Captain N Characters

Captain N Logo These are some sketches I drew back when the Captain N Cartoon Series was still on TV. The character info is from the Unofficial Captain N Homepage (now defunct). I'd suggest checking out this site, it contains vast amounts of info about the series and other information.
Kevin Keen Sketch Kevin Keen is the hero and Captain N. He was brought to Videoland through his TV by the Ultimate Warp Zone.
Princess Lana Sketch Princess Lana is the current Ruler of Videoland. Her father, King Charles, was kidnapped. Since her brother, Prince Lyle, doesn't want to, Lana must rule in her father's absence. Having been through seven years of war with Mother Brain, this teenager's been through a lot! She's even attracted to Kevin, much to Simon's disgust!
Duke Sketch Duke is Kevin's faithful canine! He got pulled into Videoland with him. Duke is very intelligent, sometimes saving the day! He annoys Simon every so often, as well as Mother Brain, King Hippo, and Eggplant Wizard, but everyone else thinks he's adorable! Favorite saying: "Arf! Arf!"
Megaman Sketch Mega Man is a robot that was created by Dr. Right. He is from Megaland. His nemesis is the evil Dr. Wily, who is bent on conquering Megaland. Mega Man joined the N Team to help defeat Mother Brain. He has a robodog named Rush. Mega Man succeeded in becoming human by using the Warp of Life.
Mother Brain Sketch Mother Brain is the evil villain that is constantly trying to take over Videoland and destroy the N Team. She has a flying, brain-shaped ship known as Metroid. She believes herself to be very beautiful. She has a mirror that gives her advice - and sometimes insults. To help her in her conquest of Videoland, she has enlisted the services of Dr. Wily and idiots such as King Hippo and the Eggplant Wizard.

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