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Captain N Logo This TV series consisted of, I believe, 34 episodes. It premiered on NBC on September 9, 1989. The episode length for the first season, excluding commercials and the theme songs, was about 20 minutes.

The show is about a fifteen(?)-year-old boy named Kevin Keene who lives in Northridge, California. One night, when Kevin (played by Dorian Barag in the real-life main action sequence) is playing Punch-Out when he was supposed to be doing his homework and cleaning his room, he gets pulled through his television set (a Sony) by a huge blast of energy. His dog, Duke (played by Louie from "Critters of the Cinema"), jumps in after him.

They become cartoon characters, and end up in a universe called Videoland. It appears that in this universe, all of the characters from Kevin's video games are real.

Kevin is greeted by Princess Lana, the Ruler of Videoland. For the past seven years, Mother Brain (the villain from "Metroid"), has been trying to conquer Videoland. The Princess was losing the war. But then, an ancient prophecy was fulfilled, and Kevin was brought to them to save Videoland.

Kevin and Duke join the N Team, which consists of Lana, Mega Man, Kid Icarus, and Simon Belmont.

Taken from the Unofficial Captain N Homepage