Original ROM New Title System Download Creators Description
Dragon Warrior I Mr. Saturn's Dragon Quest NES Patch v1.21 Mr. Saturn Industries Inc. This is a redone version of Dragon Warrior. Although the graphics aren't really improved, the town layout are different along with some text and other things.
Dragon Warrior I Chocobo Dragon Warrior NES Patch v0.4 EarthDrake Software A Chocobo edition of the infamous dragon warrior game.
Dragon Warrior I Super Mario Remix 2 NES Patch v1.0 Omniverse Well, this is an interesting hack. It changes the characters of Dragon Warrior 1 to those of Super Mario Brothers. I think it's kind of interesting.
Dragon Warrior I Dragoon X Omega NES Patch v1.0 Sliver X Dragoon X Omega is a remake of a ROM hack I did two years ago of the NES game Dragon Warrior. Almost nothing of the original game is left, making this one of the most thorough Non-Translation ROM Hacks in existence.
Dragon Warrior I David Warrior NES Patch v1.0 David?  Redone font and town layouts, your quest is to defeat the evil Micrausoft :)
Dragon Warrior I Dragon Lord NES Patch v1.0 Trip You play as the bad guy, the Dragonlord, instead of the hero. You are one of a line of Dragonlord's, who's purpose is to find the Balls of Light in order to let chaos reign across the land.
Dragon Warrior I Mario Warrior NES Patch v1.0 Deathpoet1 This is a hack of Dragon Warrior that puts things from the Mario games into it. 
Dragon Warrior I Dragon Warrior I Plus NES Patch 33% Interordi Rom Hacking This is a graphics overhaul, it replaces the DWI graphics to make it look more like DWIV