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Woodus' Halloween Theme
Woodus' Dragon Warrior I Theme

was awarded with "The Most Popular" award by our editors.

Lockergnome My Halloween Theme got a feature in an upcoming (10/9/1999) Lockergnome newsletter. Here is the clip from there newsletter.
THEME: Woodus' Halloween [1.4M]

Don't be frightened; it's only a few ghosts, witches, werewolves, Jack O' Lanterns, and some randomly assorted monsters. It's not like they're gonna gobble you up or anything. Wait... I think I just saw something crawl across your Desktop. That was no pop-up window, dude. Your screen is starting to get spooky; I think it's time you called a Windows exorcist. Be gone, ye blue screen of death! I bet those demons take over your system more than once a year?

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