Dragon Warrior: Legend of the Hero Abel


Tiala is an inventive girl who lives in Aliahan Village. She usually gets either Abel or Mokomoko to test her inventions for her, which despite her best efforts, is hazardous to their health. She receives the Red Stone as a birthday gift from Master Yogi. Her Japanese title, "Akakitama no Saijo" literally means "talented girl of the Red Stone".

Abel is the hero of the story. His mother died when he was young and his father disappeared under mysterious circumstances. He and Tiala have been sweethearts ever since they were little, and she is the most important person in his world. He receives the Blue Stone from the town priest after Tiala is kidnapped. His Japanese title, "Aokitama no Yuusha" literally means "Hero of the Blue Stone".

Chichi (blue) and Kaka (pink) are Tiala's pet slimes. The two are mates and hate to be separated. Considering their size, strength, and inability to speak human language, they have a surprising amount of personality.

Mokomoko is the comic relief. He is described as a "Chikaramochi", or Strong Man, and has an appetite to match. He is very fond of Tiala, and very jealous of Abel. In addition to being capable of carrying large weights and moving heavy objects, he develops a habit of accidentally falling through otherwise unnoticed secret doors, making him one of the most vital members of the group.

Yanack is an alcoholic girl-chaser first, and a wizard second. Abel and Mokomoko are willing to overlook his hedonism as long as he provides the group with strong magic and sage wisdom. Daisy is not so forgiving. Yanack has a levitating basket that he sits in when he doesn't feel like walking, or when he needs to fly during battle.

When Daisy joins the group, she is a far superior fighter to Abel. She makes her living by hunting jewel monsters, for which her passion is rivalled only by her love of the jewels themselves. She falls off of the rock face at Tears of the Dragon and lands in Yanack's arms, where she acquires a comic hatred of him when he uses the opportunity to rub her bare leg with his hand. From then on, she almost never fails to hit him if he touches her.

Dodonga is a jewel monster who is assigned by Baramos to watch over Tiala. He is an incompetent baby-sitter, but a strong protector. Tiala becomes his best friend in the world, for whom he is willing to give his life.

Baharata is a worldly gambler whose traveling experience makes him an excellent guide on land and at sea. A handsome rogue, he attracts both danger and women, and approaches both with suave overconfidence.

Zanack is a strange-looking creature who lives as a hermit, but once was Yanack's teacher. He is very wise, and can sense people from a distance. His magic helps Abel in his most dire moments of need.

Baramos is the villain. He is cold and very impatient, and will stop at nothing to summon the Legendary Dragon, whose blood can grant him immortality. Unlike most members of the Estarkh race, Baramos has a pair of huge leathery wings, which he usually wraps around his body. His flying fortress, Gaim, is attached directly to his body by what appear to be dialysis tubing, which carries tremendous amounts of energy to and from his body. Baramos spends most of his time standing in front of a pool in Gaim where his jewel collection is submerged. Whenever he needs expendable monsters, he creates them from the jewels.

Moore is a jewel monster who does most of Baramos' dirty work. He is a very powerful magician, but his body is bloated and soft like a toad. He flies from place to place inside a yellow-orange energy sphere, which is filled with acid that protects him from weapons and helps him to breathe outside of Gaim.

Jikido is second-in-command of the Estarkh military. Although Jikido is a member of the Estarkh race, Baramos favors Moore over him. This contributes to Jikido's jealousy and treacherous ambitions. Like Moore, Jikido breathes acid when outside of Gaim. He wears a glass helmet filled with the liquid, which is a liability in battle when he risks cracking it. He also carries a scimitar which he "inherited" from Baramos' previous chief general.

Toby is a human swordsman who works for Jikido. Upon meeting Tiala, he asks to be called "Adonis". Daisy recognizes him as one of her younger brothers, but he denies his identity to the bitter end.

Info from Philip Hairr pahairr@unity.ncsu.edu