Dragon Warrior: Legend of the Hero Abel

Season 2 Story

Abel and Daisy reach the next port town, where they meet up with Baharata again. A serving girl tells Abel that there is a yellow orb in the harbor, so Abel goes out to get it. He finds that the Blue Stone enables him to walk on the water's surface, where he fights a giant manta ray. Abel then uses the Blue Stone to summon the yellow orb out of the water, completing his collection of colored orbs.

Meanwhile, Jikido sends another human henchman after Tiala's group. The henchman is actually no older than Abel, but he is a strong sword fighter. The boy saves Tiala from Moore and his monsters in order to win her trust. When asked what his name is, he picks an Adonis flower an tells her to call him Adonis.

The group reaches a steep mountain in the Necrogond. In order to ascend it, Tiala invents a hot-air ballon. At the top, they find a crater filled with water. Moore appears again and attacks the balloon with a blast of fire. To counter it, Tiala throws the Gaia Knife, which extinguishes the fire in a flash of red light. The knife then falls into the crater lake, causing a volcanic eruption that forces up a mountain range between the crater and the next continent.

Abel, Daisy and Baharata set sail for Leiamland in search of the shrine of the Ramia bird. The ship is attacked by a fire-breathing Pleisiodon carrying a basket of fire elves on its back. The fire elves board the ship, and the crew manages to fight off all but one, which they keep prisoner. In order to fend off the Pleisiodon, Abel constructs a giant bow and arrow by combining mast cords and an oar. Baharata ignites the end of the arrow, and the crew fires it at the Pleisiodon as the creature leaps toward the ship. The arrow goes down the monsters throat, defeating it.


The captured elf leads Abel, Daisy and Baharata to the volcano where the Ramia's shrine is located. One of Baramos' wizards, Hargon, ambushes the party with a rain of lava and a giant image of himself. Abel dispels the illusion with the Blue Stone. Hargon tries to attack Daisy with a fireball, but Yanack appears just in time to create a protective wall of magic in front of her. The fight continues inside the volcano, where Hargon transforms into a giant demon. While the others fight the demon, the elf finds two shrine maidens, who use their magic to stun Hargon. Abel finishes Hargon off, then follows the shrine maidens into a chamber where a large egg is being stored. Abel places the four colored orbs in a large ceremonial bowl of water, which causes the egg to hatch. Thus, the Ramia bird is born.

Abel, Daisy and Yanack ride away on the Ramia, leaving Baharata and the fire elves behind. The Ramia soars over Estarkh, then ascends into the clouds, where Yanack sees and identifies the floating Temple of the Blue Stone. Moore and a gang of gargoyles appear, and Abel's group defeats them. Yanack duels with Moore again, this time decisively winning. Moore flees, with his protective bubble comically damaged.

Tiala's group finds the shrine of the Holy Cup, where Mokomoko gets separated from the others by once again accidentally falling into a secret passage. On the other side, he meets and befriends a lost little girl. When they rejoin the group, the girl leads them to a vault, then begins to glow red. A magic wall appears, allowing only her and Tiala to enter the vault. The girl gives Mokomoko a goodbye kiss through the magic wall, then takes Tiala into the main chamber, where she disappears suddenly. The Red Stone glows, and a giant statue rises out of the floor, with the Holy Cup at its feet.

Meanwhile, General Ludolf returns to the kingdom of Estarkh, bullying his way directly into an audience with Baramos. As Ludolf charges up to attack Baramos with his magic, Baramos counters with his own power, shocking Ludolf into submission. Baramos orders Ludolf to attack Abel, and encases his body in a new suit of armor.

Angered that Baramos didn't send him instead, Jikido plots to be the first to drink the blood of the Legendary Dragon. He stands in a pool of green water under the heart of Estarkh, and spills his own blood into it. The water whirls around him, causing his muscles to grow so large they break through his armor.

Abel's group enters the Temple of the Blue Stone, where they discover that Yanack's magic won't work. When they solve the last puzzle, they find an image of the Holy Sword suspended high above its actual location. Just then, Ludolf breaks down a wall and attacks. While Daisy and Yanack hold him off, Abel retrieves the Holy Sword. The moment the Holy Sword is pulled out of its resting place, the barrier against magic is removed. Daisy pins Ludolf's hand to the ground with her Falcon Sword, allowing Abel to throw his Lightning Sword into Ludolf's neck. Yanack finishes him off with a blast of magic electricity. Zanack appears overhead and applauds Abel and his friends for their victory.

Baramos changes his target to Tiala, and sends Moore with yet another flock of gargoyles to capture them. Terrified that her friends might be hurt, Tiala begs them to let themselves be captured. They take her advice, and Moore brings them all back to Estarkh. Moore takes the Holy Cup to Baramos and imprisons Tiala and her friends. However, Dodonga's friends Gaganbo and Boronga find their cell and set them free. Moore discovers them fleeing in the tunnels under Estarkh. Gaganbo and Boronga stay behind to hold him off while the others escape. Moore easily kills the two monsters.

The Temple of the Blue Stone descends over Estarkh. Baramos tries to block it with a force field, but the floating island manages to break through. The island lands on top of Estarkh Castle, causing an earthquake. In the confusion, Jikido steals the Dragon Balance and the Holy Cup. He drops the Cup, allowing Dodonga to find it.

Abel's group enters Estarkh, where they encounter Baramos. Baramos uses his powers to blast the group with energy, but Zanack counters with his own magic. The two struggle for dominance until Baramos retreats. Zanack, exhausted from the battle, bequeaths his staff to Yanack and dies.

On the floating island, Jikido approaches Tiala's group and demands the Holy Cup. Adonis slashes Mokomoko in the back, revealing his true loyalties. Jikido calls Adonis "Toby", which upsets Tiala when she realizes the swordsman had even lied to her about his name. Toby punches her in the stomach, knocking her out, and Jikido takes back the Holy Cup.

Meanwhile, Baramos returns to the underground energy pit to speak with his master, Zoma. Zoma sends Baramos a strong charge of energy which causes his muscles to bulge and his head to grow horns.

Yanack buries his master on the floating island. Jikido interrupts the mourning to show Abel that he has now taken Tiala prisoner. Daisy sees Toby for the first time and recognizes him as one of her younger brothers from whom she was separated as a child. When Daisy tries to talk to him, Toby attacks her. Daisy disarms him but refuses to kill him. Meanwhile, Jikido holds Tiala prisoner until Abel gives him the Blue Stone and the Holy Sword.

Jikido places the Red and Blue Stones on the Dragon Balance. The balance projects an image of Aliahan on the sky, indicating that the Legendary Dragon is there. As he leaves for Aliahan, he kidnaps Tiala again and lets the Blue Stone fall back into Abel's possession. He then throws a wave of energy at the group, including Toby. Betrayed by his master, Toby leaps in front of Daisy and takes the blast, sacrificing himself.

Abel, Daisy, Mokomoko, Dodonga and Yanack leave the floating island on the Ramia's back, after burying Toby beside Zanack.

In Aliahan, the Altar of the Dragon rises out of Dragon-God Lake, and Jikido tries to force Tiala to summon the Legendary Dragon. The Holy Sword and Cup are placed on the shrine, and Tiala begins to recite the incantation to summon the Legendary Dragon. Before she can finish, Abel arrives and charges Jikido. Tiala runs away from the altar while Daisy joins the battle. Jikido throws an energy wave at Daisy, but Abel knocks her out of the way. Tiala is in the path of the oncoming energy blast, but Dodonga blocks it with his body. Abel throws his Lightning Sword into Jikido's chest, but doesn't manage to kill him. Daisy disarms Jikido, allowing Abel to take Jikido's own sword and stab him with it, defeating him.

Abel convinces Tiala to summon the Legendary Dragon, despite Dodonga's death. Tiala returns to the altar and finishes reciting the incantation. After a bright show of red light, the Legendary Dragon appears as a baby, and uses his magic breath to purify Aliahan's lake.

Jikido approaches the altar, badly wounded, but is blown away by a blast of energy from Gaim. Baramos and Moore seize the Holy Sword and Cup. The two go down to Aliahan, where Baramos captures the baby Dragon. Using the Holy Sword, Baramos slits the Dragon's throat, and lets its blood pour into the Holy Cup. Moore hands the cup to Baramos, and as Baramos lifts it to his mouth, Mokomoko throws his mace and knocks the cup out of Baramos' hands. All of the blood spills from the cup, enraging Baramos, who in turn hurls Mokomoko against a boulder with his telekinesis. Suddenly, the baby Dragon revives, heals its throat, and grows into its full size.

Mokomoko dies in his mother's arms, surrounded by his many younger siblings.

The Dragon pursues Baramos back to Gaim, where it repeatedly breathes fire at him. Moore appears in the wrong place at the wrong time; Baramos grabs Moore and uses his body to block an oncoming blast of fire. As Baramos escapes, Moore is slowly incinerated, and Gaim crashes into the forest.

Abel goes after Baramos to get revenge for Mokomoko, Dodonga, Toby and Zanack. Baramos pulls a bone out of his arm and creates an energy sword with it as Abel charges him. They fight, and Abel is knocked down. The Ramia tries to distract Baramos, but Baramos blasts the bird with his magic, sending its smoking body into the lake.

Meanwhile, Kaka unexpectedly gives birth to a litter of baby slimes. Chichi, Kaka and their new family then merge into one slime, which fights Baramos briefly before being separated again by a shot of his magic.

Tiala runs to Abel's side, and as she holds him close, the Blue Stone in his crown and the Red Stone on her necklace touch. The stones summon the Dragon back to them. The Dragon's body glows and collides with Abel and Tiala, causing an explosion. Abel emerges from the flames wearing the same armor as the legendary hero, Roto. He takes the unconscious Tiala to safety, then attacks Baramos at the Dragon's shrine. Abel's armor produces a sword and shield, both of which he loses while fighting Baramos. Abel punches Baramos in the face, knocking him backward into the clean lake, which dissolves his body like acid.

Just as Abel thinks he's won, Baramos emerges from the lake, his flesh falling apart. Baramos seizes Abel, but Abel manages to break free when Daisy throws him his sword. Abel delivers the final blow by planting his sword in Baramos' neck. Baramos then reaches into his own chest and pulls out his own jewel, a large black crystal. The crystal creates a massive black whirlwind that pulls in Abel and Baramos both.


The people of Aliahan evacuate to the castle as the whirlwind rages on. Baramos' body is torn apart. The Red Stone glows on Tiala's necklace, and Abel sees a vision of her. He then transforms his armor back into the Dragon, which destroys the whirlwind with a glaring white light.


The light miraculously revives Mokomoko, and the villagers see Abel returning from the lake without his armor, but accompanied by the Legendary Dragon, which has returned to being a baby. Tiala's parents place her in Abel's arms. The Red and Blue Stones glow, and she awakens. The two kiss, and the story ends as the sun sets.

Info from Philip Hairr pahairr@unity.ncsu.edu