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Dragon Quest Roleplay Idea - Chronicles of Limbo

24 March 2012 - 11:17 PM

I noticed Lily's topic about a Dragon Quest roleplay involving only monsters on an abandoned island, and it really saddened me that it went inactive. But hey, when people have a lack of internet connection, it can't be entirely blamed on them. However, I plan on being quite active, and am an experienced roleplayer/roleplay moderator. Anyways, the roleplay summary goes a little something like....

So the roleplay takes place in a past existence of the world "Limbo" from DWM2. In this sense, one would expect it to be a dark and dreary setting right? Well, in this past, it was a flourishing area where an amazing amount of species of monsters. However, a dark uprising is about to occur that will shake the structure of Limbo itself, and send it on a downward spiral that will eventually end with it becoming the haven of Darck himself. I plan on breaking it into two parts, one revolving around the downfall of Limbo, and one later after it has become the haven of Darck. But first thing's first.

There will be two groups you can join in the roleplay. The "Collectors" who are obviously the evil organization planning the downfall of the hierarchy of Limbo. The other is the "Guard" who are opposing the collector's attempts at uprising. Any monster species can be used EXCEPT for species that are one of a kind. (IE- No Psaro, no Magarugi, no Darck, no Empyrea, etc.) The exception to this are the Incarni species, along with Watabou and Warabou - all three of those species are common in Limbo's past and integral to the plot.






Anybody want to join?

Caravan Heart Post Game?

29 June 2011 - 11:58 AM

I realize this topic might not get much attention due to the swarm of Joker 2 proness going on, but I would very much enjoy some help here.

So, I've been playing the English patch of Caravan Heart, and enjoying it. I've defeated Magarugi, and am currently wandering around. I know I'm supposed to go to Slime Heaven, but what about all these colored orbs? Dragonlord's Castle? (Charlock Castle) In general, what is my goal in the post game?