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New Web Layout
Date: June 21, 2002

I finally got around to updating this portion of my site. Put alot of it in databases, made it more modular so it is easier to maintain. Also I redid the logo for this section.

I plan to start working on more themes and such in the near future, hopefully to finish a couple I had started and to put screen savers with many of the ones that don't and replace the ones that aren't mine with ones of my own design.

Added also are download counters so you can see which items are downloaded the most.

And are the ratings, on each software listing is a line that shows -> "Visitor Ratings: 5.0 (out of 5)". This is what other people who have downloaded this product have thought of it. If you wish to vote for an item, click on the words Visitor Ratings and it will take you to a page where you can place your vote for that item.

On each listing in the upper right corner are the donwload and error links, click the download link to download the product, click the error link if you had trouble with that item.

In the lower left corner of each listing you can click the "View Screenshot" link to see a picture of the applied item.

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