Dragon Warrior: Legend of the Hero Abel

Season 1 Story

The story begins in the underwater kingdom of Estarkh, the home of a race of creatures who were mutated by their own pollution to the point of being allergic to clean water. Their leader, Baramos, decides one day to leave the kingdom in search of the Legendary Dragon. According to the legend, the blood of the Dragon brings immortality to the one who drinks it. Baramos knows that the Dragon can be summoned by the Red Stone, so he launches his floating fortress, Gaim, to search for it.

Meanwhile, in the kingdom of Aliahan, a girl named Tiala is celebrating a birthday. Her parents call her inside to greet Master Yogi, a village elder who has come to visit her. Yogi's birthday gift to Tiala is the Red Stone, which she wears with pride. She rushes off to show her new invention, a pair of wings, to her friend Abel. She brings her pet slimes, Chichi and Kaka, with her. Abel is fishing in the Aliahan's Dragon-God Lake when Tiala arrives. She witnesses Abel being attacked by an immense fish, which beats Abel savagely with its tail until Abel washes ashore, exhausted. Tiala begs him to take her wings for a test-flight, and with some reluctance, he accepts.

The wings fall apart when Abel is in mid-flight, and Abel crashes back in the lake. Tiala swims out to him, and the two swim together underwater. They find a strange slab of rock with the two chief tenets of the Legend of the Dragon carved on it:

Gaim arrives in Aliahan, and Baramos drops anchor in the lake, poisoning it. All the fish are killed. Abel and Tiala are met at the shore by Baramos' right-hand wizard, Moore. Moore demands that Tiala hand over the Red Stone. She refuses, and Abel makes a valiant effort to defend her. The two are teleported aboard Gaim by Baramos' magic. Baramos throws Abel around using his telekinesis, and upon tiring of him, drops Abel back into the lake. At the last moment, Chichi leaps down after him. A single feather from Tiala's wings flutters down from the sky as Gaim departs.

Abel awakens in the town priest's house. He is immediately bullied by his stout friend Mokomoko, who has a crush on Tiala and is infuriated that Abel allowed her to be kidnapped. The priest informs them that Abel is to become the legendary Hero of the Blue Stone, and gives him a sash and crown. The crown contains the Blue Stone. Mokomoko objects, and the priest tells him to accompany Abel. Mokomoko is given a pair of granite clubs.

Moore uses his mind-reading skill on Tiala and discovers that not only will they be unable to take the stone from her (it resists their touch), but that she has no idea how to use it. Baramos sends Moore to Tiala's home village to learn its secrets. To pose a formidable threat, Baramos gathers his energy around a set of jewels from Gaim's collection, creating a Giant Anteater.

Moore and the Anteater attack the village. Moore hypnotizes Master Yogi and learns what he knows about the Legendary Dragon. When Yogi recovers, he casts a powerful spell to stun the Anteater, while Mokomoko knocks the creature off its feet with his clubs. Abel pounces on the monster with a pitchfork, killing it instantly. The Anteater explodes in a show of bright light before condensing back into the three jewels from which it was formed. Yogi tells Abel and Mokomoko to seek out the King of Aliahan. Sapped of his strength, Yogi dies.

The King presents Abel with a sword and sends him and Mokomoko through a magic portal in his hidden underground fountain. Immediately, the castle is attacked by a huge horde of Baramos' jewel monsters. Moore remains in the castle only long enough to read the King and Queen's minds. Then, a mysterious girl warrior charges into the castle and dispatches all of the remaining monsters. She too makes a sudden exit, after collecting the monsters' jewels.

On the other side of the portal, Abel and Mokomoko find themselves surrounded by drunken monsters in a public bath in the mountains. In a nearby pool, a drunk human wizard sees them and introduces himself as Yanack. Abel initially refuses Yanack's offer to assist them. Upon leaving the bath, Abel and Mokomoko clumsily fall off the mountain, but Yanack comes to their rescue in a levitating basket. The basket proves to be Yanack's primary mode of transportation.

The trio visits Leebe Village and solves the riddle posed to them by its aged population. Their reward is a map, left by a hero from ancient times known as Roto.

As the three travel, they notice they are being followed by the warrior girl. She knows the three are developing a habit of being attack by Baramos' monsters, which she can easily kill for the reward of the jewels inside them. She introduces herself as Daisy. One monster, a flying wildcat, attacks Abel and steals his map. Daisy kills it, but Moore arrives and steals the map himself.

Aboard Gaim, Tiala is assigned a jewel monster named Dodonga to watch over her. He brings her food, which she refuses to eat and instead offers to him. He accepts, and while he is busy eating, Tiala tries to escape. She doesn't get very far before Dodonga catches up to her and carries her back to her cell.

The group of now four warriors continues on Yanack's advice to the next point he remembered from the map, which is the Tears of the Dragon, a mountain shaped like a dragon's head. There, the group is ambushed by a swarm of giant crabs. Yanack discovers that Baramos' monsters generally have a weakness to clean water, which is exploited in the fight. Abel pulls a metal shard out of the center of the lake where the mountain's eye is, causing the next clue on their journey to be revealed.

They move on to Port Myla, where the harbor has been out of operation since the appearance of a dense black fog over the sea. Daisy and Mokomoko try to sell the metal shard, but it proves worthless. Mokomoko holds on to it anyway. Abel and his friends explore a nearby dungeon in search of the Breathstone, which, when restored to the local lighthouse, can cast light through the fog. Their mission succeeds when Abel sacrifices himself in a fountain of hot lava to obtain the Breathstone. It revives him and teleports him and his friends out of the dungeon.

As a reward for having rescued his daughter from kidnappers, an aging sailor named Baspa offers Abel a ride across the sea by ship. The ship is attacked first by stowaway pirates, then by a jewel monster in the form of a giant squid. The pirates drown during the fight, but Abel manages to kill the monster by stabbing it in the eye with the metal shard. One of the dying pirates gives Abel a bag of spices to sell at the next town, begging him to give the money to his girlfriend. Abel agrees to do it.

Upon arriving at Port Prow, Abel auctions off the spices and takes the money to the girl, who he finds in a bar. She cries over her lost love, but tells Abel how to reach the sacred city of Maura in Mount Shion.

The group travels to Maura, where Abel saves a mother dragon and her egg from being crushed by a falling pillar. The mother's mate, the guardian dragon of the city, allows Abel to ascend the stairs to the central altar. There Abel receives the Silver Sword and a vial of Holy Water.

Tiala meets Dodonga's friends, Boronga and Gaganbo, who are also jewel monsters. While they are distracted, she tries to escape again, this time succeeding. She flees to the safety of the nearby Ruida Village, which is of the same tribe as Aliahan Village. There she learns of Master Yogi's death.

Chichi senses Kaka nearby and leaves the party to find her. When Chichi reaches Ruida Village, Tiala and Kaka greet him and learn that Abel is nearby. Baramos sends a flock of Dragonflies to attack Abel's group, which he easily fends off with the innate power of the Silver Sword. He then charges after Gaim, which is suffering a power outage due to the full moon. Abel, Daisy and Mokomoko climb aboard while Yanack distracts Moore in a magician's duel outside.

Abel reaches Baramos' throne chamber again, this time better armed, but not offering much more of a fight. Baramos flings him from wall to wall, before trying to kill him with a large saw made of bone. Abel throws the Holy Water vial at Baramos, which shatters in midair, injuring Baramos. Baramos escapes, and Daisy and Mokomoko drag the berserk Abel out of Gaim.

Baramos is informed of Tiala's escape and launches an attack on Ruida Village. Tiala allows herself to be recaptured in order to save the village. She defends Dodonga in front of the enraged Baramos, who in turn allows Dodonga to live. Dodonga realizes that Tiala is his friend.

Yanack convinces a merchant to tell Abel about about the Blizzard Sword, which is enshrined in Nether on the snow-covered continent of Greenlad. Abel takes Yanack's advice to go alone to get the sword.

Upon reaching Port Maintz, Abel helps a lost little girl find her parents, and is rewarded with a dogsled. He takes the dogsled to Nether. During a blizzard, he lets his exhausted sled dogs go free, and tries to walk the rest of the way. Instead, he faints, and dreams about receiving a green rock called a Lifestone from Tiala as a gift when they were little. The stone awakens him, and he tumbles down a snow hill into a remote hut.

The hut is inhabited by a mysterious levitating hermit who gives Abel seeds to increase his strength, speed and luck. The hermit and his hut then vanish, and Abel continues on his way. An Ice Basher attacks him and chases him into the shrine of the Blizzard Sword. Abel learns from the resident priest that the Blizzard Sword is actually encased in a wall of ice, where it pins an Estarkh general named Ludolf in suspended animation. Abel fights the Ice Basher again, and using the Blue Stone, removes the Blizzard Sword from Ludolf's ice prison. Abel makes the Ice Basher the next victim of his new sword, but inadvertently allows Ludolf to free himself from the ice.

Moore enters the shrine and tries to convince Ludolf to rejoin the Estarkh race in the service of Baramos. Ludolf ignores him and chases after Abel. Abel survives one of Ludolf's fireballs using the last of the power in his Lifestone. He then slashes Ludolf with the Blizzard Sword, causing his body to freeze over again.

Gaim descends over the faery village at Cape Angel as Tiala sings her theme song, "Long Way Home." Baramos is annoyed by the sound, but the music manages to penetrate the faeries' protective barrier over the village. Baramos' half-turtle, half-dragon Tortragons accompany a Boss Troll into the village, where the Troll finds the next map. Yanack, Daisy and Mokomoko arrive and try to fend off the monsters, unsuccessfully, until Abel arrives with his new sword. Abel gives Daisy the Silver Sword, and the two make short work of the Tortragons. The Faeries give the party a magic feather, which teleports them to Najimi Tower, the next point on the map.

At the base of the tower, Abel and his friends meet a boy named Bobota, who is armed with a water gun. The boy begins to call Daisy "big sister", much to her annoyance. However, he reminds her of Juna, one of her real younger brothers, from whom she was separated at a young age. The party ascends the tower, and at the top they fight one of Baramos' strongest monsters, the Archdemon. Abel duels the monster, and after being struck by the Blizzard Sword, the Archdemon charges over the wall at the top of the tower and lands in the sea far below. Abel finds a treasure chest containing a map and a few medicinal herbs, which Bobota was looking for in order to help his sick father. Abel gives Bobota the herbs, and continues on his quest.

The party reaches a shrine that has been visited by Baramos and left in ruin. Mokomoko accidentally opens a secret passage into the ruins, and the group finds a strange pillar of water inside. Abel is pulled into the waterfall by a strange force, and experiences a vision of the world before mankind. He sees the Legendary Dragon arrive from the heavens, causing a great deal of destruction, but ultimately being sealed by the power of the Blue and Red Stones. Abel is released by the shrine, and the party discovers a treasure chest containing a new map and a Sailor's Thigh Bone.

The next point on their journey is a long winding bridge, on which the group is attacked by the Archdemon and his crew of Gargoyles again. Abel finally kills the monster after a long fight.

Meanwhile, Gaim returns to Estarkh for recharging. Baramos is angered by one of his generals, and incinerates him with a gust of fiery breath. Baramos then promotes an Estarkh named Jikido to replace the old general. Baramos gives the old general's scimitar to Jikido, then goes underground to speak with his own master, Zoma.

Abel and his friends arrive in the desert kingdom of Doran, which is secretly being controlled by the Estarkh. Abel meets a wealthy gambler named Baharata, who helps Abel escape a brawl in a casino. Abel then meets a girl named Sara who is the runaway princess of the kingdom. The palace guards catch him shortly thereafter, and he is punished for helping her by being whipped. Sara protests to her father, who treats her coldly. She then helps Abel escape the cell through a secret crawlspace. As they flee through the courtyard, the king sees them and casts a spell that brings the giant statues in the courtyard to life. Abel and Sara escape the giants by jumping into the moat. The two then regroup with Abel's friends.

Baharata suggests they use the sailor's thigh bone to investigate a wrecked ship at the Isle of the Dead. Using the bone as a compass, they find the ship, and a Magic Mirror inside it. Jikido appears inside the ship and attacks them. During the fight, Daisy attacks Jikido with the Silver Sword, but he grabs the blade bare-handed and breaks it off. Daisy manages to crack Jikido's glass helmet, stunning him long enough for Abel to stab him with the Blizzard Sword. Jikido doesn't freeze, but he retreats, destroying the ship on his way out.

The group goes on a short shopping trip, during which Daisy replaces her broken sword with a set of Copper Swords. Yanack buys a magic powder that makes everyone in the group invisible. They sneak into the palace and barely reach the king's bedroom before their invisibility wears off. Sara uses the Magic Mirror on the king, revealing that he is actually a lion-like jewel monster. Mokomoko discovers the monster's weak spot when he crushes the monster's tail with his stone club. The monster avenges himself by turning Mokomoko into a warthog. As the monster flees the palace, the palace dog latches onto the monster's tail with its teeth. The monster knocks the dog away and pounces Abel. Daisy kills the monster by cutting off its tail, just before it would have killed Abel with its claws.

The dog leads Sara and the others to the underground cell where the real king was being held prisoner. Once the king is freed, Sara uses the Magic Mirror on the dog, turning him into Prince Frank. Yanack uses the Mirror to restore Mokomoko to human form. The king holds a feast for Abel and his friends, and gives Abel a blue orb. Baharata offers to take Abel and his friends to the next village, Bazaar. Sara and Frank remain in Doran.

Abel and his friends go on another shopping trip upon reaching Bazaar. Daisy discovers the Falcon Sword just as it is being bought by another sword lover. She tries to convince him to trade it to her, but he refuses. She then disguises herself in a humiliatingly cute dress and pretends to be selling flowers, in order to get close enough to the Falcon Sword to steal it. Meanwhile, Mokomoko gets into a fight with a Metal Slime that shatters both of his granite clubs. Mokomoko then picks up a large mace at a weapons kiosk and defeats the slime with it. Yanack finds a new staff for himself as well. The village is then attacked by a group of Jikido's monsters, who bully Abel and Mokomoko until Daisy arrives to rescue them. The owner of the Falcon Sword throws it to her during the fight, and she uses it to win. The owner lets her keep it.

The old village fortune teller convinces the party to let her lead them to the underground city of Domdora in the desert, where they encounter a guardian monster in the form of a suit of armor. The monster is defeated, and the fortune teller finds a Magic Vase. The old woman then changes into a young girl, named Minea. A panel under the vase slides away, revealing the girl's sister, Mana, who awakens from her sleep. The desert is magically restored from ruin, and vegetation begins to grow again. Minea gives Abel the Vase, and a red orb. Abel and the group leave Baharata in the desert town.

Meanwhile, Baramos takes off in Gaim to search for the Dragon Balance. By fashioning musical instruments for them out of debris from inside Gaim, Tiala distracts her guards again, and escapes Gaim using a new set of the wings she invented. Dodonga is unable to prevent her escape, so he jumps out of Gaim to try to catch her. Instead, he falls a very long way down, but is rescued by Tiala.

The wings break again, and Tiala and Dodonga land in the Lake of Sincerity below. They awaken inside an underwater shrine in the lake, where a glow from the Red Stone leads them to a teleportation pool. Tiala grabs on to Dodonga and pushes him into the fountain with her. The two are beamed away.

Unaware of Tiala's escape, Baramos takes Gaim past the forest near the lake to hide while he waits for Abel. Abel's group arrives, and Mokomoko tosses the Magic Vase into the lake. The vase draws in all of the water in the lake, allowing Abel and his friends to enter the shrine on foot. The Blue Stone activates, and the Dragon Balance appears.

Gaim flies back over the shrine and fires several shots, drawing Abel's group out into the open. Moore floats down and steals the Dragon Balance, while Jikido challenges Abel to another duel. They fight until Baramos sees a blue light being emitted by the Dragon Balance. Simultaneously, Abel's Blue Stone begins to glow as he charges Jikido. Baramos teleports Jikido back to Gaim to prevent him from being killed. As Gaim retreats, Mokomoko strikes the Magic Vase with a golf swing from his mace, sending it into an opening in Gaim. The vase then releases the lake water.

Abel's group escapes the water flooding out of Gaim by running to the shrine. There, they find the teleportation pool that Tiala passed through. Mokomoko finds the remains of Tiala's recent set of wings. The party jumps into the pool in pursuit of Tiala.

Tiala and Dodonga find themselves on a wooded island, where they encounter a strange floating carpet made of red energy. Delighted at seeing it, Tiala jumps on it, and is whisked away from Dodonga. The carpet takes her to the Temple of the Red Stone, where she meets a woman named Sophia inside. Dodonga reaches the Temple, but is unable to pass through the shrine's protective dome.

Abel's party finds Dodonga outside the shrine, and he tells them that he is Tiala's guardian. Mokomoko mocks Dodonga's name, until Dodonga learns Mokomoko's name, and bursts into laughter. While they wait together outside for Tiala, Gaim approaches, and Abel goes after it again.

Sophia transfers the power to summon the Legendary Dragon to Tiala, then begins to age suddenly, having accomplished her mission. She asks Tiala to leave her behind and go to her friends.

When Tiala emerges from the shrine, Yanack introduces himself and Daisy to her. Tiala is told that Abel is fighting Baramos on Gaim, so she dashes off toward the floating fortress to help him.

Abel climbs the side of a cliff as Gaim rams into it, trying to crush him. He jumps down from the rock face onto the top of Gaim, where he meets Baramos, Moore and Jikido in a duel. Baramos creates an energy sword and slashes at Abel with it, while Abel makes feeble attempts to strike Baramos with the Blizzard Sword. Tiala climbs one of Gaim's anchors to the top, where she is taken prisoner again by Moore. Jikido wounds Abel, and as Jikido is about to deliver the final stroke, Tiala screams for him to stop. Suddenly, the Red Stone activates and fires a beam of red light into the sky.

The surface of the sea below Gaim is struck by lightning on the spot where an immense dragon made of water emerges. The Water Dragon destroys the domed shrine containing Sophia, then smashes into Gaim. Tiala falls off of Gaim and into Dodonga's arms, her fall slowed by Sophia's magic. With her last bit of energy, Sophia teleports Dodonga and Tiala far away, then dies.

Inside Gaim, Jikido notices that the Dragon Balance isn't reacting to the Water Dragon, and deduces that this one isn't the Legendary Dragon. Abel falls off of Gaim as it begins to move again. The dragon encircles Gaim, but Baramos uses his full power to wrestle the fortress out of the dragon's grip. The dragon then turns its destructive force back on the island. Abel tries to attack the dragon with the Blizzard Sword, but the force of the water slices the blade in half. As a last resort, Abel calls on the power of the Blue Stone to unsummon the dragon. The dragon's power is drained into the stone, rendering Abel comatose in the process.

Daisy, Yanack and Mokomoko find Abel's body. Daisy carries him on her back as they search for help. The physician at the local clinic is unable to revive Abel, but Yanack sees a map on the clinic wall that reminds him of his old master, Zanack. Yanack suggests they go to Zanack's house and ask him to revive Abel. Along the way, they repeatedly fight a large plantlike jewel monster, which Daisy eventually kills.

Tiala and Dodonga meet Zanack in the forest. He is the same strange levitating magician that helped Abel in Nether. He brings Tiala and Dodonga to his house, then locates Yanack's group and brings them to his house as well. After hours of Zanack and Yanack's repeated attempts to magically revive Abel, Tiala cries uselessly over his condition, until Daisy slaps her. Daisy begins to feel jealous of Tiala's relationship with Abel. Tiala comes to her senses, and she and Daisy decide to go out in search of the Tree of Life. They succeed reaching the top of the mountain where the tree grows, due to a combination of Daisy's fighting ability and Tiala's ingenuity, which helps them form a friendship. Tiala prepares a powerful medicinal soup using a leaf from the Tree, and when Abel proves unable to swallow it, she takes a mouthful of it and kisses him. The medicine goes into Abel and revives him.

Jikido enlists a new warrior, a human who is being controlled by a magic helmet. The warrior rides out to Zanack's house on the back of a dragon.

Abel and the group are celebrating with a large outdoor feast. Zanack awards Abel with some items that he knows should belong to the Hero of the Blue Stone; a green orb, a dirty shirt and cape, and the Lightning Sword. Just then, Jikido's henchman arrives with a host of skeletons riding dragons. Dodonga, Tiala and Zanack retreat to the house while the other four fight the monsters. Abel's new sword electrocutes any creature that is struck by it. A dragon breathes fire on Abel, which he blocks with the cape. Magically, the fire doesn't damage Abel or his clothes, but instead cleans them. The skeletons and dragons are defeated, but Jikido's henchman almost hits Abel with his axe. Zanack uses his magic to teleport the henchman away just in time.

Yanack stays with Zanack in order to strengthen his magic skills. The others set out for Aliahan, now that Tiala is safe. On the way, Dodonga suddenly falls back under Baramos' control, and transforms into a raging beast. After a difficult battle, with Tiala pleading with Abel and Dodonga to stop fighting, Dodonga falls off a cliff.

The party moves on and arrives at Aliahan, which is suffering a famine due to the poison Gaim left in the nearby lake. Suddenly, Dodonga appears again, and the fight between he and Abel continues until the Red Stone's power is summoned again by Tiala's scream. A ray of red energy knocks the jewel out of Dodonga's body without killing him, thus blocking Baramos' control over him.

Jikido's henchman arrives in the village, and Abel fights a duel with him. Abel recognizes a set of scars on the man's shoulder. They are the same as an injury that was inflicted on Abel's father by a bear when Abel was little. Realizing that the man is his father, Abel aims his sword strokes at the magic helmet, destroying it. Jikido appears, and Abel's father attacks his former master. Jikido runs Abel's father through with his scimitar, delivering a mortal wound, while Abel's father manages to hack Jikido's arm off with his axe. Jikido teleports away, and Abel holds his father in his arms while he dies.

The town priest gives Tiala the Gaia Knife, and the king of Aliahan gives Abel and Tiala each a magic world map that allows them to locate each other by tracking the Red and Blue Stones. Tiala leaves Aliahan with Mokomoko and Dodonga in search of the Holy Cup, which is needed to summon the Legendary Dragon. The Holy Sword is also needed, so Abel and Daisy go off together to find it.

Season 2

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