Hargon, his bodyguards, and Malroth being defeated. Then the party goes around the world talking to people who say something different than the usual..

Dragon Warrior III Ending 10k Download
Received: 4/14/98 By:
No description included.

Dragon Warrior III Ending 15k Download
Received: 11/25/98 By: Chris
It's a movie of Zoma and his 3 henchmen being defeated. Then the party goes around talking to pretty much everyone in all the towns (You can get by this part in a couple of minutes if you speed it up to 999 fps). Then the ending sequence plays.
Dragon Warrior IV Ending 10k Download
Received: 3/29/98 By:
Show final battle with guys rule here...all about level 50. All through ending, credits.

Dragon Warrior IV Ending 10k Download
Received: 12/13/98 By:
Show final battle with Necrosaro.

Dragon Warrior IV Ending 11k Download
Received: 12/13/98 By:
The DW4 ending shows Necrosaro being defeated. Then the party talks to everyone in the Zenithian castle. Then the ending plays
All files will be provided in ZIP format.


1. Download the Movie you want to view and save it in your default Save directory in NESticle. Default directory is set under File -> Directories...

2. Open NESticle and load the ROM for the Movie you wish to view (i.e. dwarrior1.nes).

3. Then Play the movie by going to CPU -> NES Movie -> Play, and typing the name of the movie you wish to view (i.e. dw1-end.nsm).