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#388967 We need to ask Nintendo Directly for Dragon Quest

Posted by Hardfunk on 12 June 2014 - 02:25 PM

I was on Starmen.net during what was essentially the Mother/EarthBound series “Dark Age” as well, and I honestly thing the only way they got as much attention as they did and didn’t get so catastrophically bummed out when they got little to no news was they got creative.


They didn’t just send emails, and say “Where is Mother 3, or EarthBound on the VC?” at the end of every survey. They sent pictures, videos, songs, stories, and snail mail letters to everyone they possible could that was in a position of power at Nintendo. They made that compilation book of all the artwork people made, and all those signatures they got people to sign. They even made their own players guide for Mother 3.


Did any of that wind up getting the games released here? No. Did people get upset, and think all hope was lost? Of course. But people were able to have fun with their passion for the games, various publications and sites took notice of what they were doing and wanted, and I’m sure at the very least it was a bit of a morale booster to see the creator of the series they loved posting a thank you picture with the compilation book they made after he got it.


I don’t know, but maybe we could try doing something like Starmen.net did. Yes I know all the times different people said “Fan outcries like these have no effect on what games get localized, or released.” I just think it would be neat to have some fun with our request, and it would be a lot more impressive and show our passion more than a simple”#BringOverDragonQuestVII&X.” Also, unlike how the situation was with EarthBound, the last Dragon Quest game to come here sold ok. And junk port or not they did just released DQ8 again, so they must think there is some kind of value in the series coming here.

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#385440 Happy Birthday to Hardfunk

Posted by Hardfunk on 19 May 2014 - 03:14 PM

Ok, I must be getting old. It took me a bit longer than it should have to figure out what you were referencing...


Thank you though! 

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#373941 A Couple of Sketches

Posted by Hardfunk on 26 December 2013 - 12:36 PM

Hey all! Hope you've all had/are having wonderful holidays! 


One of my Christmas presents this year was a new scanner/printer, so I figured I would test it out with a couple of Dragon Quest sketches. Not sure if I'll ever get to touching these two up, but I figured I'd post them here for Ss&Hs.


I did have quite a bit of fun drawing them, and they did make me want to start on a character mural, but thats something that I can't even imagine starting right now. Perhaps in a calmer and quieter time...


Anyway: thanks, enjoy, and Happy Holidays all!




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#366788 Zoma Sketch

Posted by Hardfunk on 25 August 2013 - 08:47 AM

Hay all!


I recently got a new computer, and decided to set up my drawing tablet. I figured I'd test it out by drawing a quick sketch of Zoma in honor of playing the translated SNES version of Dragon Quest 3 for the first time.



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#316058 Hardfunk's UDQSC Submission

Posted by Hardfunk on 15 September 2011 - 08:52 AM

Hello all!
Ok for my entry into this contest I have two images to show that I hope manage to convey my passion and love for the Dragon Quest series. The images are rather large, so I’m linking them rather than posting them here.I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed drawing them. I do have to apologize for the quality not being up to my usual standards, but I simply ran out of time.


This first image is a drawing of every boss in the 9 main Dragon Quest games. For me, one of the main draws of the series is all of the different enemy designs and the bosses always manage to be some of the most impressive ones. I also have a neat story involving this picture.

The college I used to attend had a game club that would meet once a week in one of the empty classrooms. Aside from the sign on the outside though, you wouldn’t know what the room was used for since it was just a blank room. So, some of the members decided to decorate the walls with images and characters from various game series. Since I couldn’t find any images from Dragon Quest I really wanted to use, I decided to draw the image posted above. I then scanned it, colored it, printed it out on a poster sized piece of paper, and hung it on one of the walls in the room that could be seen from the hall.
At our next meeting there were quite a few people who were drawn into our room because of the drawing I had done. None of them knowing Dragon Quest I explained to them what Dragon Quest was and what made the series so fantastic. Over the next month, some of the people I had talked to about the poster joined the game club and had brought with them copies of Dragon Quest 9 they had bought and fell in love with after hearing me talk about it. Needless to say that from then on the meetings for us became nothing more than playing Dragon Quest 9’s multiplayer for the next hour and a half. It really was fantastic to see newcomers to the series appreciate the game’s concept, characters, and gameplay. Some of them even bought some of the DS remakes.
On the last meeting of the year, we decided to take on a lv 99 Dragon Lord as a last hurrah. Even without everyone having the best gear and ideal vocations, we managed to beat him in 41 turns due to a last chance Co-op de Grace.

I’ll never forget how fantastic that felt…


This second image is a compilation of 9 drawings of my favorite moments from the 9 main Dragon Quest games. These are moments where something clicked in my mind and I knew these moments would be things I would remember forever. These are the moments I play Dragon Quest games for, where you completely focus on what is happening in the game, when you feel a rush shoot through your spine, when your heart beats a little faster, when goose bumps run through your body, and when you know you will remember what just happened for the rest of your life.

Thank you for viewing my submission.
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